My Vampire System Chapter 457

451 Jealous Vorden

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There was a different reason as to why both Logan and Vorden didn't want to attend the training, other than the one they had given. Although what Logan had said was the truth about not needing to learn combat skills, the same couldn't be said for Vorden.

As Logan entered the lab located in the castle, there was someone behind him who had entered the room as well. It was Vorden. He didn't go to check up on Layla like he told the others and instead had followed Logan. The room was large, but just like all the others, it was mostly empty. As if everything of importance had been taken out.

Still, there were plenty of test tubes flasks and a load of other stuff that looked like measuring equipment that Logan had never seen before. Each new object he could see, he would place his hand on it, gathering further information. They were mostly measuring tools, but more advanced than the ones one would have on earth.

They were more accurate, gave more information and allowed them to further test a broader range of things.

With this, Logan started to gather all the things from the room and placed them onto the island table located in the centre. Taking out what he needed from the cabinets off to the side.

"So do you mind telling me why you're with me and not the others?" Logan asked as he grabbed an object and started moving it to the middle.

"Those red pills from the trials back at that place where we came from, they worked," Vorden replied. "I'm sure you already know, they not only worked but worked extremely well, and even now the effects from them haven't lessened."

Hearing this didn't put a smile on Logan's face though, instead, he looked a little frustrated and let out a big sigh. "And you just had to go and consume every pill, didn't you? Well at least I was able to gather some information before you did, and who knows maybe we can go back to the lab at some point and grab some more. But that wasn't the question I asked, why are you here?"

As always with Logan, he was pretty aware of peoples intentions, perhaps because he never tried to read the emotion and always judged things on facts and right now, it didn't make sense for Vorden to be with Logan unless it was because he wanted something.

"Now that you know the red pills work, you're going to try and test that green liquid right?" Vorden asked. "Well, if you're sure it's safe and it has to come down to it. I want you to test it on me."

Although Vorden didn't say it, ever since coming to the vampire world, he had been a little tense without his abilities. Thanks to Quinn gifting him the two swords he had managed to get by, but when fighting against Xander, one of the vampire teachers had interfered with the fight at the end and had stopped his attack.

According to the information that they had heard so far, it was just something called a vampire Noble that stopped him with no trouble. It wasn't a vampire knight or a leader at all. While Vorden was busy fighting regular vampires, Quinn had already defeated a vampire knight.

He couldn't imagine how much stronger Quinn had gotten within the short time frame. Before, Vorden would have never seen himself as the competitive type, but recently he couldn't help but compare himself to Quinn all the time. Sure, Raten with his duel abilities or Sil with his three abilities, had beaten Quinn in the past, but what about himself?

For the first time, Vorden was fighting as him and was still winning. He didn't know when Quinn had surpassed him, but something was calling inside him to try everything he could to catch up.

"Very well," Logan replied, as he took out the green liquid from his bag and placed it on the table. "Once I've looked over this again and again. If I am at least 90 percent sure it will do no harm and improve your strength, only then will I allow you to consume it."

Down at the reception area, Quinn, Timmy and Peter were standing in front of Edward. Each of them before coming down had gone to the tenths dresser for a change of clothes. It wasn't that their clothes stood out but at the same time didn't complexity fit with what vampires wore.

So far they could get away with it due to being young. Other vampires would just think they were trying something new since there was no uniform amongst the young ones. But now they were all neatly dressed in plain black clothing. Besides Quinn desperately needed a change in clothing due to his shirt pulling up showing his wrists and his trousers showing his ankles. After evolving, he had once again gained some height. The new clothes seemed to be a perfect fit.

"You're all starting to look like tenth vampires already," Edward said with a smile on his face.

"First I want to give you all basic information about what I will each be teaching to each of you, first of the Wight. As you should know, Wights have an incredible healing factor. It is far stronger than that of any vampire, even the vampire lords, and you should use this to your advantage. You can practically heal from any fatal wound. You might be hungry after but that's not so much of a problem.

"However, there is one place you should always protect, and that is your head. If your head is crushed, detached from your body or burnt, then you will never be able to heal again. On top of this, Wights have the ability to make Lesser Wights, from what you have already told me you had made two before, correct? I don't know your limit, but two is actually pretty rare. Most wights can make only one follower.

"What is good about this, is if your follower or lesser Wight you created is killed, it will allow you to make another one. There is just a limit to how many you can create and use at the same time. Your moves are a bit rough when you attack, but you are strong.

"Because of this, and what I mentioned earlier, I will be focusing on teaching you defensive martial arts, that will allow you to protect yourself. You should at least have a good defence."

Edward then moved his head on to the one next to Peter, which was Timmy. He pulled out a book and handed over.

"For you Timmy, I know you currently do not have an ability, which is why I am making you an offer to learn my mist ability. I will personally guide you and help you with this, but I can not always be there. This is an ability book that should teach you the basics. After, I can help you advance to the next levels and will teach you a few skills.

"Remember though I can not force you, once you learn this ability then that means you will no longer be able to learn the abilities of the other families, even if they were to recruit you into their families."

With the book held in his hands, Timmy's eyes started to sparkle.

"Sir Edward, I had already decided to never leave the tenth family. With this, I am forever in your debt. I can't believe you are giving me such a great book, and I will also personally be taught by a vampire knight."

Hugging the book tightly and twisting his body side to side, everyone could see how happy Timmy was.

"Finally, Quinn," Edward said, looking at him. "Just like with Peter I think we should focus on defence. I'm saying this mainly because you are the vampire leader. It is important that not only for yourself but for the future of the tenth people that you live."

"But I already have good defensive abilities," Quinn replied. "If I can, I would like you to teach me or help me be more versatile with my attacks. Fex had only taught me the basic vampire marital arts. I think if I was to learn something more advanced and combined that with my Qi, it would give me more attacking opportunities."

"Qi?" Edward replied, confused, not sure what Quinn was referring to. "Are you really sure you have good defensive abilities, it didn't seem to be the case when we were fighting?"

"That's because I didn't use my powers at the time," Quinn replied, as he activated his ability.

The shadow from underneath his feet started to flicker slightly until eventually, it had risen from the ground and was covering his back.

Edward didn't know how to feel anymore, he had just been shocked too many times now, time after time this boy was getting more impressive to him. Maybe if the fight had continued from before he would have seen something entirely different.

"So you're the so-called punisher that has everyone In a panic huh, and also the tenth leader," Edward said. "I bet no one in the council was expecting this. The tenth leader returning and at the same time with the fourteenths castle's lost power.

"Okay, let's see how good or strong you are. I want you to fight me again, but this time, don't hold anything back."

With Peter and Timmy standing off to the side, they carefully watched as they were about to see two strong vampires face of head to head.


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