My Vampire System Chapter 473

467 A Split In The Leaders

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[A vampire knight has been defeated]

[Instant level up received]

[You are now level 26]

[Your stat point has been put into agility]

[You now have 44 agility points]

Getting an instant level up fro defeating the vampire knight proved that it wasn't meant to be an easy battle for Quinn. Two things had worked in his favour for the fight. The first being the fact that the vampire knight had underestimated his opponent. Never did he expect that an attack as powerful as the one Quinn had pulled would be used.

Although the Blood hammer attack was strong, there was a significant problem with it, and that was the fact that it took a long time for the attack to be used. Usually, Quinn would have never even had the chance to use it against an opponent of this level.

The second thing that helped him aided this, it was that the knight had never gone against the shadow ability before. He was unaware of its unique traits, and as his attack was stopped, he was left confused. It gave Quinn enough time to prepare his attack. Initially, if his shadow wasn't fast or strong enough to block the attack, he decided he would just take the attack dead on. Injuring himself but allowing him to perform a stronger attack of his own.

Although the attack was successful, it did come with its drawbacks. When using Qi with his attack, although more powerful he realised it would use up far more stamina than regular attacks. It was really a move that could only be used once, now that the others had seen it, they would be able to counter it or avoid it.

What it didn't change was the fact that a vampire knight had been killed, with a single hit. Never in their dreams did they think something like this was possible unless one was going up against a leader. Even Clark and Jin who had faced him before didn't know this would be the outcome.

The one who was most surprised to see Quinn there, was Fex. The whole time he had kept his head down in shame, he didn't want to see the faces of all the people in the crowd. The face of his sister or the face of his disjointed family members.

So he thought he would keep his head down till the end. That was until a loud bang was heard. It caused Fex to look up for a brief second, and he saw the mask. The mask he had seen the first time he had ever met Quinn.

'WhatWhy..what the hell are you doing hereWhywhy did you come for me?' Fex thought, and in nearly an instant. Uncontrollably tears started to roll down his cheeks from his eyes.

From the crowd, another boy was having a similar reaction seeing Quinn.

"Quinn how are you so strong?" Rokene said from the sides, but his words didn't go unnoticed. As Timmy, Amy, Xander and Frank who were standing nearby, had heard what he blurted out.

Still, they decided to remain silent, and let things play out because it looked as if things were soon going to be moving at a fast pace and they would have their answers soon.

"Kill him, kill the punisher now. I'll handle the execution!" Bryce said.

At that moment, the leaders and their vampire's knights moved off the stage and were ready for battle, however something strange had occurred.

"What are you doing, you go out there and get him now!" Bryce demanded to the ones that had reminded on stage.

"There is no need for us to get involved," Muka replied. "We are free to do as we wish, and we wish to stay here. We are not aiding the punisher in any way, so you can not punish us for this."

The crowd looked in confusion, they understood that the so-called person was here to try to save Fex. But what they didn't understand was why nearly half of the leaders had chosen to stay on top of the platform and not follow the first leader's orders.

'What is going on here, did the other leaders decide this in secret beforehand?' Edward thought, as even he didn't understand.

Left on the stage, was Muka, the ninth leader, Jin the fourth leader, sunny the fifth leader, Cindy Cha, the second leader, David Scutter, the eleventh leader and finally, Lee, the thirteenth leader. With them, each of their vampire knights also stood by their side, but of course, Edward was still on his own.

While all the other leaders and the vampire knights had gone down to attack Quinn. Seeing this, Edward quickly too went off the stage and followed. His loyalty always lied with saving the tenth leader and not Fex.

His sole purpose in all of this would be seeing that Quinn came out of this whole thing alive.

"Fool, what can a single person do?" Bryce said, looking at him. "And you, you are all fools, you think this protest will stop anything. You said you won't hinder me in any way, correct? Then fine, I shall deal with the prisoner myself."

Walking towards Fex, he still had his blade out, rather than draining him of his blood, that would give a chance for these fools to save him. Bryce thought. So he would finish it with a single strike.

Suddenly though, he felt a heavyweight around his leg. It started to yank him backwards. He quickly swung his blade, cutting whatever was at his leg, but several more began to wrap around his body. When looking closely, he could see that they were red lines of thread.

"You came, and you are here to save him. How can I stand here and do nothing when my brother needs me." Silver said.

"Now you have gone and done it," Bryce replied. "This is different from protesting and not acting. I will kill you on the spot."

Walking back towards Silver, the threads were being cut and falling to the floor, not a single one was reaching him. But the strange thing was, he hadn't even moved the blade in his hand. It was like there was an invisible forcefield that would break anything that came close to him.

Silver tired her best, but she knew there wasn't much she could do against a vampire leader, especially the first leader. She felt like she needed to act. If she didn't and allowed her brother to be killed while his friends were trying to save his life. What type of sister would she be?

Looking into her brother's eyes, she could see the concerned and scared look on his face.

"BrotherYou made my life fun." She said.

Lifting his blade, he was ready to slice down Silver and soon he would do the same to her brother. She didn't close her eyes, for the last thing she wanted to see before her death, was her brother's face.

"SILVER!!!!!" Fex Yelled at the top of his lungs.

The sword was swung down, and a red could be seen coming into her eyes.

"Red.a red thread." She said.

It was a thread like her own, but one that was able to stop the blade.

"I will not allow you to kill my family." A thick stern voice from her side said. As she turned her head, one of the people she least expected to come to her aide was there. Her father, Lee, the thirteenth leader.

"Lee, I thought you were a man of the law. I respected you for knowing how to separate personal matters for the sake of the community. I see I was wrong about you." Bryce said.

"Go!" Lee shouted. "Go and help the punisher boy! You will only get in the way here. I will bring back Fex save and sound to us."

Listening to her father words, she rushed off the stage, not before looking back at her father, proud.

Quinn, in the open area, could see all of the vampires in front of him, but just like with Jin before, they were a little hesitant to charge in. Especially after they had seen what he had done.

Even Quinn was confused by what was happening on stage.

"You killed my vampire knight, I shall spread your blood all over that platform with your friend," Vadeen said in anger.

Then, a small smile appeared on Quinn's face. He was surprised by how many leaders he had managed to get off the stage for a single person.

When choosing who would be the decoy and who would be the saviour, the group had a choice out of two people. For there was one more person, who was even faster than Quinn himself in the group.

Leaping from the crowd, up in the air, all the leaders witnessed something above them. The next second it had come landing down on the platform straight in front of Fex, a little away from where Lee and Bryce were busy fighting.

Fex looking at who was in front of him was a little confused.

"Vorden?" Fex said.

"Close, I'm his brother Borden."

It was the new addition to the group. He had scales running up his face and down his arm, and on his back were the two spikes on display.

Borden, grabbed onto the chains that held Fex down, and pulled with all his strength.

It wasn't as easy as it looked as his muscles started to budge and tense up, the veins all over his body could be seen. The black material was as hard as glathrium, but that didn't matter, for soon the chains had snapped and were broken off.

Fex, was finally free.


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