My Vampire System Chapter 541

535 Everyone Gone

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Not a word was spoken by everyone there for a while, as they all looked at the chaos in front of them. The land in certain parts had been completely destroyed. The strong structure along with the school gates was no longer there, and it was exactly the same for the city that was on the other side.

"What's going on?" Kazz finally spoke, confused. "Is this not what you expected?"

Of course, Kazz knew nothing of what the human world was meant to look like. She was just there to make sure the others were doing as they were told and at the same time to let her leader know if there was anything worth reporting.

'Is this worth reporting?' She thought, but she had no clue.

"It looks like a large battle took place here," Logan said.

"I think even I figured that one out." Peter commented. "But look...I can't hear anything. I can't even see anyone. The whole place it's like it's been abandoned."

"Like a zombie movie," Vorden said.

Fex couldn't help but chuckle at this comment. But he quickly placed his hand over his mouth when the others turned around to look at him. This was a sensitive matter to them more than him. This was their home.

But he couldn't help himself. After all, Peter was the closest to a Zombie than anyone here, so it just felt strange that Vorden would be the one to say that after Peter's comment.

"Do you think it was an attack from the Dalki? Or maybe some beast got out from the portal?" Layla asked.

"I don't think it's from the Dalki." Paul said, looking up in the sky. When he first saw the destruction, it was his first thought as well. "If it was the Dalki, we would be seeing their grand ship above us."

Paul remembered from the last war. A ship that was large enough to be seen from nearly anywhere on earth. At the time it had set fear in all of their hearts and it was a day they could never forget.

However, he couldn't deny that it could have been a few Dalki, but the place being abandoned like this didn't make any sense. The damage looked like it had been done a while ago. And there was no longer anyone here, they would have been repairing the place by now if it was like so.

"Is there any way we can get in contact with the head base?" Quinn asked, looking at Paul. "Or anyone or the other generals."

"The vampires took all our equipment from us, but it was useless at the time, anyway. We block local connections from the rest of the world on the island, anyway. There are only certain devices that can be used to contact others. Everything that can be used is either in the school or in the city, but it all looks destroyed from here."

"My research!!!" Logan shouted. He started to think of all the gadgets he had still left in his room. Everything he had built over the years he had brought with him. Was that too all destroyed?

"Alright, let's calm down." Quinn said. the more time they were spending standing around doing nothing. The more people were starting to worry. "Let's try to find something that will help us get in contact with some people that may know what the hell is going on here. Peter, if you could run to the city, see if there's anyone, a single person who's alive, bring them back to us. Tell them Paul is here."

The reason for picking Peter was because he had unlimited stamina, he would be able to run endlessly around the city trying to find someone. He also had great speed on top of this due to his stats.

The others looked quite shaken and the only ones that would have been able to do a task like this, he would have rather kept close to himself.

The group minus Peter all started to head to the school and along their path, they had spotted their first person. Quinn immediately ran to them using his super speed, but the person was dead. More precisely he was burnt to a complete crisp. His hair frazzled.

The person on the floor wore the standard military uniform and was one of the military personnel.

Continuing to walk towards the school they saw many more bodies, and Quinn decided to personally check each one of them. Every one of them had been completely fried. There were specs of blood on the floor here and there but using his inspect skill Quinn could tell it was useless.

After dipping his finger in the blood it did nothing for his stats. Whatever happened to these people they had been hurt beyond belief.

"Have you noticed?" Cia said. "So far all the dead bodies we have found. It's only the guards. I can't see any of the students."

'You're right!" Layla said.

"That shouldn't be too unusual," Logan replied. "Remember it was the summer. Most of the students had already returned him to be with their families. There weren't a lot of students here to begin with."

Hearing Logan say this, many of them started to think of their own families. Wondering if they were all okay in this. Even Layla was thinking about Pure. She couldn't help but worry a little.

Reaching the school most of the buildings had crumbled away. There were some parts left up they tried to explore but it looked like everything was destroyed. Just in case though, they all split up to see if there was anything they could find. Vorden had even taken Borden out of his little side pocket box, so he could search as well.

Logan had designed a small tool box that could be attached to the side of Borden's leg for easy carrying. At first, Vorden was worried about how he would sleep since the box would be upright all the time. But it turns out that Borden liked to sleep with his legs tucked in while holding them with his hands. Fitting him in fine.

This image reminded him of the position Sil would often sit in and sleep in. Which was making Vorden wonder if Borden was based on him, the original, or a mixture of all three of them.

Anyway, Borden was extremely helpful in moving large piles of rubble that could have possibly buried something underneath for them to see.

Logan was trying to locate where his room would have been, and he had indeed found it, but just like with the guards, everything was destroyed and fried. The components inside were destroyed. It would have been easier to build new devices rather than trying to repair the old ones.

"Damn it!" Logan said as he kicked a piece of rubble. He wasn't hugely upset. Being the person he was, all the information he found was always backed up somewhere. The problem was that somewhere was where his parents lived.

After finding out that they might have lied to him, Logan wasn't prepared to talk to them about such things just yet. He was hoping to get a small little break with the school life before then.

Returning to the center. They all were now sitting on the field wondering what they could do. None of them had found anything. It looked like whoever had come by had even taken all the teleporters.

"Is there any way off this island?" Vorden asked.

"The island was made so it would be incredibly hard for people to try and leave the place," Paul replied. "The most common way of travel was teleporters. If we didn't have that we would call for an airship to pick us up, but with no way to call one"

The group now felt like they only had one hope, and they could see it coming towards them in the distance. Peter had finally rejoined the others. They all were listening keenly into what he had to say, but he had only found out the same as them.

Several soldiers lying dead. Still not a single student had been found, but any type of technology or such had either been taken away or destroyed. The other pattern again was the scorch marks on the bodies.

"With no teleporters are we stuck here forever then!" Cia said. As now she was really starting to worry.

"Well, there is one option," Fex replied as he looked towards Kazz. With her, she had brought a family large backpack that she had been easily carrying on her back.

The others didn't care to ask what was inside. It was her own belongings but Fex knew. As she opened her back they could see that it was a portable teleporter.

"No, we can't." Quinn instantly said. "We can't go back to the vampire world after just getting here, we have nothing to report to them."

"But what choice do we have?" Vorden asked. "They said they have other teleporters to the other bases. Maybe they will let us use them."

What Vorden said made sense, but Quinn just had this slight fear in the back of his mind. That if he was to go back. There was a chance they wouldn't let him out again. On top of that, he wanted to know what the hell happened here, before hopping around to any other places.

"I suppose there is one place we haven't checked," Paul said. "Also if it hasn't been touched, then it might be our ticket out of here."

They all turned to Paul, hoping and wondering what his answer would be.

"The dungeon underneath the academy," Paul answered.

The dungeon, a place where once Peter was kept . An area where they placed the troublemakers of the military in.


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