My Vampire System Chapter 578

572 A Mistake And A Ques

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[King tier beast killed]

[Congratulations, you are now level 32]

After getting the last hit on the king tier beast, the message was all he needed to confirm the beast was dead. Quinn had already levelled up once from his multiple quests hunting intermediate beasts. The experience requirement kept getting higher, but he would often get bonus exp for defeating a beast for the first time. Even more, if it was the first time the beast had been killed by anyone.

It was the same this time, Quinn actually didn't receive an instant level up quest when using his inspect skill on the beast. This meant that even if he killed it, he wouldn't have been granted a level up. The reason why he levelled up, was due to the bonus exp as well as the leftover exp from the quests before.

In a way, the system was telling him that a King tier wasn't as much of a challenge as it was once before.

Standing opposite the group of people in the dark black suit that was made by Logan long ago, Quinn held the crystal in his hand. It was held up for everyone to see, and then suddenly it vanished from his hands in front of everyone.

"What happened to the king tier crystal, did he just destroy it?" A person from the crowd asked.

"More importantly, what is that, is it a human or a humanoid beast?" The others said, not wanting to get close.

Quinn was currently disguised as what the people at base two knew as the Night demon. None of his usual features could be seen, and unless one knew who was behind the mask, it was impossible for them to tell it was him.

Quinn wanted to think of a way he could take the crystals without having to give them back to the faction, and what better way than having them stolen by some stranger who they had never seen before. When the beast came in a dark place like this, it was easy for him to use the shadow cloak to hide his body.

Even if Linda could sense presences, it would be difficult even for Quinn with this many people here. They had a more dangerous matter at hand that would be a big distraction. If his friends were in trouble, he could jump in and help at any moment, but he felt like with Linda there it wouldn't be needed.

He waited for them to weaken the beast and then dealt the finishing blow, gaining the exp.

This was so he could be in top shape for facing the other king tier beast, as well as the emperor tier beast. After all, there were only so many MC cells, and Qi he could produce at a time. Before he would have to rest and recover.

Now he would use Linda's knowledge against her.

He knew Linda knew about his shadow powers. As long as he displayed only his vampire powers and wasn't caught, then they wouldn't be able to link the two things together.

However, Quinn didn't know that Linda also knew about the Blood Evolver due to a slip up from Nate. When she saw the Red aura, she knew that this man behind was the Blood Evolver and she already had her suspicions on which group he belonged to.

"Where are they, who's missing?" Linda said as she looked around. She could see Fex, Paul, Sam and lastly her number one suspect, Kazz. 'What, but then who is the Blood Evolver?'

There was one person that wasn't there, and that was Quinn. Even if he really hadn't died and faked it, he had the shadow ability. She didn't understand how a person could have two abilities at once.

Maybe one would think it would be a soul weapon, but based on what she had seen in the game, that was impossible. The game didn't allow one to use their soul weapons.

The man in the black suit and Demon eyes started to laugh maniacally in his deep voice as if he was a mad man.

"I have been following this shelter for a while now, biding my time. And now all of you have done the work for me." Quinn said. "It would take far too long for me to search this planet on my own. So I waited in secret, day by day until, finally, you found the crystals I needed."

Fex had to hold in his laughter, but he was struggling quite badly. Right now, Quinn was doing his evil monologue that was suggested by him. Fex was even the person who had helped him write the script.

To throw them off course of it being one of the faction members, they wanted Quinn to clarify he wasn't associated with the faction. Even if it wouldn't do anything, it was worth a try.

Ultimately, it would nearly be impossible for the faction to prove it was Quinn even if they suspected him. That was because they would search him for the crystals, and the little display he did earlier was placing his crystal into his systems inventory.

As long as they remained in there, they would stay hidden.

Suddenly, a black ball came flying out whizzing past Linda's head, and it was aiming straight for Quinn, who was still in the middle of his evil laughter.

It seemed like he was getting a bit too carried away with his role-play.

Nevertheless, he wasn't unaware of what was happening, holding out a single hand, the black ball had hit his palm. It was heavier than Quinn had expected, so his arm jerked back slightly, but he had still managed to stop it in place.

"He stopped it with his bare hands!" Kong said in disbelief and sweat was running down his forehead.

All thought of Linda thinking that this might have been Quinn had gone out the window. This person had done something that maybe even she couldn't have done so easily, and the possibility of a student doing this? If it was true, this would have to have been one of the world's strongest students. Which was an impression she never got when looking at Quinn.

"You are quite annoying, aren't you!" Quinn shouted while flexing his arm, throwing the black ball as hard as he could. It hit Kong right in the chest and threw him up against the cave wall. He was knocked out by his own weapon.

'That felt good.' Sam thought seeing this. Sam knew a little bit about the plan, and after seeing the red aura attack, he knew this was Quinn. He couldn't help but be thankful that Quinn had finally put Kong in his place, he just wished he was the one who had done it.

Linda was now thinking of ways to get out of the cave rather than put the other students' lives in danger. One of her men had just been hurt. Even if she thought they could take on a single person on their own, it wasn't worth risking so many lives for a single king tier crystal.

"Head to the exit, let's get out of here," Linda said, leading the others to the closest tunnel. "You can keep your crystal."

Just then, as Linda was moving along with everyone, they all heard a message come through on the receiver.

"Emergency, emergency!" The person on the other end shouted. "The black coloured beast is now heading to area four. We have no clue what happened. It just suddenly woke up and now it is taking off."

But the message had come too late. In the room, the black beast had entered. It paused when it saw the red beast bleeding out on the floor, and looked up at the sky, giving an almighty howl. It was clear it was a howl of pain.

That anger was directed to those in front of the beast, being Linda and the rest of the group behind her.

'Damn it, what timing.' Quinn thought as he started to rush forward.

The black beast was slightly larger than the red one, and it wasted no time swiping its large tail. Linda chose to not avoid the blow and take it head-on. If she could delay the tail by making it stay in place, it would give the other's the chance to move.

Using all her strength, she moved forward towards the tail while the rest of the faction members started to move back, hoping to get out of the tunnel entrance. For a brief second, when the tail had collided with Linda, it was held in place, but shortly after her arms gave in, and it had hit her across her chest piece.

She hit the floor several times before she had come to a stop. The pain this time was far worse than the beast before.

'This one, it's stronger.' Linda thought, then a crack sound was heard.

When she looked down, she could see that there was a large crack in her emperor tier armour.

'That's impossible, this thing is near impossible to break. I wouldn't be hurt by a king tier beast, unless'

Quinn, noticing something strange as well, chose to use his inspect skill.

"Everyone, run get out of here! On the order of the Crows, if you do not leave this place, you will be banished from the faction!" Linda screamed at the top of her lungs.

[New quest received]

[Defeat the emperor tier beast]

[Reward: Instant level up]

"It's an emperor tier beast!"


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