My Vampire System Chapter 580

574 A Different Solution

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He didn't have to wait for her to move, Quinn could see it in her eyes what Kazz was planning to do. The problem was, his whole body was sore and done for, he couldn't move his muscles no matter how hard he tried. It was a downside to using Qi.

Even if Quinn was fully healed thanks to the blood bank, the effects of using too much Qi through his body still remained. There was nothing he could do but wait for the body to rest.

In the future, he would have to consider using it only if need be in longer fights. Otherwise, he would be in the desperate situation he was in now.

"Paul, protect Sam! "Quinn ordered, his eyes lit up red.

Paul had no choice but to comply, and he was now standing in front of Kazz's path towards Sam.

Sam was deeply confused about what was happening.

'Aren't we all on the same side, why is she trying to kill me!'

Surprisingly, Kazz had stopped.

"Move." She said.

However, even if Paul wanted to, he couldn't, he was under Quinn's control, but at the same he felt it was right.

"Listen to Quinn, he's your lea"

Before he could finish his sentence, Kazz had lifted her leg and kicked him on the side of the head. Paul reacted fast enough to cover up with his arm, but the strength was too much, and his whole body was flung into the ground.

Sam, seeing the sudden strength of Kazz, started to back up and now his back was pressed against the wall.

'Was she holding back her strength during the fight with the emperor tier beast? Did she know this was going to happen?' Quinn thought.

Seeing the look on Sam's face, Quinn couldn't take it anymore. He clenched his fist and pounded it into the ground.

"Kazz!" he shouted. "If you aren't going to listen to me, then I don't need you anymore!"

The dark thoughts filled his head, and his inner desire was released, black smoke appeared from his back and soon where Sam was, a large figure had appeared from the black mist.

The Bone claw had arrived.

Kazz proceeded to try to kick the Boneclaw away, but it matched it with a swing of its arm. It was a battle of strength, but there was a clear winner, as Kazz skidded across the floor several feet.

"Huh. Where is it?" Kazz thought, and the next second the Boneclaw was directly behind her swiping again. A clanging sound was heard as if the claw's of the Boneclaw had struck metal, and Kazz's body was pushed to the ground. Something had been hit, but there was no blood present.

'It's the first family's ability.' Fex thought.

However, it was weaker then Bryce's. Whatever had blocked the attack, it looked like the Boneclaw's sheer power would be able to push through it soon. Kazz was on the floor yet to recover from the blow. Then once again, as if the Boneclaw had teleported, it was in front of her and attacked.

The clanging sound was heard again, only this time the attack had pushed through. It's large fingers looked like it was ready to scratch her face off until it was stopped, only a few inches away.

Red string could be seen, holding back the arm by the elbow and Fex was doing everything he could to hold the Bone claw back.

"Quinn, we can't do this, I know what she's doing is wrong, and it's happened twice now, but think about it, what would happen if a vampire knight was to die!?" Fex shouted.

Hearing these words, Quinn started to think back to his time as Vincent. He had more experience of vampire life back then, and he knew the answer because of this. If he got rid of Kazz, a vampire knight, then there would be no excuses. If they said the reason why or said it was an accident, they would simply send someone higher to look out for his group.

They would send a vampire leader. Maybe that was why Bryce had even sent such a troublesome vampire in the first place. If Kazz died, he could blame their incompetence, sending them back from the mission, or a vampire leader like himself could be used to be put on watch.

Whatever was the case he wasn't going to fall for it. Thinking about these things, his original desire of wanting Kazz dead had disappeared, and at the same time, it looked like the Boneclaw was starting to turn into mist once more.

'The Boneclaw, it's really linked to my true desires.' It wasn't much, but it was a realisation, that perhaps Quinn could control the Boneclaw in the future.

It didn't look like Kazz would attack Sam anytime soon. She was fearful that Quinn would use his familiar again, unaware that even if he wanted to, he couldn't right now. Having regained some of his strength, he stood up.

"Kazz, what are you doing, and after last time?" Quinn asked. He wasn't going to let some childish act fool him this time.

"What do you suggest, that we get rid of these people's memories?" Kazz replied. "There are too many people involved that saw your red aura. We remove their memories and alter it to make them forget this, the more specific the memory you want to change, the harder it is, and it's even worse if you want to make up your own story to it.

"There is the option of just removing the memory completely, which has a higher chance of working, but if we just make them forget, what happens when the others in the faction talk about it? Both of these people have curious minds. She had even sent someone already to look into you."

It seemed like Kazz had been playing stupid all along Quinn thought. She even noticed that Suze was working for Linda.

"When they start asking about the red aura, they will go searching about why their memories disappeared, that's just how people are. Then what, remove everyone's memories of this whole event? If one person's memory can't be removed, then we will have to get rid of them anyway."

Quinn understood what she meant by curious minds because Cia's was one of them. When he removed all of her memories, all she did was try to get her memories back, and even now she was like that.

From the sidelines, Paul had just recovered from the kick, but he had heard everything. It started to make him think. Were the vampires going to even let his people go? He could see how far Kazz was going to stop humans from knowing about the existence of vampires. When he thought about the possible options that had just been presented, it was the same for them.

Even if the soldiers were made to forget, the fact that their memories had been wiped would lead to an investigation. The vampires weren't so stupid to ignore this, rather they wouldn't risk it.

'Are they just using this so I comply, or are they using this just to keep Quinn in check? They know he cares about humans.'

He needed to think about it, something he had to discuss over with Quinn when Kazz wasn't there. Something that seemed impossible at the moment.

While in the middle of his thoughts, a few coughs were made from behind. Quinn turned his head and could see Linda on the floor, still holding her wound. Her mouth had filled with blood, and she was deathly pale.

Her crow ability allowed her to heal slightly quicker than normal humans. It was the only reason she was still alive currently. Still, it wouldn't last that much longer.

Walking over to her, Quinn had a determined look in his eyes. The blood filled his nose, and the scent got stronger as he got closer, but he ignored it.

"What are you doing?" Kazz asked.

"I'm saving her," Quinn said. "Another person is not dying, especially not because of me."

"You mean you plan to turn her?"

"If I turn her, she becomes one of us, do you have a problem with them living then?" Quinn asked.

Kazz just started to laugh.

"You are an idiot. Yeah sure that's fine, but is this going to be your answer to everything Quinn. There are only so many people vampires can turn, even you must have a limit. Judging by your power, you're very close to it."

She was right, so far Quinn had turned six people. If he were to turn these two, then that would be eight, only leaving him two more times he could do the blood ritual. With the way things were going with Kazz around, to save lives from her and to not anger the vampires, he would need to do this again.

"This can't be the answer to the problem, this is only a temporary solution. And Quinn, when you can't turn any more people, and you have to do what needs to be done, I will be there to do your dirty work. I always am." She said.

Quinn knelt down by Linda's side.

[Blood ritual activated]

'That's fine.' Quinn thought. 'By the time I run out of slots, I will be ready to get rid of you.'


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