My Vampire System Chapter 596

590 Once A Month

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Back at the Crow's shelter, people were still feeling the effect of the big hunt, but they knew they would need to get back to their usual routine soon. There were, however, still effects due to what had happened. People were now taking fewer risks in their quests, taking lower levelled ones and less frequently.

It was a grim reminder to the travellers that in the end, they valued their life, other some ranking system, or rewards from the Graylash family. Blip, their leader understood this more than anyone.

Behind the scenes, the Graylash family were actually getting frustrated with him. Suddenly, the number of crystals he was delivering to them plummeted after the event. They seemed to be pressuring him every day and uncaring about his people.

"Did you not just hear me, a man died. It's normal for production to go down after such a thing!" Blip said with frustration in his voice.

Right now, he was on a video call with one of the Graylash members.

"Blip, if you can't get us those crystals, then we have no resources to fight the families that come after us, and that includes your base. We're a big team in all of this, and if your faction isn't doing your part, that means others have to make up for it. We can't have that. If there is no improvement soon, they were going to have to drop you from the team.

"And if you're not on our team, it means you're on a different team. I hope you understand."

The video call had ended, and Blip slammed his fist on the desk. He was always calm when dealing with things, he knew getting angry didn't help. But every time he saw how heartless the Graylashes were being, he couldn't help himself.

'Linda, come back soon, or I might say something I regret.'

While Quinn was away, the others decided to not do any quests until he had come back. It wasn't that they couldn't. Many of them now trusted them after such an attack, and there were always the new guys they could use.

But they had their own things to do. With the new recruits being from base two. Fex was trying to get a moment when they were alone. When they were, he would use his influence skill to make them forget Paul's appearance.

Paul was walking around the base hooded, but there was no doubt they would recognise him if the students saw him. As for Paul, during this time, he continued to learn the level three poison ability and had even purchased the four and five book, to slowly increase his power.

Kazz, she was in her own apartment, it was the first time she had been away from Paul. She could trust for the short time, while not going on quests for him to not reveal himself, and with Quinn not around, she thought it was the perfect time.

The perfect time to do her monthly report. Inside her room, she had taken out the teleporter she had brought with her. It was square in design, and it was a special one that only Vampires had access to at the moment.

On the front display, she pressed some dials.

[Please set return code] The machine said.

She inputted the code, 982667.

[Return code set]

Pressing a few more buttons, a new message was heard.

[Please input your destination code]

To do this, she would have to contact the eighth leader, Jill, who would set a code on her end with another teleporter. With the vampire teleporters, they could at any time go to each set up teleporter as long as they knew the code.

The vampires had even set up a back door code that allowed them to travel to the earth station, and this is what Fex had used to arrive on earth.

However, these codes would often change, making it harder for people to figure out. With the portal she was using now, the return code had been set, so when she was on the other side, all she would need to do, Is find a teleporter and input the return code.

When she was back, she would clear the machine's code. Only in emergencies, or when they knew they would not return, would they destroy the teleporter.

After receiving the code from Jill. She stepped in, and she was curtly in the king's throne room.

Jill had already prepared everything and seeing the king, she knelt down.

"You may raise your head." The king said.

Compared to the last time she had seen him, he looked worse than before. His skin and pale face weren't the only problems, but it looked like he was also losing weight for the first time. No one knew how long he had, but if he didn't go into eternal slumber soon, there was a high chance that he could probably die.

"Please give your report," Dwight said, one of the king's royal knights who stood by his side.

Kazz went on to explain the situation on earth, at the moment, their team was the only eyes and ears the vampires had. Or at least the only ones they allowed for the moment. She told them the state of the humans, and how they were at war, and what Quinn and the others had done so far, joining a faction under one of the big families. However, she didn't go into specifics, not talking about the men she had killed and why, and what actions they had to take to prevent such a thing.

The simple reason, she wasn't asked. She was asked if they had been compromised by any of the humans, and her answer was no to this. If they asked her if they had any problems, she would also answer no. Because to her, everything was going smoothly.

"And how has Paul been? Do you think he will be trouble for us?" Dwight asked.

"He hasn't tried to speak to anyone. He seems a little frustrated at his situation." Kazz said, then she started to think back to how Paul had actually treated her so far. In particular, she remembered Paul trying to give her lectures from time to time, mostly telling her human views.

Then, unexpected words came out from her mouth. "He is a good man. I believe he is truly doing this, so his people don't get hurt."

It was a compliment, a first time for them. The only time they would hear Kazz say nice things about people, was when she was talking about her own leader Bryce.

"Has there been any news about our vampires that have gone missing?"

She shook her head.

"I haven't been able to locate or identify any of the past agents at the moment, nor know why they have disappeared. However, communication is limited between those of their own factions now. It seems like many had died at the start of the war. Currently, it has calmed down a little."

Kazz was dismissed and free to leave, and so she stepped through the teleporter.

The king and his men were wondering just what was going on. A civil war would make sense for some of their agents dying, but all of them? Until they knew or could find out why, they were hesitant to send more men, and they could only rely on Quinn and the others.

When Kazz returned through the teleporter, she had entered her room again, but instead of taking the teleporter down. She knelt over and started inputting a new code before stepping in again. This time when she went through the teleporter, she arrived directly at the first castle where Bryce was sitting down on his throne waiting for her.

She had given the same details as she had done the king only missing out about Paul's kind part. Hearing this, he came to the conclusion that Pual wouldn't try anything. What he didn't like personally, was how much power Quinn was seemingly getting.

Hearing about killing an emperor tier beast was quite an accomplishment. He was young and soon would only grow. He feared that maybe one day Quinn would use this power against the vampires.

'Maybe, I need more eyes down there myself. That way, they can keep an eye on everyone.' The king had decided not to send any more vampires, but he thought it was foolish to trust all the information coming from a team composed mostly of past humans and a new leader.

The king was too cautious and too trusting. So in his place, Bryce would act for him.

"When you return, don't reset your code," Bryce said, and nothing else.

After a couple of days had passed, Quinn and the others had finally returned, and with them, they had brought back two new people. One of them they recognised well. Seeing their happy and smiling faces and how they said nothing but positive things to Dennis. It looked like the Graylashes chose to inform no one of what had happened.

Before coming back to the Crow's, Quinn had made it clear to all of them. No matter what, Kazz was not to find out what he had done on the eagle's planet, and she was not on their side.


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