My Vampire System Chapter 495

489 The First Official King

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A strange new energy was felt inside Arthur. It felt as if there was a new part of his body pulsating through his veins with his blood. A feeling he hadn't felt since he had become a vampire. Focusing on this feeling, it was as if it was telling him to do something; to act out and that's what he did.

As he let out the energy from his body, the shadow beneath his feet started to rise and it slowly crept up behind his back, hovering in place. The other vampires seeing this, they took a step back on instinct. Many of them had fought against the king before, and it was a tough battle for them all.

Seeing it again didn't bring back the best of memories for them.

"I can see you can use it." Eno said as he looked over in the direction of the vampire holding onto the human. They both gave each other a nod, and that was the signal for what he was to do next.

Grabbing onto both sides of Truedream's head, with a simple twist his neck was broken, snapped, and the human fell to the floor dead.

"Why did you do that!" Arthur said with anger, and at the same time, the shadows flickered on his back. Even though he was a vampire, he still cared for the humans, and it was the first time any of the thirteen had killed someone in front of him.

Had they decided to show their true side, now of all times? If so, perhaps he made a grave mistake and the rules and vampire code was just a lie to get him to keep the ability.

"Please, I assure you, there is no need for you to feel sorry for this human," Eno explained, trying to calm Arthur down by approaching him. "He was a thief, a crook, and worst of all, a rapist. Of those victims, two of them, had decided to kill themselves. At first, we were just keeping an eye on him, due to his powers. We thought that one day we could use them."

"During this time, we noted down everything he did. I believe in the kingdom you have a harsher form of punishment for these people. A crushing of the mans jewels by stone. I believe he got off lightly if you ask me."

Arthur was wondering if they had just said this for him, to calm him down, or if the words were true. Because the tenth leader was the one who had said it, and it was the one he trusted most. He decided he would oversee this for now. And would try to look into it himself if these words were true later.

Although Eno's words were true, there was another reason why they had decided to kill the human. His ability was too strong. Being able to take away and steal such things, one day they knew it had a great chance to cause trouble, so they wanted to get rid of it now.

Arthur was to live in the vampire settlement for a while before he would return to his castle. He stayed at the tenths castle most of the time, and the two of them tried to figure out how to use the shadow ability together. While here, he also planned his death.

He learned how to control the shadow and got stronger, stronger than any of the current vampire leaders, but Eno wasn't scared and more proud of the accomplishments he had made.

When telling his plans of his death to the kingdom to Eno, he said something that made him to think a bit.

"This task is a heavy one, Arthur and I want you to think about this. It is not something you can do on your own. The vampires grow day by day, and you will most likely need help. Yes, you are free to pick men from the vampires, but they won't be loyal to you." Eno said.

He knew what he was suggesting. Eno wanted Arthur to pick some of the people from his kingdom. Before leaving them, to turn people he trusted and allow them to be part of the punishers.

There were many people loyal to him, many people who would give their life to him, but he didn't know if it was fair on them, or if it was something they wanted.

"I'll think about it."

Before leaving, there was one more thing to think about. The vampires were now finally ready, ready to elect a new king. In the middle area above the first king's grave, they had already started building a grand castle, larger than the others.

Now that Arthur was ready, they were too, and it was just as well as more and more vampires were starting to think of other things. Such as leaving the settlement and going out to explore.

The vampires had all met up, and this time, Arthur was invited as well. They hadn't seen him in a while since he had been with Eno, but they could tell that he was more powerful. The confidence he had before when seeing them and the confidence he had now were worlds apart.

Many of them were starting to regret their decisions. It didn't make sense for an artificial vampire to have as much power as he did. Stronger than them.

They were meeting up in the newly built castle. It wasn't yet finished yet, but on the first floor they had brought a table out, similar to the round table that Arthur had in his kingdom.

"Do you like it, we designed it after yours. There are some things we can still learn from each other." Eno said with a smile.

It was time; the matter was brought up for what the meeting for today would be, and the thirteen first leaders needed to choose who would be their next king. Each person was allowed one vote, and they weren't allowed to vote for themselves.

They went around the room and in the end, the first leader Cain, and the tenth leader Eno, got the highest amount of votes, with five votes each, while another female leader got the remaining three votes.

Since there was a draw, a discussion was to take place between all of the leaders. They were talking about why they had placed their vote for certain leaders.

The first was the female leader. Not much was said as the ones who voted for her all seemed to be entranced by her beauty. They hadn't really given any valid reasons, and all her votes were from the boys. However, it also seemed like it was impossible for them to change their vote either, as if they were stuck in a spell.

As for the one who voted for the first leader. Their reasoning was because he was the strongest of the current vampires. If they ever did need to go to war against the humans and such, then someone like him whose skills were unmatched was needed.

But there was a group who were heavily against this idea, and they had voted for Eno. Their reasoning being if Cain was to be selected as the leader again. They would just be making the same mistake as before. On top of that, Eno was the cleverest of the lot. He had helped advance the vampires far in life and also came up with many solutions to their problems, including the current one.

These two camps were heavily split it didn't look like either one was going to budge to the other side, and then a suggestion was made.

"I believe there is one person here who hasn't cast their vote?" One of the leaders said, looking towards Arthur. "He is an important person in our organization and will be in charge of many things. I think he has a right to vote, don't you agree?"

It seemed like most of the vampires were actually in agreement on this, including the female leader with her three men that got the other votes.

"Then please Arthur, help us chose this split." The leader asked.

It was obvious too many why the leader had suggested this, because even they knew who he was going to pick.

"Then I elect the tenth leader to be named king." Arthur said.

The decision was now final and it had been made. Eno was to be made the first official king of the vampire settlement. Once the castle was complete, they would announce it to the rest of the settlement.

A few days had passed, and Arthur thought it was time for him to return back to his own castle to see how his people were doing.

As a gesture of goodwill and wanting to be his escort. Eno had opted to come with him during this time. Two of them talked about a few things like they usually did. It was mostly Eno talking about his new ideas for inventions and such he had, while Arthur found it amazing just to listen to him talking each time.

Finally, they had arrived at the castle, but when they had entered, it was quiet. Something was wrong. He searched and searched, but the normal workers and knights that would usefully be on guard weren't present for some reason.

As they looked around, they had finally spotted something. It was their noses that had led them to the right place. It was the meeting room where the round table was present, and outside the door leading in blood could be seen.


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