My Vampire System Chapter 486

480 Last Attack

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MVS 480

From the three leaders that stood in front of Arthur, there was no messing about on their end. Each one of them was taking this seriously and were planning to use their full strength. Unlike they had done with their opponents, they were facing before. This time, they had taken out their blood weapons.

Bryce, with his sword that was usually kept in his cane. Prima who wielded his rapier he used against Edward. But it looked a little different. The rounded guard was completely soaked red compared to the silver colour it was seconds before, and finally, Kyle, whose cape started to glow with little lines of red throughout. Looking like a volcano about to erupt.

"Honestly, you would have had a better chance with four of you." Arthur replied. " Besides, shouldn't you respect your elders? Do you even know how much older I am then you guys? Since you aren't planning to go easy on me, Then this old man can get a little serious."

In his red and black armour, Arthur lifted his hands up slightly, the ground beneath him started to move and wiggle. It looked like it was alive, but when one looked even closer, they would notice it was shadows. The shadow began to move and crawl up his back and eventually started to form something on his right side and left side.

When all the shadow had finally been completed and formed, the others could see what it had become.

"Are those wings!" Rokene said, looking from the side.

The shadows had formed two giant wings, coming out from the back and off to the side. The total amount of shadow that was being used to create such wings was around four times the amount Quinn would often use to protect himself.

'Shadows Isn't that Quinn's ability?" Vorden said. "Is that why he's helping."

"That shadow, it's a lot more than Quinn can use." Peter replied "At first I thought it was stupid. We all saw how strong a vampire leader was. How could one person go against four? But from the look of all the leader's faces, including that cocky first leader. It looks like this man is far more dangerous than I thought."

Placing his hand out in front, pointing at the three leaders, Arthur spoke these words. The playful attitude he had on his face had become serious.

"You have harmed a fellow Punisher. The rule keepers of the Vampire code. As the grand judge of the vampires, I shall now come up with a verdict for your punishment. It is.Death."

The crowd didn't know why, but this presence, his words, everything he said, they sounded like words of truth and it sounded as if Arthur had said those words in the past many times. Perhaps it was his frightening appearance as if the devil himself had returned, with the large black wings on his back.

Glancing to the side, Aruther looked at the punisher boy, he had greatly interested him at this point, and he wanted to watch his fight. More so than concentrate on his own.

As for Quinn, with what was happening just to the side of him, it was impossible for him to not notice that the man's powers and his were the same.

'So the shadow power still has a lot of room to grow after all?"

But Quinn didn't have time to concentrate on that fight, for he had his own he needed to deal with.

"System, do you know anything about this Vampire leader Vadeen?" Quinn asked, hoping for some tips. He wouldn't be a fool and not ask for help when he had it right there. It was a serious matter, even though Erin had given him blood, she had only given him enough to heal up his wounds and restore him to full health.

But she hadn't given him enough for the blood bank. Erin was still busy fighting away with Layla, and as for the boys. They were on the other side of the area. If they wanted to get to Quinn, they would have to either go through the crowd or go through the middle where the giant fight with Arthur was about to happen.

So he couldn't rely on his Blood bank, his second Chance skill like he usually would.

"This is a new leader, he is appointed after me so I do not know this man, but I do have some good news. Because of that, I am confident he does not have a weapon. A blood weapon that is, that he can use. Which is why he has used nothing but his fist and legs so far.

"The second because he is from the Sixth family and is a Muscat, his ability would have stayed the same. It's a trapping ability. When he places his hand on the ground an invisible mark is created, if one is to step into that mark, then it will light up, and you will be stuck for half a second or so. It may not sound like much, but it's enough time for him to do some serious damage on you."

It seemed like an annoying ability for Quinn, not only did he have to worry about the fight, but concentrate and remember where Vandeen had placed the so-called traps on the ground. The question of how many he was able to do, the system didn't have an answer for, as it varied in strength from leader to leader.

However, it didn't look like Vadeen was even going to bother using his ability as he charged in straight away towards Quinn.

Responding to this, Quinn threw out two kicks.

"Blood crescent kick."

These were single lines of red aura that came out faster than the blood swipe and further, although the damage would be less the further the attack had went. But it had done its purpose.

It was an attack that the vampires didn't have themselves, so it came as a slight surprise that a blood attack was used from so far away.

Vadeen quickly hardened his hands and was prepared to hit the strikes away, for he didn't want to slow down his momentum and was prepared to crush Quinn once again.

Hitting both of the attacks with his bare hands, he had come to a stop. It was a surprise that the attack was more vigorous than he thought. The red aura was pushing his arms back. Eventually, he was able to use his strength to throw the attacks off to the side, but when he looked in front of him, Quinn was no longer there.

[Hammer strike]

Using the flash step to appear behind, Quinn had used the hammer strike which was quicker to perform then the Blood hammer.

Vadeen flinched and yelled in pain.

"Are you little Crap! That hurt!"

But the next second, he had turned around so fast and grabbed the fist that was used to hit him. Using his strength, he lifted him in the air before slamming him on the ground.

[76/100 HP]

Another punch was thrown down, aiming to break Quinn's bones once again, but the shadow had moved and was used to block this one. From the floor, Using one of his remaining two fingers, Quinn aimed carefully at Vadeen ankles.


[56/100 HP]

The quick Red bullet came shooting out.

It had successfully hit and had hurt him. He never expected a shot to come from such a weird angle. Right after using his last Bloodshot Quinn did the same shooting out another one, hitting the other foot.

[36/100 HP]

After this, he picked himself up and quickly made the distance between the two of them again. Now he no longer had any fingers to use the bloodshot with. Even if they were healed, they were red in colour around the edges. He could still use them as normal, but he knew he was no longer able to perform the bloodshot with them.

Quinn had lost a lot of health, but he thought it was worth it, the main reason being he wanted to slow Vadeen down. The leaders had better stats then him, and the most annoying of them all was their speed.

He had to rely on tricks and such to hit them, but they were clearly faster than him. Hitting him right in the ankle will have slowed him down considerably.

'What is this! Why is it taking so long to heal?' Vadeen thought. He could still stand and bear through the pain, but he was hit in a spot where it had affected his movement and just like with Jill. The Qi infused blood bullet was taking its time to heal.

However, just then Vadeen did something interesting, he had placed his hand on the floor, two by his side and one a few steps in front of him.

"Come on, why are you always running away? I'll tell you what, I won't move from this spot and give you one free hit. You can even use the attack you used on my vampire knight. I'll show you the difference between you and me." Vadeen taunted.

It was clear what he had done due to the information the system had revealed. He had set up the so-called traps and was trying to bait Quinn. Knowing this, Quinn had a plan of his own.

'If it's one attack, then I have one for you.' Quinn thought.

The shadow that was usually around his back, started to shift towards his gauntlets, forming over them. Then infusing his Qi into his gauntlets the blue power on the side started to light up. Activating the shock skill, blue bolts of lightning could be seen shocking themselves around the shadow.

Because of the Qi, he was using the blue lightning would last until he ran out.

This was the first part of the move that he had used against Edward.

As for the second part, he gathered up his blood, and infused that With Qi as well. It was a struggle as he didn't have much left, especially after using it so much already. This would be a final attack for Quinn.

Swinging both his hands out, he let the two large single lines of red aura come out from the palm of his hands, but they didn't go far for they were quickly grabbed by the shadow.

Now standing there in his two hands, were two large Scythe weapons. The shadow being used as the handle, the sharp edges a Qi infused blood swipe and finally on the outer edge. The blue sock from his gauntlets powering them.

"I thought my wings looked cool," Arthur said. "But that is just as impressive."


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