My Vampire System Chapter 590

584 Emperor Tier Equipmen

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Looking at the mask, Quinn couldn't help but think that its design was nearly identical to the one that Logan had made for him. The main difference was that it was mostly red in colour with a hint of black, rather than the other way round like the old one.

Picking it up, Quinn decided to inspect it a bit more, the large tusk-like fangs on either side, that made it look like the bottom half of a Japanese Oni mask.

'It couldn't be a coincidence, could it?' Quinn thought.

"You're thinking how I know, aren't you?" Alex said. "That you were the Night demon back at the second base?"

It looked like Quinn's thoughts were right. Alex had purposely designed the mask after the Night demon he saw at the base.

"When you met with me, I tried looking into you, learning about you, and I found out about you being the cursed child of course, which was how you were choosing to protect me with your name. But when Duke was doing his display, I kept an eye on you, saw you run off, and saw you come back. It could only be you, right?"

"Of course, I can't be a hundred percent sure, but even if I'm not, it's a pretty cool looking mask, right?"

Quinn remained silent, he didn't really know whether to out himself or not, or just let Alex believe what he wanted to think.

"It's okay, you don't have to say anything, but from now on I'm just going to talk out loud and address it to the Night demon, you can choose to listen or not," Alex said. "Thank you. The night demon doesn't know how much he changed at school, but even I was one of the people affected. I wasn't known for being the best forger or fighter, so I was stuck in the middle, and those guys that worked for Duke were even stealing credits from me."

"It made it hard for me to buy materials to show my skills, my potential, and he, the Night demon had changed all of that, everything that happened at that school. It doesn't matter if he did what he had done for selfish reasons. I just want them to know that they changed the lives of many that day and one of them is standing right here."

After hearing those words, Quinn couldn't help but feel proud. He only did what he did as a form of personal revenge to start with, and then slowly, his mind-set changed to wanting to change the world from the way it was.

During the way, there were many times where he was wondering could he even make a change, or questioning himself if what he was doing was wrong or right. Having someone directly tell him, he was doing the right thing, and it had changed thier life, was what Quinn needed to continue on.

"Let's have a look at this mask, shall we?" Quinn said with a smile.

[Emperor Tier mask]

[Effect when worn: The user is able to choose any stats it wishes and increase it by five percent. Only one stat may be selected at a time. There is a five-second delay between switching, but the user may switch the boost to any stat they wish]

The mask itself didn't have any standard points or defensive points. Still, it was only considered an accessory at the end of the day rather than a piece of armour. And just with that, it was quite impressive, and the best thing about it was that it was a percentage increase, which meant it would scale as Quinn grew as well.

But that wasn't the end of it, for the mask seemed to have an active skill.

[Active skill]

[Adrenaline boost]

[When Adrenaline points have reached a hundred, the points can be used to activate the mask's skill. For one hour, a single stat can be boosted by fifteen percent. Once the Stat has been selected, adrenaline points will drop to 0. The user cannot switch between boosting stats while in adrenaline mode. Adrenaline will not restore while using the active skill.]

When hearing the name, Emperor Tier equipment, this was more along the lines of what Quinn was thinking. It defiantly deserved its name. Fifteen percent was quite a significant increase.

It was no wonder Linda could match up to his speed, and strength when using her equipment. Now thinking about such things, Quinn was starting to wonder what demon tier equipment would do. It was certainly better than any ability.

The only thing Quinn was unsure about was the Adrenaline bar the mask talked off. Equipping it onto his face, he could now see under it his HP, MC, and now there was also an Adrenaline bar. The question was how one would fill it up, and how long would it take.

The description didn't really help. It just said during a fight, it would naturally fill up, but depending on how easy or hard it was to fill up the bar, it would decide how good this mask really was.

After learning of everything, he couldn't help but thank Alex once again for this.

"You did a really good job," Quinn said. "Let me return the favour to you. You said you wanted to get off this place and stop hunting right, then come with me."

"Huh?" Alex said, confused by the proposal. "I mean yeah, of course, you're not talking about now are you?"

"Yeah, I am," Quinn said. "There's no other reason for me to stay here, so why don't you come with me. A certain leader of this place owes me a favour, and I was thinking of using It. I'm sure the crows won't mind an extra member, right?" Quinn said, looking back at Linda.

"Are you serious, of course, I'll come, let me just get my things," Alex said, feeling more excited than ever.

Linda looked at him, wondering if Quinn had planned everything out, or were things just going his way for him. Nevertheless, this was going to be a little headache she would have to explain to Blip when they got back.

The first thing they did was head to the apartment Alex was staying at. He had quite a few things, blueprint designs and equipment. Surely it would take a few hours to pack things, but there was a shortcut for Quinn. Everything was placed in his dimensional void, and when they arrived at the crow's base, they could take it out again.

At the moment, Quinn had also placed the mask and the chest piece in the dimensional spaces away from the eyes of their pursuers. The mask wasn't exactly something he wanted to be wearing around all the time, especially due to how similar it looked to his old one. He wouldn't be wearing it anytime soon around the Crows.

Finally, with everything ready, the three of them headed back to the Eagles' base one last time to pull in the favour that Quinn had earned only yesterday. However, on their way there, Quinn noticed that the two people who were following him, were now following them closer than ever.

"Hey are those guys following us?" Alex whispered.

It seemed they were now being so obvious about it, that even Alex had caught on.

"Let's just carry on," Quinn said now leading the way. He started to change course, and they were no longer heading for the base like they originally were. Instead, Quinn began to head to a quieter part of the shelter. Then he started to enter a darker place until they were in what could only be described as an alleyway.

"So you knew we were following you." One of the men said. "Not that it matters, because we were going to meet you like this, anyway."

There was one Graylash member on one side of the alleyway, and one on the other.

"The Graylash family would like to personally thank you for teaching our students the other day a lesson. Would you mind showing us adults one or two things as well?"

"The Graylash family, Quinn what the hell did you do to annoy them!" Alex said.

"Have things really gotten that bad, that when someone is doing a crime or something bad, they can just announce their name like that? Is it because you know nobody is going to complain or touch you guys?" Quinn said.

These two members were a little different from the students that were at the Eagles' base. The leader there was still stronger than these two, but they seemed to be a slight upgrade from the students Quinn had faced earlier.

"Linda, why don't you take on the one behind us and don't hold back, test your new body," Quinn said.

Linda nodded, she was getting annoyed with these guys, and it looked like they were going to beat them up, anyway. No matter what family they belonged to, Linda wasn't the type of person that would just allow that to happen.

"Looks like it's experiment day and you guys are the perfect ones to experiment on." With his hand behind, Quinn grabbed the mask from his dimensional space and proceeded to put it on.

In front of him, this person would be the perfect dummy to test out his new equipment, and maybe he could find out what adrenaline really was.


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