My Vampire System Chapter 586

580 The Graylashs Strength

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Quinn had seen his fair share of sparring matches. In the past, a spar would mean a light fight between two contestants. The aim was just to showcase individual skills and help each other improve. But in recent times the word had changed, due to healing abilities and medical care only getting better.

Nowadays, it was an excuse for two people to get into a full-on fight, stopping just before killing the other person.

The students would even set up sparring matches at school. The atmosphere and looks on the people around would be full of excitement and cheers. As if their gladiator instincts had come back to life. Although Quinn never joined.

This though, it seemed a little different, as the two of them, as well as the old man, approached, they were directed through the crowd. There were no cheers. Instead, there was just a look of concern on the fraction members faces. Off to the side, there was already a line of around five injured men and women.

It seemed like the old man was even a little confused at what was going on. Eventually, they reached the front row. The faction members had naturally formed a square shape with themselves that would act as the ring. The leader of the base Dennis looked a bit like a Punk rocker. Even if he looked to be in his late forties.

He had a Denim jacket with several different patches on it, and his hair was golden brown in a Mohawk like shape.

'Don't tell me this guy can turn into an eagle?' Quinn thought after picturing the man as a bird was quite easy. 'Is that why these two factions are rivals, because they both have a bird transforming ability.'

Quinn just started to chuckle at the idea, but quickly stopped himself. The look on the man's face was one of irritation. Even the old man who had brought them over knew not to say anything at the moment.

Stood opposite them on the other side, where nine men in white martial arts robes, while the one in the middle had a slightly different design. Instead of a single piece, it was cut into two separated from the pants and the top, the sleeves were also cut differently.

In the centre, two people were fighting, one in the standard white robe, while the other Quinn could presume, was a member of the faction. It was easier to tell who were members of the public and who was part of the faction at this shelter due to them all wearing similar clothes as their leader.

The fight seemed to have been going on for a bit before they came. The Eagle member was injured all over his body, he held his hand, and it was shaking not from fear but from something else.

"You're finished." The Graylash member said, walking over.

Using one hand to support the other, the man threw out a diagonal shape, forming a slash of wind. Still, a simple step to the side and the Graylash member had avoided it. He took one step forward, leapt up in the air, and started to spin it in a spiral-like manner. Electricity formed all over his body and form behind, boosting him forward like a lightning bolt.

His head had hit the man right in the stomach, shocking him and causing him to shake on the ground. Once the Graylash man had regained his footing, he stepped on him, running lightning through it again, shaking the person on the floor.

"That's enough!" Dennis shouted. "You win."

"Very well." The man in the centre of the other members said. He clicked his fingers, and the other man had stopped. Lifting his foot off his opponent.

"We will rest for now, and we can resume tomorrow. Make sure you bring your very best." There wasn't much said after and the man was gone.

The crowd of people started to disperse but not without them talking about what had just happened.

"Sir, what happened, wasn't it meant to just be a simple spar?" The old man asked.

Dennis recognised Linda and realised it wasn't the best place to talk, so he invited the two of them and the old man to his office. When they were finally there, he could speak more openly.

"Linda, I know we had had our differences, but after seeing them, I thought you should hear this as well," Dennis said.

Linda felt a little strange. They were rivals in the sense of competition, not rivals that would fight with each other, still because of this rivalry they weren't exactly friendly to each other, and it was the first time she could see him being nice.

"They said they are currently doing a routine checkup. Trying to see the strength of all the factions under their banner. It seems like something is happening soon, but I quickly realised that it was all lies.

"They didn't want to see our strengths, they wanted to show off theirs. Lately, they have been putting more pressure on us, and more men are dying out on the field in these hunts. I have been less than polite in my reports. Telling them to do it themselves, send their own men if they think it was that easy.

"It seems like they really did send their own men. Nearly instantly, they mentioned a sparring match. You saw the result. One person of theirs had beaten five of our best in a row."

The Eagles were a medium-sized faction similar to the Crows, if what he said was true, then their group would also suffer the same fate.

Dennis tensed his fist.

"I've decided, tomorrow I'm going to be fighting personally. I need to show them the strength of the factions. I always thought the only reason they haven't made us borderline slaves is because they were afraid of our power. I'm not sure how true that is anymore. But if I don't show we do hold some strength, they'll continue to push us around."

Linda, being a co-founder of the Crows herself, understood how Dennis must have felt. It wasn't just the fact that they were stronger, but there was no respect at all. In that one little fight, they could see it. No respect for the lives outside of the Graylash family.

"Linda, while you here can I ask you a favour," Dennis said. "I would have never thought in a million years would I be asking you this, but tomorrow will you fight alongside me?"

"What?" Linda said, confused.

"It's clear that none of the members apart from me, can hurt those guys, and the one in charge hasn't even shown his strength yet. I was thinking maybe we could pretend you were a member of the Eagles. Win a few fights show that we aren't that weak."

"Would they not know, I'm a co-founder of the Crows, they would recognise me if I helped you out." She replied.

"Linda, these people didn't even know who I was. They don't care as long as the faction is doing their job. They don't remember our faces' names or anything that's how arrogant they are. I'm sure after this planet, they will move onto the next."

Linda thought about it for a while, she agreed that the Graylash family's treatment was getting worse by the day. Maybe Dennis was right, if they realised how weak the factions were, their attitude might change.

She wanted to say yes, but her new body was stopping her. She no longer had her ability, and she hadn't learnt everything about herself. Super healing, super strength maybe these things could be explained away by her equipment, but what if she went too far and killed a member of the Graylash family.

"I'm sorry, but I can't. We just recently fought with an emperor tier beast, and I'm still recovering." Linda said as an excuse.

There was a bit of sadness in Dennis' eyes. He must have seen more than they did, that put him in this type of position. He knew she was lying, he had asked her to fight tomorrow not today. With the healing abilities they had, she would be fit and ready to fight within a day, but he couldn't blame her, at the end of the day she was part of another faction.

'I'll fight." Quinn said.

Dennis lifted his head and looked at the young man who was standing beside Linda. In all honesty, he had completely ignored this person and was only focusing on Linda.

"Are you strong?" Dennis asked.

"I would like to think so, besides I'm stuck here at the moment for three days it would be nice to cure my boredom."

There were a couple of reasons Quinn thought it would be nice to fight with the Graylash family, first to test their strength. His up against theirs, maybe one day they would be an enemy, maybe one day an ally and he needed to see where he stood on their power scale. The second reason, he didn't like the smug look on their faces.

It reminded him of Duke. They walked around as if they owned the place, and continued to attack the man on the floor after he was already beat. It reminded him of his bullies, a time he wanted to forget.

Linda had no clue what Quinn was doing. If he was going to fight, would he show his shadow abilities, blood abilities, or just fight calming to have super speed? Seeing that one fight alone, she knew Quinn wouldn't be able to win just using his speed.

"Is the kid mad, or does he actually have claims to back himself up?" Dennis asked.

Linda looked at Quinn one last time and could just see a smile on his face, the boy was hard to read. "He's strong," Linda said.

"Don't disappoint me boy," Dennis said as he walked off.

Quinn and Linda had agreed to stay at the base for the two nights while waiting for the equipment to finish, at the same time he had agreed to take part in tomorrows sparring match. During the night, Quinn didn't sleep like normal.

Instead, he used his shadow cloak to sneak out, then on the victim's then sneaking into certain people's rooms he would use his influence skill.

After a whole night of taking droplets of blood form various different people. Quinn had increased his stats.

[Strength 52]

[Agility 52]

[Stamina 46]

[Charm 50]

Now when taking blood, he would have to take droplets from three different people to gain one stat. Not wanting to cause alarm, Quinn only took blood from those outside of the faction. People who weren't really fighters. He felt bad, but at the end of the day, he wasn't hurting them in any way. They wouldn't even remember the small prick he would make.

Finally, the next day had arrived, and Quinn was ready to proceed with his fight.


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