My Vampire System Chapter 430

424 Who Are You?

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[Basic Vampire killed]

[3000 exp gained]

[Small basic blood crystal obtained]

There was no warning, nor was there any strange feeling, there was just nothing. One second there was a tiny thought inside Quinn's mind and the next, he could see the Boneclaw standing behind the three vampire students. For so long he had tried to summon it, and it had never listened, and only now had it acted.

As the Boneclaw moved its hand out from Siryu's chest, the red blood could be seen sliding down from its long dangly fingers, until his body eventually slid off and a solid thump was heard as his body hit the floor.

It didn't take long for the next two either, as they turned their heads in fear wondering what could have possibly been strong enough to kill a vampire in a single hit, but as they were turning their heads, the last thing they saw was another large dangling hand and a deep pain in their necks. Blood splattered, spraying in the air and falling onto the floor before both of the bodies had fallen onto the floor.

[Basic vampire killed x2]

[6000 exp gained]


"What is that beast?" Rokene said as his whole body was shaking with fear, and even the black rabbit on his shoulder had climbed on top of his head and was shivering with fear as well. It was the first time his own familiar had ever acted like this before. Even when seeing the death bat it didn't react like this.

Still, it was clear whatever it was; it was immensely powerful having killed three strong vampires in a single strike. Right now, Rokene was just thinking about everything he could do to survive. However, what happened next was certainly unexpected. He could see Quinn standing there not too far from the strange large creature. The two of them looked at each other for a second, not saying a word and not speaking to each other, and then a black mist started to cover the Boneclaw. This mist was very familiar to Rokene, it was something he had seen many times, but he didn't want to believe what he was about to see next.

As the mist covered the entire creature's body, it slowly started to move towards Buinn until eventually it looked like it had entered his back, where his marking for his familiar was seen.

'It was his familiar Buinn Buinn Was the one that killed them.' Rokene thought. This realization was a little too much.

"Get out of here." Quinn said.

Still not quite sure what was going on, Rokene was confused. He was starting to grow to like the person in front of him. Especially after he had saved him a while ago, from the very person that was now dead. Of course, there were times when he even for a brief second wished for Siyrus's death, but he would never actually do it. Besides, he was one of the strongest direct descendants of the first family.

"Buinn, you need to go into hiding." Rokene said. "The first family, they'll be after you. They'll chase you until you're dead. Maybe we can explain things, maybe we can say that this was all a work of a strange beast, right? After all, it was only me who saw what happened."

Quinn felt a little touched by the gesture, but he knew it was useless more than anyone else. He pointed above and when they looked up, they could see a black like raven circling. It wasn't any regular raven; it seemed to look nearly identical to the one Clark owned.

"He already knows." Quinn said. "I didn't mean for this to happen. I can't even control my familiar." Although he said these words, Quinn couldn't help but think he was at fault. For a brief second he did want them dead, and the Boneclaw had complied with his wishes. It had completed his dark desire in an instant without giving him a second chance to change his mind.

"Besides." Quinn continued. "You know they could use the influence skill to interrogate you about what happened and if you lie" Quinn then started to think about Fex. He didn't want the same thing that was happening to him, to happen to the vampire in front of him. "Please just leave, I'll be okay.. Right now you're not involved with this, and you have nothing to do with this."

Although Rokene wanted to help, he knew he couldn't and if he was to be caught like this, or his family was to find out he was involved in something like this, his life would be practically ruined.

"Follow your dream Rokene, go to Earth it's a nice place." Quinn said. "If you ever go there, pay me a visit and try to find someone by the name of Quinn. Don't worry, I won't be dying here today." He then took out the Oni mask, placing it on his mouth. A strange purple shadow quickly rose up, covering different parts of his body and finally when they disappeared. His suit including his pieces of beast armour was equipped.

At this point, Rokenne had already turned his head away and started to run off in a random direction. While doing so, something started to tickle his cheek and that's when he realised it was tears. 'Quinn huh, I will remember that name. Don't die."

Standing in the middle of the wasteland, Quinn looked up and he could no longer see the black raven.

"That was quick." Said Quinn.

"It was the tracking device. If a student gets killed, then it immediately informs me." Clark said. "But you know that's not the only reason why I was able to get here so quick."

Turning around, Quinn could see Clark standing there. His face was as serious as it always had been, but this time it felt like Clark was trying hard to suppress his emotions.

"Why were you following me with your familiar?" Quinn asked.

"Of course you already knew. Honestly, I was interested in seeing if your Boneclaw would come out. A familiar I have yet to see. I thought maybe if your life was on the line or you were in extreme danger it would come out to protect you.. Otherwise why would it choose a master in the first place. I just never expected for this to happen." Clark said while looking at the three bodies off to the side.

Even if the incident was an accident and due to the Boneclaw, this was something that could not easily be forgiven. Three direct descendants of the thirteenth family were killed, one of them being from the first family. A trial would be taking place and unless this person had a strong family backing most likely, he would be executed. Then there was the other problem as well, who really was the student in front of Clark right now.

"Will you tell me your real name?" Clark asked. "Or what family you belong to?"

There was then silence between the two. Quinn thought there was a possibility of such a thing happening, but didn't understand why Clark didn't say anything earlier then. Had he reported to the others of what had happened? No, otherwise why was he allowed to come to this planet in the first place.

"Then you give me no choice." Clark said.

[A Vampire knight has been detected]

[Defeat the vampire Knight for an instant level up!]

This was the first battle he would be having with a vampire knight. Quinn still had yet to level up, so he knew he needed to use everything he could. The shadow started to wiggle about below his feet and then slowly started to rise up, hovering behind his back.

Seeing this strange power, for the first time there was a reaction on Clark's face. His eyes opened up as he couldn't believe there was still someone alive with this power.

The dark shadow, something that sent fear into the very hearts of every vampire and right now, a simple basic tier vampire wielded this power.

"The power of the punishers!" Clark said. "Who are you?"


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