My Vampire System Chapter 507

501 A Look Into The Future

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The two girls were carefully watching over Cia as she was lying there in the bed. This was the second time Layla had been in this position, and she couldn't help but feel bad for the girl. As Erin saw this look of discomfort on her face, her heart sank a little.

It made her realize that Layla really cared for Cia, someone who Erin didn't even know that well. Too much time had passed between the two, and if one was to ask her during her time at school if the two were close friends or not, she would have said no.

She didn't know why, but before she had always been this way, not letting others get close to her, but when she was at Pure. She realized what she was missing, a companion. All she started to think about was her time with Layla.

"Do you mind telling me a bit about her?" Erin asked.

She didn't want to be like her old self, cold and pushing others away, and rather than be jealous of Layla's new friend, it was best that she got to know the both of them.

Smiling back, Layla had explained what happened to Cia and why. Who she was and how she really was an agent of Pure.

"It looks like all three of us have something in common then, all working for pure." Erin said, trying to crack a joke.

At that moment, Cia had woken up from where she was. The two jolted a little, preparing for something unexpected to happen, but there were no screams or noise, just slow movements.

Cia went to grab her belly as she started to remember what happened moments before, there was no wound, and then she quickly went to look at her nails but they weren't sharp either. Erin's hair color had changed and even her teeth had sharpened a little. Layla had bumps and when she transformed, she looked even more different.

So Cia was expecting something from herself. But as she felt around her body as such, she felt no different anywhere. She then clenched her fist expecting some type of new found strength, but there was nothing.

Did it not work?" She said.

"No, it definitely worked." Erin replied. "You nearly burst the boy's ear drums, and as for Quinn he was lying on the floor in front of you."

Past getting hit by the arrow, Cia couldn't really remember much past that, but if she had changed, what exactly was she?

"I know what you're thinking." Said Layla. "Edward and Quinn said you were something known as a Banshee. There are a few things I learned about them, apparently they can predict or see things in the future. But I don't know about their fighting strength."

Cia looked a little disappointed, and she was. She had given up her ability, mostly for her memories, but she had expected something great in return. The ability to see a future that might not happen, didn't sound great at all.

"I know." Layla said in a perky voice with her finger in the air. "Why don't we go see some people. Both you and Erin have just become vampires so I'm sure there's a lot for you to learn, and I know just the right people."

Layla was thinking of going to both Amy and Xander. Although she initially didn't like the guy, he had protected her in her time of need and the least she felt like she could do was say thanks. When she thought about Amy, she remembered she was actually one of the ones that were at the top of her class. If anyone could help them and figure out what a banshee was, it would be her.

With the three of them being vampires, they wouldn't stand out too much. Although there would be some who would remember their faces from the stage. But Edward had said they were free to leave the castle. If anything, the vampires would be on their best behavior at the moment.

Erin didn't mind herself too much, but she was a little worried. Before the girls had gone off, Quinn pulled Erin to the side to explain to her what she really was. He had also informed her to not let anyone know. The vampires couldn't find out unless she told them, anyway.

Still, she wanted to practice her new powers and also spend more time with the girls, so it sounded like a great idea. Cia was in for it as well. She wanted to see now that she was a vampire if there was anyway for her to get her lost memories back.

With this, the three girls decided that they would redress into some new clothes in the tenths castle and head out. As Cia got out of the bed and was about to leave with the girls.

A strange ringing was heard. She placed her hands naturally on her head.

"Huh, what did you say?" She asked.

The two girls turned around looking confused, for they hadn't said anything at all, but they could see something was going on.

Slowly the talking started to become clearer and she could make out that it was several whispers going off one by one.




"True what?" Cia said, as she didn't quite understand what was happening.

And then, her eyes started to fill with white as the noises in her head got louder and an image appeared in her head. A crumbled down building, destroyed. Fields filled with craters and the city that was once there, no more. She couldn't recognize exactly where this place was, but she knew it was earth. It was an image of an entire city which had been destroyed.

Then the image had suddenly changed again, moving to the schools and the group standing there including Quinn, with a shocked and frightened look on their face.

"Hey Cia, Cia are you okay?" Layla asked, grabbing her but not wanting to shake her at the same time, For fear it may do more damage if she did.

"Yeah.." Cia replied slowly as she came to. "I think I just had a vision."

Back underneath in the tenth leader's tomb, Quinn was still trying to wrap his head around what was happening. There were four tombs that had the blue circle lit up indicating there were vampires in their eternal sleep.

Quinn had gone to check the fifth tomb, because he noticed the pattern on it was similar to the book he had been given and as soon as he had touched it, a spirit that seamlessly had left his own body was now hovering in front of the tomb, looking at both him and Edward.

"Vincent!" Edward said with his eyes wide open. A lump was felt in his throat. He thought he may have never see his leader again. the one that he had served for many years, but here he was, and although he didn't look exactly the same. He could feel a connection between the two.

He wasn't the only one that recognized him though, For Quinn did as well, the spirit had a striking resemblance to a certain man. It was the man who would be in his tutorial videos. The man who had taught him the flash step and hammer strike.

"I have been waiting to speak to you like this for a long time, Quinn." Vincent said.

The voice wasn't speaking from the spirit itself, but when words were said both Edward and Quinn could hear it in their heads.

"First I would like to apologise for everything that happened to you. It would be a lie if I said I didn't think it would happen, otherwise I would have never made the book in the first place." The system started to explain and it did indeed look like he had a sad look on his face.

"But the real reason why I am apologising to you, is because I have been lying to you this whole time. Although this is the first time you are seeing me like this, I have been with you always. Inside with the system. When I said that it was an A.I answering all your questions, it was not, it was me."

For some reason, a slight pain was felt in Quinn's chest. was it because he felt a little betrayed. Of course he thought an A.I system to be advanced as this was near enough impossible, and he thought that maybe it was the leader, but the one thing he did think, was that the A.I could not lie to him. But if he was able to lie about something as big as this. What other lies had he been hiding behind.

"I'm sorry about this, but there were some restrictions, and I thought it would be best for you to get to a certain point before you learn the truth."

'Then are you going to tell me everything now?" Quinn asked, with slight anger in his voice. "Or are you going to keep avoiding the question like you always do?"

"I will tell you everything." Vincent said in a calming voice and suddenly, Quinn's eyes started to darken, his vision started to fade.

He tried to fight it as best he could, but he felt no strength, as if something was taking over him. The feeling he had right now. It was the same feeling when he had first ever obtained the vampire system.


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