My Vampire System Chapter 471

465 Fexs Birthday The Final Day

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Finally, it was the day of the execution. It was something that was meant to be a simple event, yet it had turned into a big deal and a grand spectacle. When a vampire was sentenced to death, it often was not done in public, yet this one was chosen to be done differently. And with it, it seemed like a problem after problem was occurring for the vampires.

At first, they were unsure if these events and problems that were accruing were linked, but now many of them were sure about it, they had to be. Muka the ninth leader, had been personally guarding Fex's cell ever since the events of that day. Since then, there had not been any new incidents.

What this also meant though, was that there wasn't much chance for him to do an investigation into what happened. Usually, he would leave such tasks to his vampire knights, but they were dead. Still, he had made a promise to Silver that he would look after Fex and that he surely did.

The circle lock combination was inputted in and the door to the cell was open. "It is time," Muka said.

The execution was to take place in the plaza. It was a large open circular area that was able to be filled with an insane amount of people and could easily accommodate thousands of them. Around the edges, it was filled with shops aligned by the side.

The vampire settlement was still just like any other town, where there would be restaurants and shops for entertainment and gifts. However, today all these places were empty, and the table and chairs that would usually be placed outside, were put away.

At one end of the large open area, a stage had been built. A large platform that was two meters off of the ground had been made just for the execution.

The time of the execution was close, and the plaza was now filled with nearly every single vampire in the settlement. A space in front of the platform had been cleared, as vampires from the first family acted as guards. Not allowing anyone to get within twenty meters of the stage. It looked more like a crowd of people at a concert as they all stared at the front.

The public execution was a big deal for several reasons, and it was the reason for the high turnout of people. Rumour had spread of it being one of the direct descendants. Everyone knew it was Fex, but they didn't know what crime he had committed. It was only during the execution that it would be mentioned.

The second reason was because the news about it had already spread, that all the leaders would be present. Not every vampire got to see what the leaders looked like, or would ever dream to see them in their life time. So this would be a grand opportunity for that.

In the crowd of people, everyone was waiting excitedly. Although there were some that looked more nervous than others. Especially those from the thirteenth family. There had already been a few incidents in the crowd here and there that needed to be calmed down.

Going through the crowd of people was a large chested blonde woman.

'I can't seem to find her anywhere.' Amy thought. 'Everyone in the whole school is here, I thought it would be easy to spot her. Where is she?'

Amy had been wandering around to see if she could find Layla anywhere, but so far she had no luck. She had enjoyed her time with Layla and was a little worried about her. She thought perhaps they could catch up after the execution was over. She continued to look around and eventually, she had run into a person that she wasn't really looking forward to seeing.

"Oh, it's you. I hate to ask this, but your pervy eyes might be better than mine. Have you seen Layla anywhere?" Amy asked.

Xander looked down at Amy. He didn't have a look of anger. He had a lot of time to reflect on his actions after everything had happened. And after losing two fights so close together, he thought that perhaps he had to work on self-improvement, rather than being so arrogant all the time.

"No, I haven't seen her, actually. And I haven't seen their little group that hangs around with her either."

"Oh, so you were trying to find her with your pervy eyes after all." Amy continued to tease Xander. She was one of the few people that could do this to him since they were childhood friends.

What they didn't know was they weren't the only ones that were looking for the strange little group. Most of the students were stationed next to each other in the crowd. This was because they got on and talked with each other better, rather than staying with their parents.

And standing by Xander and Amy's side was Frank and Snow. They too were looking around. Frank and Snow had sat next to Vorden during their time at school and although they didn't talk much. They grew a respect for him, especially after showing Xander his place.

'They left with Timmy, right? Why can't I seem to find him either?'

While Amy was still twisting and turning her head, she saw a small quick black object that was shifting through the people. It was coming her way until it eventually hopped up and landed right in her chest.

"Hey, what the!" Amy shouted.

It quickly hopped off the bouncy objects and landed on top of a small boy's head.

"Sorry about that. My familiar, I don't know what got into him."

And finally, there was one more boy in the group of students that was looking for someone else, that no one else was trying to find. It was Rokene who had asked his familiar to see if he could spot Quinn anywhere, not that he expected to find him, anyway.

"Don't worry." Frank said, "No one can blame your little black friend here for hopping onto those."

Amy was about to shout and complain, curse at the boys for being so inappropriate but suddenly, the sound of the crowd talking and fumbling about was heard as people started to walk onto the stage.

From left to right, one by one the leaders had entered and following behind each of them was one of their Vampire knights.

First, was Bryce Cane, leader of the first family, Second was Cindy Cha leader of the second family, third Suzan Toppy, fourth Jin Talon with Clark as his vampire knight. Fifth, Wendy Sunny, sixth, Vadeen Muscat, Seventh, Kyle Dawn, eighth, Jill Snacker. There was no sign of the ninth leader Muka as he was sent to get the prisoner.

As for the tenth leader, in replacement, they had Edward Eno, and there was no vampire knight by his side, he was all on his own.

The eleventh leader was next, David Scutter, the twelfth leader Prima Killton and finally the last to enter, was the thirteenth leader. Lee Sanguis. Lee looked a bit sick. Vampires were usually pale, but he was beyond this and his eyes had deep bags under them.

Many thought that Lee was heartless for what he had done to his own son. He hadn't even questioned the order that had been given, nor did he try to fight it. But seeing him now, it was clear the whole event was taking a toll on him.

Right behind him was the vampire knight Silver. As she walked on to the stage, she had a fierce look on her face and her eyes. Whereas Lee had the eyes of someone who had given up and lost hope, Silver's were fighting eyes.

Everyone looked at the leaders in excitement, stepping on their tiptoes and such trying to get a better look. These were the people who were in charge of them, the ones who they were aiming to please. The only shame of the whole thing was it looked like the king wouldn't be present, but it was understandable, as many of them knew the king was currently weak, soon to pass on the throne.

Nothing was said, as the leaders all stood there straight, with their knights in front of them. Silver was busy looking out onto the crowd. As if she was hoping to spot something, but even if they didn't come, she had already decided on what to do.

Finally, out from the side, Muka had arrived and behind him, were two-guards, each of them holding a heavy chain in their hand, that was connected to the prisoner who was in cuffs. The prisoner being Fex.

Silver seeing this felt a little better, as the wounds that were on him before had compelled healed.

'Thank you Muka.' She said to herself, but even so, her anxiety was still increasing and the palms of her hands were sweating as the time was getting closer and closer.

Finally, Fex was taken to the center of the stage, in the middle of all the leaders, and then finally Bryce walked forward to the front of the stage.

At the same time, a boy could be seen pushing through the crowd to the front, and eventually had reached the other students.

"Oh, hey Timmy there you are.." Frank said. "Where are the others?"

Timmy looked up at the stage and took a big gulp.

"They will be here soon."


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