My Vampire System Chapter 465

459 Friend Or Foe The Dalki

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Walking back to the castle, both Timmy and Quinn were relatively silent the entire way. Quinn was still busy trying to figure out if there was anything he could use these new reputation points for. It didn't really go into detail about what was a good reputation score to have.

He had a hundred, but did that mean he could really do anything? If he was to ask a favour from one of the vampires he had met earlier, he very much doubted they would do anything to help him. Especially if he started to ask them to rally up and storm the execution platform with him.

With no frame of reference, there wasn't really much he could do. During their walk, they hadn't encountered any troubles as they had before, but suddenly, both of them spotted something that seemed to be almost flying in the sky heading straight towards the castle.

"What is that, is it an attack?" Timmy said nervously.

Whatever it was, it was moving at an incredible speed and was heading right for the castle. It was too fast and far for their eyes to catch a clear picture of what it was, but Quinn was worried for the others.

'Have they found out where we are and decided to attack us?' Quinn thought.

With too much to worry about, both Timmy and Quinn picked up the pace as they headed back to the castle. Not wanting to leave the crate behind, Quinn lifted it above his head with his two arms and started bolting away.

Out in the castle's garden, the others didn't care what it looked like, but the single spike on its back was proof that it was a Dalki. How, why, or what it was doing here didn't matter. For some, the appearance was enough for it to send horrifying memories down their spine.

Logan had already gathered the spiders and started to form a special suit around his body. As for which type, he had chosen to go for defensive measures, creating a more blocky and large type suit. The edges weren't very smooth, and it looked as if the suit had many points and flat surfaces on it.

It was the first time the others had seen Logan use such a suit. It seemed he really had been preparing for fights against strong enemies. As for Peter, sweat was running down his face, he wanted to run in there and try to help Vorden, but his legs weren't moving.

"What's wrong with me? Am I scared?" Peter said. It was a strange feeling for Peter in his current form because he didn't really feel much emotions or feelings, he had gotten more numb to them ever since his change. But it was clear he was frightened to his very core, as his legs were shaking.

Even when going up against the king tier beast, something like this had never happened before. He had gone in without hesitation, not caring if he was hit or not.

Logan watching from the corner of his eye, noticed this. Although Logan wasn't there, he knew of Peter's past.

'It's a normal response. Peter was almost killed by a Dalki. According to Quinn, it had created a large hole in his body. It looks like we might be a strong man down in this fight.'

As for Layla, she was the first one to act out of the group. She didn't let her negative emotions affect her and instead harnessed its powers into the palm of her hand, and the next second she threw out her attack.

"Spirit Chain." The attack was fast, but they were quite a distance away, so if the Dalki noticed the attack, then it would be something that would be easily noticed and avoided. Seeing how the Dalki had come straight from the air and didn't have any wings. They feared for its great power.

However, the attack had managed to hit the Dalki right in the centre of its stomach, as it remained there unmoving, looking at Vorden. When the attack had made an impact, the chains started to spread around the Dalki and connected onto the floor.

"Quick, attack it now!" Layla shouted.

It was loud enough for Vorden to clearly hear, and it really was the perfect opportunity. Instead, when looking at the Dalki in front of him. Vorden released his grip on the sword behind his back.

The Dalki looked at the weird chains that pinned him down. He lifted his arm, giving it a small tug testing its strength, and then a few seconds later, he gave it a yank breaking the chains completely. He did this with his other arms and legs and walked towards Vorden as if there was no resistance at all.

"How, those chains were even strong enough to hold Quinn back?" Layla said. She took out her bow and arrow and aimed for a perfect shot. And by now Logan was ready to go in as well.

"Wait, stop, stop!" Vorden shouted towards them. "It's not trying to hurt us."

"Are you crazy?!" Layla replied. "It's a Dalki. The enemy of mankind and it just appeared right in front of us for no reason. What else do you think it's here for?"

Although Vorden couldn't explain it to the others, he felt a strange connection with the Dalki in front of him. He didn't know what it was and when looking at the Dalki more and more; he noticed that not looked near enough identical to himself. Apart from the long blonde hair, nearly everything was the same.

The age, the size. The particular makings in areas of the body. It was as if he had found some sort of long-lost twin, but he knew it was impossible.

As crazy as Vorden's suggestion sounded, they too noticed that it really was just walking up towards Vorden. There were none of the usual bloodlusts as such that was present with the other Dalki's.

Eventually, the Dalki got within a touching distance of Vorden, and tilted its head to the side looking at him like a curious child.

"Brother?" The Dalki said with its finger on its lips.

It was just as confused as Vorden as to why the two of them felt the way they did, but they felt like similar people. In a split second, the Dalki had moved out its hand, and its two fists were already in front of Vorden's face.

It was at a speed where the others weren't able to see, not even Vorden. If the two of them were to fight, there would have been a clear winner.

With its fists in front of Vorden's face, they started to wonder just what it was about to do. Then, it opened both its hands, and something had dropped from them onto the floor. Looking down at what had fallen, Vorden could see that it was many small red balls, but they weren't just any red balls. They were the red blood balls from the lab.

"What the hell is going on?" Vorden said.

"Gift for you, brother." The Dalki said.

Back at the lab, when the Dalki was chucked into the trail room. It had no clue of what was going on. It didn't really know what it was or what was happening, but it could think clearly and understood what the robot was saying.

It could speak, but it felt like it was very tiring, as it had to think before forming words and moving its mouth. But still, it was trapped in a room with nothing to do so it decided to answer the robot's questions.

It had successfully completed all five of the trials, defeating the Wendigos. At the end of each trial, it knew it had received a reward but didn't know what it was, so decided to keep it for now until it better understood what was going on. After leaving the room, it didn't know what to do. So, it had further gone into each of the other trial rooms and obtained all of the rewards and red pills from those rooms as well.

If one were to look inside the trial rooms now, they would see a broken robot, and a body full of Wendigos. The trial rooms would never be used again.

Then, at last, the Dalki had felt a weird connection. Something it couldn't feel before, but it felt like a missing part of its body was someplace else, and decided to follow and see what this feeling was at all costs.

That finally led the Dalki to the point where it was standing in front of Vorden.

All of the red pills that had been dropped in front of Vorden, were the pills from each of the trail rooms, and Vorden just stood there amazed.

"Thank you," Vorden said, and the Dalki smiled back at him.

'Are there really such things as friendly Dalki?" Layla asked as she rubbed her eyes, wondering if she was dreaming. "I can't believe it."

Logan felt the same way but had a dreaded feeling inside his stomach instead. Seeing that it looked like Vorden. A thousand different thoughts were running through his head, and he couldn't attach himself to a single theory right now.

But it didn't take long for something else to distract him, as a large white square object came shooting out from Logan's side and was sent hurling towards the Dalki.

It was fast and heavy and had landed perfectly, hitting the Dalki, and throwing him and the object across the field.

"Is everyone okay?" Quinn asked. The crate he was carrying was no longer in his hands.


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