My Vampire System Chapter 51

49 Never Betray

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After the incident with second years, Quinn realised that although he had gained a lot of strength compared to what he was before. There were still others that he wasn't strong enough to fight against. Although Momo was strong in the group of second years, he was nowhere near the top of the food chain.

There were many higher levels and even originals whose powers couldn't be measured. And even out of the first-year students there were those that were powerful, that included his good friend Vorden and Erin.

If Quinn wished to get on their level, he would have to get stronger. The easiest way for him to get stronger was by consuming as many different types of blood as he could possible but there was a major problem.

After the death of Brandon and the second-year incident, security around the academy had been tighter than ever. More soldiers were put on patrol and it seemed like they were keeping an eye on everyone.

For now, while tensions why high in the academy it was best that he laid low. So that left him with another option, to improve his fighting skills.

Quinn still hadn't learnt the two skills yet but just learning them wasn't going to be enough. After watching Vorden he realised he needed to also learn how to use them, so he needed experience.

"Hey I'm going to head into town to grab some supplies, do you want to come with?" Vorden asked.

Quinn hesitated for a while. Originally, he had planned to meet up with Layla to practise the Hammer strike but at the same time, he hadn't been able to relax in a while.

In his last school Quinn had never made any friends and was the lonesome type but now was his opportunity to go out and have some fun.

One day wouldn't hurt, right?

"Yeah, sure I'll come along," Quinn replied.

"What about you Peter?" Vorden asked.

Peter had been avoiding the two of them for a while but since they were roommates it was almost impossible. He still felt bad about the whole situation but he had finally made up his mind, he never wanted to do anything like that again.

"Yeah, I'll come as well."

The three of them then proceeded to head into town. They went ahead and grabbed some food, watched a movie and had a good laugh but as they were outside, Peter spotted a group of high-level first years he had met before.

They were the same people who Peter had hung out with at the canteen. As Peter had made eye contact with the group, they had signalled to him they wanted to talk.

"Hey guys, I just remembered that I promised to meet up with a few people from school tonight." Said Peter. "It was great hanging out with you guys but I'll see you when you get back to the dorm."

Vorden looked at Quinn, realising that they both though Peter words sounded suspicious.

"Hey Peter, you know if something is up, tell me I will help you out," Vorden said.

"No it's nothing I promise, I really did make some good friends, I have to rush off now, Bye you guys," Peter said as he took off out of sight of the other two.

No matter what Peter didn't want an incident like last time to happen. He would deal with the problems himself. Vorden was strong but from the fight last time, clearly Vorden wasn't strong enough to handle the upper years and Peter knew they were the ones behind everything.

Peter finally turned a corner into an alleyway where five first-year students were patiently waiting.

"Took you long enough." The student standing in front of the group had a scar on his chin and his name was Earl. He was the leader of the first-year group who was directly under Momo's gang.

Then suddenly Earl went and grabbed Peter throwing him up against the wall.

"What the hell do you think you were doing, calling the teacher the other day." Earl said, "Now Momo and the others are giving us a hard time for relying on you."

He then punched Peter in the stomach causing him to kneel over and fall to the ground.

"Why should we be the ones to be punished, this is all your fault." Earl ran up and kicked Peter once again in the stomach.

The kick was hard and Peter's body was starting to shake, he felt like any second now he was going to throw up the ice cream he had just eaten with the other two.

Earl walked over to Peter and bent down to grab his hand. He held one of Peter's fingers and snapped it back hard and fast at the same time a scream was heard.

"What the hell, gag this wimp will you." One of the students then ripped a part of his shirt and shoved it into Peter's mouth.

"Now we have another job for you Peter and you better do it right this time, you understand? Just nod if you agree."

Peter then shook his head. He had already decided that no matter what he would never betray Vorden or Quinn again.

"What, are you saying no?"

Peter then nodded giving his answer to Earl.

The vein on the side of Earl's head was now popping out as the anger inside him grew. A lowly first-year student dared to go against him and he a level four student had to work under someone else. This wasn't the life he was expecting to have at the academy and he needed to take out his anger somehow.

Earl then immediately grabbed Peter's fingers and started to snap them one by one. Each time he would break a finger he would ask Peter if he was willing to help them but each time Peter shook his head.

In the end, all five of Peter's fingers had broken and Peter still hadn't agreed to their request.

"Hey Jerry, get over here," Earl shouted.

One of the first-year students standing behind Jerry came over and knelt down.

"Do your thing Jerry."

Then Jerry placed his hand on top of Peter's, and slowly a warm feeling was felt and the bones in Peter's fingers were starting to take shape. They reformed to what they once were and he had been healed.

Then a big smile on Earl's face could be seen. He grabbed Peters fingers again and repeated the process again and again.

Eventually, after an hour had passed of breaking, hurting and re healing Peter. Peter's mind had given in. Without him realising it he no longer wanted to feel the pain and nodded agreeing to their request.

"Good, see, now if you had done that in the first place, we wouldn't have had to go through all that." Earl said. "Now this time, you better do it right and be sure not to involve anyone."

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