My Vampire System Chapter 552

546 Into Space

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When leaving and heading out to space, Paul at first thought that things might be tricky to deal with. Usually, there would be several military ships that would be covering the transport paths, but it seems like in a short amount of time a lot had changed.

There was now no longer any monitoring of such paths, instead everything was a bit of a free for all, with ships leaving, coming and going. One could see that there were plenty that would avoid some planets as well.

Just to be safe though, as soon as they could, Paul had advised they derailed from these transport paths between planets and take a longer route. Yes, it would use up more energy, which they didn't really have an unlimited supply of, but still, he was thinking more than anything about the attention the ship would bring.

Most of the ships they had seen were marked clearly with the faction's symbol. In a way, it was showing that they were protected. Their ship had no such mark. When one would see such a large ship, they would think one of two things.

That looks like trouble, lets stay away, or what would it be like if we had one of those, the second thought was the one that worried Paul. If one of the forces saw such a large ship, they might try to add it into their own power. They would send a fleet to capture the ship.

Right now, they didn't have the manpower to defend themselves. The ship was filled with things that they could use, but they could barely control the ship in the first place and that was only thanks to Logan creating a special device.

Finally, when they had gotten into the proximity of the area where the planet was located. They flew off into a No zone. Now the ship was sent to stay put and consume as little energy as possible.

Before leaving the ship there were still a few things that everyone needed to discuss, and that was a reminder of what they could and couldn't show. When joining the faction they would want to know about their abilities.

Thankfully, things like extra strength, endurance and speed could be passed off as having high-quality beast gear, but they still wouldn't be able to use their blood powers.

"The string ability is okay. I can show it outside in battle and claim I'm an original." Fex said. "As long as I don't teach anyone it, it will be fine."

"Kazz?" Quinn asked.

"I will simply say I have regeneration ability. I won't show off my strength and speed until we buy some beast gear for myself." Kazz replied.

Quinn had to repeat this to her a few times, but when he said it was so she wouldn't be found out about being a vampire, she understood and listened well. She currently wore no beast gear like many vampires, but as long as they had something, even the most basic, then it would be fine for her to show her abilities.

People could only guess the level of beast gear from looking at it, they couldn't confirm it unless it was taken off and inspected, so they would use this fact to their advantage. To cover up for their unnatural speed and strength. However, beast gear didn't improve one's natural healing ability so they would have to be careful about that. Regeneration was a good choice in this regard.

"Well, I guess I can use the shadow ability since it was already revealed at the inter military base tournament," Quinn said.

"That might not be the best idea," Paul replied. "I mean, you don't have to hide it forever. Just, even I had heard of your feats during the tournament when I was not present. You had caused quite a stir and many wished to get the power for themselves."

"I think if you were to show it to a mid-sized faction like this one, then they would report it to the Graylash family and all eyes would be on you. For now, it's best we just stay at the ground level, and once we're ready. You will no longer need to hide."

"How about super speed, Quinn." Fex suggested. "You are faster than any of us, and with your beast gear and active boots, no one would think you were lying."

"Sounds good," Quinn replied, but he was a little annoyed that he would have to hide his shadow ability. Still, in most cases, he would be able to fight away from the eyes of others, and he could always use his shadow void to create a dome, and use his powers inside there.

Finally, it was Paul's turn. He didn't have an ability still, and he wasn't exactly great in anything either. He was just a superhuman. It would be hard to pass him off as having any ability.

"We can really only say one thing," Paul replied. "That I used to be a member of Pure. It would explain why I have no current ability. And when I do get one, it won't seem like a shock to them all. In times like this I'm assuming people are switching factions all the time, so it shouldn't be too much of a big deal. Especially since we are only going into a medium one rather than the big ones."

Paul now looked slightly different from what he did before. He still couldn't control his vampire abilities all that well, but it actually worked in his favor. His facial hair and the hair on top of his head continued to grow, and Paul continued to let it do so.

Seeing this Quinn, wondered why apart from when he evolved why he didn;t change much. he always assumed it was because he was a vampire, but it didn;t seem to be the case.

Eventually, Paul looked like a completely different person. There wouldn't be many outside of high-ranking officials that would recognize Paul in the first place. Quinn only knew this because he was the head of the second base. He didn't even know what the other Head generals looked like.

The only people who were known military figures were heroes of the last war like Leo, and the supreme commander Oscar.

The change in look was just an extra, it was best to be cautious after all.

After they had decided what abilities each of them would have, Quinn brought out a few things from his inventory and gave them to the others. An intermediate beast tier whip was handed to Kazz.

She swung it a few times and with her strength; the whip made a terrifying bang. Quinn was wondering if it was a good idea to make his enemy stronger, but it was to help out in the long run.

Fex had his ability, so Quinn gifted him what little beast armor he had, a simple chest piece. Finally, for Paul. Paul had beast armor when he arrived in the vampire world, but it was all taken from him.

They wanted to inspect it all before giving it back, and they never did get it back. He didn't use any weapons because he had his strong elemental ability. So for now, Quinn handed him the two claw-like objects. They were placed above one's hands and three spikes would come out just above the knuckle area. It was an intermediate tier weapon.

Quinn was unable to create the advanced tier weapons from his shop as Edward didn't have the crystals, and the few that he did, they weren't particularly for him to use, so he left them as rewards for the tenth's people.

"You should be decent in hand to hand combat. With your vampire body, it should do you well." Quinn said.

Paul looked at them, and thought it was a good choice, but didn't say anything out loud to Quinn.

Finally, it was time for them to leave, and they headed out to the entrance hanger, where their modified commercial ship was there waiting for them. Paul had also brought with him a large bag of blue crystals.

"What are they?" Quinn asked. He had seen them a few times on different planets, and when using his inspect skill it revealed that they were classified as basic tier beast crystals.

"There crystals that are made from the planet rather than the beast themselves." Paul replied. "There is another reason why the humans were after the beast planets and were competing against the Dalki. There aren't enough beasts on the planets to power the things like ships, teleporters and other things. These crystals from the planets have the same effect. A planet essentially becomes a mining facility.

"It's a good way for a faction to earn income, in the past, anyway. Some of the big families who had major control over a planet would allow for a military shelter to be placed on there. Then they would sell the crystals back to the military. I'm guessing most factions are now keeping these crystals for themselves."

Hearing this, Quinn thought if they could get their own planet one day. Maybe they no longer needed to worry so much about trade, but this was just a pipe dream. How could a now seventeen year old student think about these things? He really was seventeen now. there was no birthday or such to celebrate it, but one day when looking at the calendar he realized it had passed.

Finally, it was time for them to say goodbye to Peter, who would remain behind for now at least.

"Peter, if there is any trouble, I want you to take one of the smaller spaceships and leave immediately," Quinn said in a stern voice. Making sure he knew it was an order rather than a request. "Your life is a lot more important to me than this ship. I don't plan to leave you on here forever. When we have enough funds to get a teleporter, then I was thinking we could take it in turns".

"Maybe Fex looks after the ship, and you come with us instead."

From the look on Fex's face, he didn't like that idea at all.

"Or Paul," Fex added.

But to do that, they needed to get rid of Kazz first. Or at least know her true intentions. Quinn didn't even want to think about just leaving Paul and Kazz alone in the ship.

The goodbyes were done, they entered the small ship and were off towards the planet. They were a little far away so it would be quite a long journey before they got there, but things seemed to be progressing smoothly.


Outside of the ship, a distance away, two small ships had seen the large ship reach its destination. They could assume so because it had stopped moving. What confused the people inside was that it was in the middle of nowhere. It was next to no planets. Why would they stay here?

Nevertheless, they decided to head back and would report it to the supreme commander.


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