My Vampire System Chapter 546

540 Powerhouses

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Out of the four big families, the Graylashes weren't ones to be known as the aggressive type. They didn't raise any public concerns with the way others were doing things, nor did they seem to wholly agree with anyone in particular.

Unlike some of the other families such as the Sunshields who would get in scuffles with everyone.

This was why it came as a surprise to most that the Graylash family were the ones to act. Or at least the ones to act first.

"Do we know the reason for doing so?" Paul asked. "It seems strange that they were going after each base one by one, only to free those from the dungeons, it was like they were looking for someone?"

"Maybe not someone." Bugen replied back. "Everyone has their own theories but the Supreme commander Oscar thinks differently to most. When the old Graylash family elder died, he was replaced with the young upstart.

"Ever since, they have been less than cooperative with us. When asking for reports, additional information or permission to enter certain shelters, everything would be slow as if they just didn't care. Oscar believes that Owen is a very smart leader. But his philosophy and ideals are different to the past leader who he had a good relationship with.

"When hearing that Truedream was gone, one family would act sooner than later. He knew that Civil war would break out. Every top faction out there is equal in power. People would start switching sides and what better way to get people to come over to you than freeing prisoners.

"You can use the prisoners themselves, you can use their grudges against the military, and they can owe you favours in the future."

Logan then raised his hand, as if he was at school once again. For his height, he even looked like he should still be in middle school. But because they were at the table, they had to take every question seriously. Even if Bugen didn't want to entertain the students there.

"You talk about this civil war? Said Logan. "How many power factions are there? I assume there is a front runner in all of this. Someone who is ahead, and possibly some hidden factions that have chosen to come out?"

Bugen thought it was a good question to ask and one that needed answering, these kids did understand after all.

"If you were to ask many, even without Trudream and his men, the military were still the number one power." Bugen replied. "It was also still the one that people trusted most, but that started to change.

"After the attacks, people started to switch over to the other factions rapidly and the military's strength weakened. We no longer have a hold on the people. It's a lawless era, where you choose where you want to be.

"The way we see it, a person has a few choices - to join the military run by Oscar the supreme commander, join one of the three families, the Graylash family, the Sunshiled Family, or the Bree family, then there was also one more power faction that rather than hide in the shadows have decided to come out altogetherPure.

"They have gained the most out of everything that happened. Making themselves public, willing to take in anyone. Some of the medium sized factions had teamed up. This had made them become one of the major powerhouses for a short time and they had tried to take Pure down. Pure completely annihilated them, which only helped them even further."

Hearing this started to make Layla feel a little nervous herself.

"What about the Dalki?" Quinn asked, "Have they reacted to this?"

It was well known between everyone that the Dalki was keeping an eye on them. Perhaps they even had some humans who were working for them. Humans who didn't believe they had a chance of winning the war after seeing their power.

"No. They wouldn't." Paul was the one who answered. "Why would they? If the humans are fighting and killing themselves, then they will just come either when we are at our weakest, or when we are trying to recover. If they come now, it will only give the humans something to unite over again and fight together."

It was a fair assumption to make, but they didn't know what Quinn and the others knew. That the Dalki were created by the vampires. Who knows what the real reason was for the Dalki attacking the humans.

Bugen continued his explanation of how the world currently was.

"Every faction now is under one of these powerhouses. No side is helping one another, but at the same time no one is fully attacking the other side either. In this stalemate there is a bit of a race going on. First the favour to win the people over.

"The sub factions underneath the big houses, the military and so on are doing a mass recruitment. Trying to recruit what we call the Wanderers. These people have yet to choose a side but they are being taken in quickly. Unfortunately, if I was to be honest with you.

"The military has been suffering the worst in this regard. Many of them don't believe in us anymore. The only thing that is keeping many, is the fact that they have the earth ability. The only way to protect themselves and get stronger is to stay with us."

Hearing this, Quinn wasn't really upset about the military. In a way he felt like they deserved what they were getting for everything that was happening to them.

"And the other ways?" Paul asked.

"It's the beast planets." Bugen replied. "The hunt for new equipment. No longer are portals being as strictly regulated and factions are hopping over from planet to planet trying to discover the highest tier beast. When Pure was attacked, everyone saw the power of a demon tier weapon. So each faction is trying to get one, but so far none have been found.

"They're rarer than we thought and no one had dared to tread their feet on the planet the Dalki own. Still, there are planets that have yet to be explored. Ones that people don't have teleporters to.

The military has the most spaceships in this regard for travel so we have the advantage there."

'Crazy', was the thought that came to many of their heads. So many different things had happened in such a short amount of time. The world just seems completely different to what it was before.

However it looked as if Bugen was ready to speak again as it was not the end of it all.

"There is one more thing that the power houses are fighting for. First, the search for Trudream. There are many that just don't believe he is dead. Who would get rid of an ability like so instead of using it for themselves?

"This was why we were sent here for investigation. To see if there was anything we could find linking it back to Truedream. Unfortunately there have been no results so far."

Vorden, actually couldn't agree more. His family wouldn't just outright kill Truedream. That wasn't enough and his ability was a good one to have. More so than likely, he had become one of them...

Thinking about this, he could hear the sound of metal clanking against the floor.

"The last point. I have put these two together because they are similar. Each of the powerhouses are searching for Richard Eno."

Quinn had jolted back a little. A sudden movement from his seat. Hearing the name. Part of the reason why he wanted to come back to earth was to find Richard Eno himself. He had questions he wanted to ask. It was his most likely suspect wondering if he was the first king.

Not only was he looking for him. Now Bugen was telling him that everyone was looking for him.

"He had introduced many different technologies into our world. Some feel his ability might be related to this. However, as soon as this all started no one has been able to find him either. At least that's what our intel says."

The meeting was finally over, and it looked like it was already dark outside. Paul offered the three men to stay over and sleep at the spaceship for the night. After all they had plenty of beds. They accepted, they felt like they had to, due to Paul's position.

After communicating and radioing in to let the others know their plans, they decided to stay for the night. Once they were asleep, the others secretly met in the meeting room to have another discussion.

Watching the three men, Peter was placed in charge, as he wouldn't fall asleep like the others and as long as Quinn ordered it, he would follow it through.

This time everyone was sitting at the table, and it took a while for any of them to be the first to speak. They were still trying to wrap their heads around everything that they had been told.

"Let me help you guys out a bit here." Paul said, starting off the conversation. "There isn't much you can do. The way it is out there according to them, we only have one choice. To join one of the power houses. We have to look at the task, or mission at hand, to gather information, correct?

"We can't do that by becoming a Wanderer, but now the situation has changed. The military doesn't hold the keys to everything anymore, and at any point and time, there could be a big clash between them all.

"The question is, which one are we going to join?'"


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