My Vampire System Chapter 435

429 The New Ques

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The long awaited evolution was finally completed and for a brief second, Quinn didn't even feel like he was in his own body. Everything felt foreign to him, yet at the same time familiar. It was hard to describe as he started to squeeze his fingers into the palm of his hand in and out slowly.

It didn't take long for the foreign feeling to go away, and soon the body started to feel like his own again.

"Did you get taller?" Rokene thought, as he looked and could sense the student in front of him felt different from when he had last seen him. It was as if he was staring at a completely different person from before. The presence Rokene was sensing now was worthy of the power that matched him. The unique smell confirmed it straight away. Quinn wasn't injured or dying, he was in the middle of an evolution and right now he was looking at a vampire noble.

A stage that Rokene had been aiming for and trying to reach since he was born. For some reason imagining it, and seeing someone reach the stage in front of him was a completely different feeling.

More than anything, though, Quinn was surprised by the set of notifications that seemed to appear as soon as he had evolved. The first thing that appeared was a new quest, and the ones after seemed to all link to that.

[New quest received: Become a vampire leader!]

The system had informed him that when he had turned Peter; he had officially created his own family, becoming a vampire leader, but it seemed by the string of quest he had received there was a lot more to it than that.

When selecting the quest to become a vampire leader, there was a set of sub quests that looked as if they needed to be completed before he could achieve the first quest that had been given.

[Evolve into a Vampire lord: Reach level 40]

This was a big jump in levels compared to previous evolutions, it was double, but it made sense. If Quinn was remembering correctly, the system had stated that the vampire knight class, in reality, was just a strong Vampire noble. A vampire leader would select two from their vampire family for these roles. What's stranger though was just becoming a vampire Lord, didn't necessarily make Quinn a true vampire leader. The next set of quests confirmed that.

[Add ten members into the cursed family. Currently 3/10]

[Blood ritual has now been increased, Max 10]

[Select two family members to give them the status of Vampire knight. Vampires must be present and strong enough to receive this role. Additional benefits will be given to those that become a vampire knight.]

Quinn didn't really like the idea of turning his allies into vampires just to meet the quest requirements. Besides, he wasn't even sure if he wanted to become a vampire leader in the first place. The system didn't exactly make it clear what would happen once the quest was complete. As for evolving into the vampire lord, that he would still strive to achieve as soon as possible. A jump in evolution always made him require a new found strength so far.

After checking out the quest, the next step was to check his stats. When doing so it seemed like they had all remained the same, but he was pretty sure when feeling the energy around his body that if he was to consume more blood, then it would increase his stats beyond forty. It always felt that perhaps his body was ready to burst when using his powers, but right now he didn't have that same feeling.

Although he didn't get any stats, he did get a couple of new blood skills.

[Blood wall: A barrier is raised in front of the user, using the user's own blood. The wall's strength is dependent on how much blood is being used.]

This was a skill Quinn had seen many vampires perform, and it seemed to have saved them from some devastating attacks. The problem was for Quinn it seemed a bit useless. He always had his shadow as a form of defence, and he liked to use his Blood as a form of attack. It would give him more options, but to him it didn't make sense to use the blood wall.

What this did do though was give him an idea, perhaps just like how he had combined the earth form of martial arts with the blood swipe to create the crescent kick. And how he had grabbed the blood swipe with his shadow. Maybe there was a way he could infuse the blood wall with his shadow to make an even stronger one.

[Blood bullet: One fifth of the user's health will be used to create a powerful shot of blood from a finger. The finger will no longer be able to be used until the blood has been replenished.]

The blood bullet seemed to have a hefty penalty, but usually the bigger the penalty the bigger the pay off was as well. Although he wanted to try both of the skills out, now was not the time when he needed every bit of health he could get.

With all these new skills it looked like he would soon increase greatly, and the shadow hop had also helped him out greatly in the fight. It was the shadow skill he had been practising before he had entered the vampire world. The ability would allow Quinn to travel from one of his shadows to another.

At first he thought it was quite useless, as he mainly needed the shadow for defence. He could split the shadow using his shadow control, but then there wouldn't be enough of a surface area for him to really protect himself from attacks. But then when he found out he could use it with shadow void. Everything started to change.

The shadow Void itself counted as part of his shadow, meaning he could hop in his own shadow and any part of the void and appear in a completely different location. It was because of this that

Looking at Clark who was still lying there on the floor, Th black Rabbit stayed out of reach with the blood pack against its chest out of reach.

"Thank you." Quinn said. Not only had Clark helped him with familiars, but he seemed to have been a good teacher, if possible Quinn would have wanted to avoid a confrontation.

"And thank you as well." Quinn said looking down at Rokene, who still seemed to be star struck by Quinn ever since he could feel his new presence. "Did you see anything in the base that could get us back to the vampire world? perhaps the square teleporters?"

"Yes!" Rokene answered. "Actually, there were quite a few teleporters and blood packs still left inside."

Even though Quinn had told Rokene to go, for some reason he had come back to help him. Quinn couldn't help but think about how great of a kid he was. Without him, he possibly would have been dead. Seeing that he did come back just showed what his true nature was like. Even if he seemed to get angry at everything, he had a heart of gold.

Walking up to Clark, Quinn quickly looked at the bunny and then him.

"Rokene, had nothing to do with any of this, he just wanted to save my life." Quinn explained. "I'm sure you're reasonable enough to know I'm not just saying that. Once I leave this place, I will ask Rokene to allow his familiar to give you the blood pack."

He then turned his head to the three dead students over in the different area. "I'm not a cold hearted killer, I didn't want for any of this to happen."

With those last words, Quinn started to walk off while Rokene led the way. The rabbit was left behind waiting for instructions from its master, but before they could leave Clark shouted out. "Wait!"

"Please tell me, why have you returned now, of all times." Clark asked. When asking this he was referring to the punishers and not Quinn specifically.

Because Quinn didn't understand this, he had interrupted the question differently.

"I don't know what you are talking about." Quinn replied. "The only reason why I'm here is to save someone who shouldn't be dying in the first place."

Over on part of the same planet. Paul, leader of the second military base, no longer wearing his fancy suit he would usually wear. Instead, he was kitted out in his beast armour, and behind him, an army of a hundred men that seemed to have done the same.

"Alright, everyone. Let's move out and explore every inch of this planet!" Paul shouted.


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