My Vampire System Chapter 517

511 Picking An Ability

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While Quinn was busy experiencing Vincent's past, the rest of the group was busy away doing their own things and that included the girls. The boys had already left to go to the mountain where they had first arrived.

The girls didn't want to sit around doing nothing and wished to find out more about their own powers, including about Cia. Phil, Layla's teacher at the school was highly knowledgeable and if she remembered correctly, he belonged to the first family, along with Amy and Xander, who she also wanted to thank for helping them that day.

Going to the first leader's castle area might have not been the best choice, but at the same time, when would they. They might leave soon and according to Edward, there was actually no better time right after a big commotion. Most of the leaders actually weren't present at their castles at the moment and were staying at the king's castle to discuss further matters.

As expected though, when Layla had arrived, along with Cia and Erin behind her, they had drawn more attention than they thought they would have. It turns out many had remembered their faces. Although due to Erin's hair color and appearance changing slightly, people didn't recognize her and just saw her as another vampire.

What surprised the people most though, was the ones that could smell like humans before, no longer smelled like humans, namely Cia. During the fight, when Vorden had been revealed, towards the latter end of the fight, the potion they used had worn off as well. Revealing those that were human, and those that were not.

"Do you know where you're going?" Erin asked, as it seemed like the three girls were aimlessly walking around the first area, while the onlookers would continually stare and gossip.

"Not really," Layla replied. "I just remember Amy saying she lived in the inner castle area for the first family."

"Layla, come here." A girl said shouting off from the side, away from most of the people.

It seemed like great luck, by just wondering around that Amy had managed to find the three of them. Getting out of the main street, the girls quickly ran off to the side to join Amy, and at the same time, she immediately gave them both a hood to cover their faces.

"Sorry, I don't mean to be rude, but people might think something if they see me hanging around with you guys and all," Amy replied.

Amy started to walk ahead and was heading in a certain direction. She was happy to see Layla all okay and was wondering about the human by her side. Had they turned her or were they using the same trick they used before in the school.

"It was quite lucky you found us and thank you for giving us the hoods," Layla said.

"Luck, it wasn't luck," Amy replied. "The second you guys walked in this place, the news was spread around everywhere. It would be impossible to not know that you guys were here."

While walking together they had finally reached a large style mansion. There were even a couple of vampires standing outside of it. It was expected as most of the houses in the inner castle area were quite large, and usually belonged to families that were close to the leader, but not close enough to be living in the castle with the leader.

"There is someone inside who is waiting for you," Amy said.

With the three of them entering, they had been escorted past the other vampires until they had finally reached a room and in it, a single teenage boy was waiting, which was Xander.

"I'm happy to see you are all okay." He said as he turned around and looked at Layla.

At that moment Layla gave a bow to both of them.

"Thank you, both of you. We didn't even know each other for that long. Yet You still chose to risk your lives to save me." She paused a little bit, and then turned to Xander. "I'm sorry, I thought of you as scum, but I was completely wrong. I promise if there comes a time where there is anything I can do for you, then please let me know."

Xander and Amy looked at each other and smiled.

"Actually, there is one thing you could do?" Xander said.

At this point, Layla's heart was thumping, was he going to ask her out again? Force her to go on a date with him. She did just say she would do anything, and he did technically save her life.

"Don't look so nervous," Xander said. "I can tell your heart is with someone else. I'm just glad it's not with that blonde fellow. The man you are going for is beyond what I can achieve. I haven't given up, but until I become a man that can be as great as him. I will not ask you again."

"You see due to our interference, our family is in a bit of a pickle. We are being kicked out of the inner castle area. Essentially, making us part of the vampire pool. I have yet to learn the first family's ability so this has become quite a blow to them, and the first leader has a lot of influence. It will be hard for us to get into any of the other families. I was wondering if you were able to put in a good word for us. To allow us to join the tenth family."

Something like this, Layla was happy to help with.

"If it's a request like that, then of course I can talk to Quinn," Layla replied. "Actually, there was another reason why we are here," Layla said as she pointed to her two friends.

"We were hoping you could give us some information, or maybe you could help us find teacher Phil."

Layla briefly described what happened, telling them the truth. Layla felt like she could really trust these people. Especially since they had risked their lives to save hers. She didn't explain much, but just how they had been turned into vampires themselves and Erin had become a vampire while Cia was turned into a banshee.

"Oh, so that what all that commotion was about earlier, Who would have thought this pretty little girl would turn into a screaming death alarm," Amy said. "I can tell you what I know about them, and I can take you to see Phil tomorrow. If you can, I think it would be best if you stay here for tonight. Let things in the area calm down a bit. Besides, Phil has been called to the king's castle to make reports so he won't be back till tomorrow, anyway."

Cia didn't like the nicknames she was being called. She couldn't even remember what had happened earlier. But she was happy that they would be seeing a vampire teacher soon who would be able to tell her of her abilities. Perhaps then she would also be able to ask him about getting her memories back as well.

"For the vampire." Xander chimed in. "The best way for her to learn would be to actually attend the school. They will teach her the basics, things that we can't really explain well. Or a personal tutor would be nice, but that's not something regular vampires have the privilege of obtaining."

"I have to ask?" Amy interrupted. "Does this mean you guys will be staying here? Now that your vampires you will have to right."

The girls had already agreed to be turned, but the realization of such a thing hadn't really struck them yet. Each of them had goals they wanted to complete that would require them to leave this place one day.

As for Erin, she was in a different situation compared to everyone else. They could go back to school, back to earth with everyone, but for her. There was still Truedream after her blood. She wouldn't be able to return with the others, anyway. Maybe for her to stay here and go to school wasn't a bad option anyway.

Honestly, she still wanted to learn from Leo, so if he was to stay she would definitely be staying as well. At least until she learned everything she could from him.

"We don't really know," Layla replied honestly. "There are still things that are going on at the tenth castle."

Hearing this, Amy's face looked a little saddened. It was strange Layla thought because even in class she seemed to be quite the popular girl, so why would she even be bothered by Layla leaving. Still, seeing her hurt had made her hurt as well.

"But maybe you can help us with another thing while we are here," Layla said. "None of us have abilities yet. So we were wondering if you could tell us what abilities we can learn. Maybe all the abilities of the thirteen families. That way we can finally choose which one."

A smile returned to Amy's face and she walked out of the room. "Of course I can. Let me show you where you will all be staying for the night and I'll go through all the vampire abilities I know."

While the girls were busy staying over in the first castle's inner area. The other group of boys had finally reached the mountain. The place where they had first arrived in hopes to learn a bit more about the Dalki and Borden.


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