My Vampire System Chapter 565

559 The Fifth Person

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The rooms that were provided by the faction were quite nice inside. They didn't look like the military rooms as they had a nice personal home touch to them. There were decorations inside, a welcome message and all sorts. It really seemed like a nice place to be.

The rooms were given to each of the members, so Quinn and the others were separated. However, if one did have a family, there would be larger rooms on the first floor to occupy. At the same time, everyone else remained on the upper two floors.

Everything that was happening, everything that the faction did to keep these people loyal and staying here, Quinn was taking note of it all. It seemed like they had a good system, and he would need to replicate what he did like and what he didn't like into his own faction.

Sleeping through the night was a little weird for Quinn, but it was something he had to get used to. Even with the rings protecting one from the sun, he felt energised to go and do something when the night sky came out.

After sleeping for a few hours and waking up before the sun had even risen, Quinn decided to use this time to try and see his soul weapon inside him again. He closed his eyes and attempted to shut off his mind while gathering the feeling in his chest.

Slowly something was felt in there, like a little small warm flame. However, just when it looked like it was about to form into something, he would lose it. Whenever he saw it taking shape, he would think about the shape, thus extinguishing the whole image together.

The state of mind was more difficult than he thought. Perhaps he would do well to get one of those machines from the military at some point if so much time had passed and he was still unable to use his soul weapon.

Thinking about it more, perhaps one person would be able to aid or word it better than Nate. It's not that he didn't trust him, but at times Nate could be well a bit of a blockhead. It just so happened that his head was in the shape of a block as well.

If worse came to worst, he could ask Paul.

Finally, the sun had risen, and the four of them met up outside to head to the main hall in the base together. Before that, all members of the faction had to gather for a meeting in the assembly hall.

Standing at the front, controlling the meeting was Blip. Behind him were four Rank B Travellers Quinn could see in the distance. There was Nate, Linda, a male and another female.

The faction members were told to get in no such order. Still, naturally, it looked like people had chosen to go next to those that were similar ranking levels of themselves. It made sense since these people would know each other better as they went on quests together.

However, Sam had decided to walk over to Quinn and his group to see how they were doing.

The meeting didn't last long, it was just a few updates. First off, they reported how many different types of crystals the faction had gathered sorting them by tiers. Then they went onto any news that was happening in the faction. Some things were positive such as congratulating couples on the birth of their child. Or someone's birthday. Then there were a few negative things after.

Finally, Blip would update everyone on the situation at the other planets and factions. Scuffles and small brawls that happened between the powerhouses. Most of the fights seemed to be happening between factions more closely related to the big three and military. While factions such as this one were here purely for support.

Blip reminded them to still be on guard. At some point, someone will possibly try to make a move. Crushing the supports to weaken the top.

With that, the meeting was over, and before heading to the main hall to look at quests, Quinn wanted to ask Sam a few questions.

"Sam, you don't happen to know a forger by the name of Alex Way, do you? If not, is there a way you could see if he's at this base?" Quinn asked.

Sam tried to rack his head, while repeating the name, to see if it rang a bell.

"I'm sorry, Quinn. I know a lot of people in this shelter, but I don't know any Alex Way. If you want I can try asking Blip to look for him. If we search via his name, then we should be able to find his Traveler ID and see what planet it was last seen at?"

"That would be great."

There was a chance that Alex was still in the military, but he doubted it. The armour seemed to be forged not too long ago. To get here, it would likely have been traded by someone under the Graylash family, since the Crows no longer did trade with anyone outside of it.

Quinn remembered allowing Alex to recreate a few designs. If he was already selling to people like this, maybe he had sold a few, which meant that Alex owed him money. However, he couldn't have been doing too well. The fact that Sam didn't know him yet was proof of that.

Still, if he could meet, it would be a quicker way to earn credits and get the funds needed, then ranking up at a faction he would eventually leave.

The four of them ventured into the main quest hall, and it looked like most people from the assembly hall had done the same. The quest board was large and went the entire length of the room. Thankfully, it was also split up into different categories based on the rank of the quest. One didn't actually need to go up to the quest board to receive one.

At each of the tables where people could relax and drink, there was a digital hologram which they could use to shift through all the quests and see more details. The quest board itself was more just for show.

Since most people were sitting down and looking through the hologram, Quinn decided to go up to the quest board, which was just a large digital screen in reality.

The rank D, E, and F sections were placed together. When looking through the quests, Quinn realised most of them weren't really jobs but just information. Telling them of areas where they might be able to find a beast. When accepting one, they would know a group was going to that area.

However, a few actual quests were posted by forgers and some other people looking for them to kill specific beasts, offering credits in return for the crystals.

It didn't matter what they picked since they were just doing it for the points, so Quinn picked up one that informed them of an area to hunt intermediate beasts named Hypocen. Whatever they were.

When trying to accept the quest, the screen asked them to input the Traveller ID of each person who was to take it. There were many slots, and after filling out four of them and hitting enter, an error message appeared.

[Five members are required to accept the quest]

For some reason, he thought he might be able to just bypass it.

"What happens if we just go with the four of us and come back with the crystals?" Quinn thought.

"Then they won't let you leave the shelter." A male's voice said.

When they turned around, they could see what looked to be a middle-aged man. He was dressed in decent beast gear all over and had a scruffy beard covering his face. Still somehow the presence this man was giving off was gentle, as he smiled, his eyes did too.

"The name's Freddy." The man said, shaking Quinn's hand. "I assume you guys are new around here. The rule is simple, they ask for five people for our safety. Beasts, especially those of the lower levels are hardly on their own. The last thing the faction wants is people dying, especially in times like these."

"This sucks man!" Fex said, hoping to let his limbs spread a bit.

"If you're struggling to find people I'm happy to join you guys," Freddy suggested.

"Why?" Quinn replied. "You don't know us, why would you help us?"

At this point, it was safe to say that Quinn was cautious of everybody and their intentions. Growing up how he did, it was hard for him to believe people were just nice. The only person he had met like that so far was Vorden.

"Your part of the Crow faction now right? That means you're family. I care about everyone here, just like my own family. And since you guys are new, you're like my newborns."

"Oh, I want to be the big sister!" Kazz shouted out.

"Done!" Freddy pointed at her and gave a wink.

Looking at Freddy, Quinn could see he had his tag out on display, and he was a D rank, which meant he was allowed to go with them on the hunt and it would fill up the last slot. Still, Quinn couldn't shake this strange feeling.




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