My Vampire System Chapter 5

5 No Ability

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Once the five students had heard their names being called up, each of them started to walk to the front were Griff was standing.

Including Quinn and Vorden, there was another boy named Peter. Peter looked more nervous than anyone there, he would constantly look around him and couldn't stop fidgeting. His body frame was quite small but it suited him, for he wasn't that tall either.

Then there were the two girls Named Layla and Erin. Layla had short brown hair and a tall figure. On her back, she was carrying a bow which surprised Quinn, for not many people carried a weapon these days apart from a specific group of people called Pure.

They were a group of people who chose to not have any abilities and used weapons instead but they were still very rare and Quinn had never met anyone like that in his life, only heard stories about them.

Finally, there was Erin. Erin was the type of girl that turned all of the boy's heads. Her proportions were perfect, not too big not too small and she had beautiful long blonde hair. The only problem was her facial expressions. Even when walking through the crowds of people, not once did her expression change. It stayed stiff and neutral.

As Quinn was walking past everyone, he noticed that he didn't recognize one student there and it seemed like the others didn't either. Quinn could only assume that this was done on purpose. No one knew who to befriend or who to look out for because currently, everyone's power level displayed 1.

The group had stopped just behind another group who were being transported to the testing area.

As soon as Vorden saw the others who were in the same group, Vordan greeted each one of them with a handshake. Vorden was being very polite so most of them accepted his greetings apart from Erin.

She merely stared at Vordan's hand when he offered it out to her, then she turned her head and looked away.

"Come on you don't have to be like that?" Vordan said as he placed his hand on her shoulder.

This was a big mistake. In an instant, Erin grabbed Vordan's wrist and twisted his hand. Then slowly his hand was starting to freeze and cover in ice.

Everyone stopped to look at the commotion that was happening near the front.

"Wow, she has ice abilities?"

"Isn't that very Rare?"

"I would let her freeze me any day."

Griff noticed the commotion and started to intervene.

"Stop it you two, if you have that much energy then save it for the test."

Erin immediately let go of Vordan's hand and slowly, Vordan's hand started to defrost. Vordan then went back in line to stand next to Quinn.

"Can you believe her!" Vordan complained, "I nearly lost my hand."

"You can't just go around touching people without their permission," Quinn replied.

"Yeah I know, she's lucky I didn't wipe the floor with her just cause she's a pretty girl."

Many people who were near the front had heard Vordan's word and had already decided to make him an enemy. If they could somehow humiliate Vordan, then maybe Erin would look the way they thought.

Looking at the people around them, Quinn could tell what the others were thinking. Quinn then stepped one step away from Vordan hoping that others wouldn't think the two were friends.

Finally, Quinn and the others were called forward and were told to stand in a box. It wasn't really a box but just white lines that had been drawn on the ground that was just big enough to fit the five of them in.

There was then a hooded man who stood just outside of the box.

"Send them away!" Griff said.

As soon as Griff gave the command, the hooded man placed both hands on the ground and the box started to light up, shining a bright purple color.

"Hmm Transportation magic huh, what a rare ability," Vordan said Just as the whole group suddenly vanished into thin air.

The next second they were teleported to another outdoor area which looked like an empty wasteland. There was no sign of life, no trees, no nothing. Standing in front of the group was a woman dressed in a black military uniform and by her side was another hooded man.

There was not another person in sight.

The woman held a Tablet in her hand and it looked like she was currently busy inputting some information. Once she had finished, she looked up at the group and started to speak.

"Hi everyone my name is Jane, and I will be in charge of your test today. Once the test has been completed, I will update your information and your score will be reflected on your wristwatches."

Jane then started to look at the tablet.

"Now who should we call first, oh it looks like we have a couple of previous level ones?" Jane said as she checked the information that had been passed on from their previous schools.

"Peter, would you please step forward?"

The nervous small Peter then stepped forward and he looked even worse than before. Quinn thought he looked bad but he looked to be in perfect condition if you were to compare the two. At least Quinn was able to stand up whereas Peter looked like he would fall over any second now.

"Would you please tell me what your ability is Peter?" Jane asked.

"Eh, I don't have any ability," Peter said quietly.

Suddenly, Quinn and the others understood why Peter was so nervous. Having no ability wasn't rare. Because of the war, many children had become orphans like Quinn and Peter. This meant there was no chance for them to buy an ability book.

But because Peter had no ability, he was afraid of the treatment he would get from the others.

"Don't be afraid Peter." Jane said, "Here take this."

The hooded man standing by Jane's side suddenly teleported a book into his hand. Jane then handed the book over to Peter.

"Wow, seriously you're giving this to me for free!" Peter said in excitement. "Thank you."

"Please study the book in your own free time and when you have learned to use it, you can come back to redo the test but for now I'm going to have to award you a level 1 power status."

Even though Peter had received a level 1 power status he didn't care, for he felt like his life could finally turn around due to the book that he had just received.

"Now I believe there was another level 1 user here," Jane said, "Quinn is it? would you please step forward."

Quinn did as he was told and stepped forward.

"Now Quinn, what ability do you have?"

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