My Vampire System Chapter 436

430 Call Them All

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Both Quinn and Rokene started to head to the cave with Rokene leading the front. The new feeling Rokene got now when looking at Quinn all of a sudden felt different compared to before. Due to this, it led to an awkward and quiet walk together. Completely different from their last meeting.

Somehow, Quinn was able to defeat a vampire knight even though he was only a basic vampire, and now he had evolved he had the potential to get even stronger. But what bothered Rokene, even more, was Quinn's reason for being here. He had heard the words that were spoken to Clark at the time. The fact that he was here to save somebody.

Although the silence might have been awkward for Rokene, this was fine for Quinn. His mind was full of thoughts about what to do next. He had finally evolved, and he had the potential to get stronger, but the evolution didn't give him new found strength. Right now, the only real difference he could feel was that his body was more robust.

This meant he would have less of a drawback when using Qi attacks, making his blood attacks now even stronger, but he also didn't have the fine control of Qi over his body yet to control the output. Essentially, Quinn currently viewed his power as a tap that only could be turned on and off.

He would release his Qi at full power, or he could have it fairly weak, but there was no in-between.

'Maybe when I see Leo at some point, he can help me out.' Quinn thought.

With no way of controlling his Qi for now, there were other options of getting stronger. The two of them had finally reached the cave and Rokene imputed the code. The door was quite hidden, it looked as if the cave was sealed off by a normal door, and the only thing that gave it away was the input code machine that was stuck on it.

Most likely, the disguise was there just for the beasts on the planet. Once entering they both walked into a fairly large lit up open empty room. For a second, Quinn had hesitated.

He didn't know why, but the atmosphere and everything was reminding him a little of the original room they had entered when first coming here. But once Rokene walked in unharmed and nothing happened, Quinn felt a little safer.

They then came across a crate that looked as if it had already been opened. Looking inside, several blood packs could be seen. There had to be around thirty or so different blood packs.

"I think they kept this in case any of the students got seriously injured." Rokene said. "That's where I got yours and Clark's form earlier.'

While in the specially made blood pack to store blood, at most it would last for around one week. It was being stored in a cool place, but it was completely different than at the hospital.

Quinn looked at them for a second, before picking one of them up, and piercing it slightly with his finger. He then started to consume the first one on the spot.

"Are you still hungry?" Rokene asked. It wasn't unusual, after all, Quinn had just gone through a draining process, so it made sense if he needed more blood.

The first blood pack was consumed instantly, and the reason for this was mainly so Quinn could restore his blood bank back to normal. As for the second reason, the results were actually not what he had expected.

[A + blood type consumed]

The system had given him a message saying that an A blood type had been consumed, but nothing else. There was no stat increase at all, nothing. When Quinn had maxed out his points before, when consuming a new blood type he wouldn't even receive this message. Which was why he was slightly confused.

Instead, he decided to go for another pack. Using his inspect skill, he selected another pack that was in the A category as well. Opening it up just like last time, Rokene couldn't help but look at him confused. This amount of blood was abnormal.

'Is it usual for a vampire to be this hungry after evolving?' But Rokene himself was unsure.

However, the strangest reaction was the fact that Quinn had only consumed a little drop of blood, no more, no less, and a smile had appeared across his face.

The same message appeared as last time, only this time he had also received an extra start point. It looked as if the requirements for getting more strength from new blood had just gotten stronger but hadn't completely gone away. Knowing this, Quinn then decided to proceed by opening up all the blood packs and consuming them one by one. After everything was done he had twelve or so extra added stat points that were spread across his stats.

Quinn was no longer afraid of being addicted to the blood. Ever since his Qi had been mixed in, it was a lot easier to control his hunger, and it seemed like the same effect that happened before wouldn't happen again. Even if he could still get an addiction to blood, he would have drunken it all, anyway. Right now, he needed to get stronger.

Looking next to the crate, there were five teleporters. Placing one of them on the floor, Quinn proceeded to open it. They didn't have any passcode on them, and it immediately opened up another portal.

"You think it goes to the vampire world?" Quinn asked.

"I'm pretty sure it does. Especially since there was no type of input code for a destination." Rokene replied. "My guess is these are emergency ones in case anything happens to us."

Closing the teleporter, Quinn then quickly picked it up. He then dropped it, allowing it to fall through the ground. For a second Rokene went into a panic.

'Is he planning to destroy them all, does he not want anyone to come back?' Rokene thought.

But before the teleporter had touched the ground, the shadow had opened up, and it had sunken into Quinn's dimensional space. It turned out that Rokene still had a lot to learn about his new companion.

"Thank you for all the help, but it's best if we depart ways for now." Quinn said. "I don't think Clark will punish you for what you have done. He doesn't seem to be that type of teacher. You can feed him the blood pack if you want and if you bump into him. Just tell him I have already left and gone back to the vampire world."

"Wait You're not going to the vampire world?" Rokene asked.

"Not yet." Quinn replied, and the next second his whole body became a black blur as he ran full speed and headed off into the wasteland. Not knowing what to do and not wanting Clark to die. Rokene ordered his black rabbit to deliver the blood to his teacher.

"I hope we meet again one day, Quinn." Rokene said, staring at the direction he had run off to.

While roaming the wasteland, Quinn had a chance to try on his new body for the first time. Although his stats hadn't improved, he felt more in sync, more refreshed than ever before, and it didn't take him long to find what he was looking for.

Out in the middle of nowhere, just like last time. One of the death bats was curled up in a ball. Keeping his distance, Quinn prepared his shadow and threw out a blood swipe. He got the swipe with his shadow creating his Blood scythe. Then using all his strength he swung it as hard as he could on the certain mound Ssicing the Death bat's wing.

[Flash step]

[Flash step]

Using two flash steps, he closed the distance. Throwing out a normal hammer strike towards the centre of its body, he had caused quite a bit of damage. He made sure not to use the blood hammer, because he didn't want to kill the death bat.

Finally, when the death bat was weakened. Quinn grabbed it around its throat tightly. At first the bat was unable to make any noise, but as he loosened his grip. A loud screeching sound that Quinn was unable to hear was made.

It didn't take long, but the sound of multiple wings flapping was heard, and when looking down on the ground, the moonlight shine revealed the shadow of multiple creatures flapping their wings. Looking up, and around 12 death bats could be seen.

"Perfect, let's get this all over and done with." Quinn said.

[Shadow void.]

A large Dome of shadow was cast, trapping all the death bats and Quinn together.


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