My Vampire System Chapter 600

594 Reason Of Attack?

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Sam was in a panic at what to do after seeing Quinn lose that much blood. He wondered if something strange might happen because of his unique body or if he would just die. He knew vampires were reliant on blood, and even though he himself was still human at the moment, he couldn't just give some of his own in front of Nate and Blip.

"Come on, where is he, where is he?"

And that's when Sam finally remembered. Fex was currently at the ship docks waiting for him. Today they were meant to go out and head to the large spaceship.

After finding Fex and explaining what happened, Fex rushed off to where Quinn was and were the first ones back. Sam used some excuse to get Nate and him to both leave, and when they did, he started to pour blood into Quinn's mouth from his own blood flask.

He started to respond a bit better, and now the wounds around his arms were starting to heal.

"What the hell did this to you, Quinn?" Fex thought while looking at the wounds. He had seen nothing like it before.

"Thanks," Quinn replied, regaining his energy.

"Well, with this much blood loss it's a good thing you didn't become a crazy Bloodsucker, I don't think any of us could have stopped you then," Fex said.

Fex didn't know how right he was, Quinn was only five HP points away from turning into that thing. The soul weapon had not only taken his won blood but used up the emergency two hundred millimetres as well. It was a reminder that sometimes he needed to be cautious about things. There was still more he needed to learn about his soul weapon before he could use it properly out on the battlefield.

In the end, everything was okay, and Blip was informed that there would be no need for a doctor. Unfortunately, everyone was busy with the duties they had been given, including Fex and Sam, who had to rush off. But they couldn't leave Quinn in a room on his own to recover, and not with someone who didn't know his secret.

So they only had a few choices, and finally, the person selected was Linda.

'Stupid brat,' Linda thought, looking at Quinn sleeping away in his bed. 'You're trying too hard and too fast to do everything on your own.'

But it wasn't a bad quality for someone to have.

'One day, you're going to make a girl very happy.'


Back on Earth, the original civil war situation had died down slightly. It had been four, nearly five months since it broke out. All those that wished to go off and join other shelters under different families had done.

Apart from Truedream and the military that was, these two large powerhouses were the only ones stationed on Earth. The other three had their own areas within the beast solar system and had set up base somewhere there.

It would allow them to easily go to beast planets and collect resources, allowing them to get more powerful equipment. It wasn't that they didn't have their own territories on Earth, but having a planet under their own control sounded better. It also allowed them to keep the secrets of their abilities if need be.

The places that were owned by the big three on Earth, the citizens and equipment, everything in those cities, were no longer there. So it was safe to say that for the military, their base and stronghold was Earth.

The downside to this was if they wanted to head to the beast planets, or plan an attack of any sorts, they would have to go through the space teleporters. The element of surprise wasn't there, and they would have to mobilise a large unit to defend themselves.

Still, they had the use of the teleporters back on Earth to mobilise ground units. This allowed them to hunt for crystals and more on the planets they currently did have. This was just a big hamper on their space exploration abilities.

There was one thing in the pipeline that was meant to turn the tide in their favour. They had made eight prototype spaceships. They had state of the art weapons on board with equipment inside that could be used for any expedition or exploration of a new planet. At the same time, they were using an altered version of glathrium.

This version had a new design that was mixed, allowing it to be light and slightly stronger, surviving any troubles it might come across.

That's why when the supreme commander saw one of these prototype ships leaving Earth without his order, he started to worry. It had headed into the Graylash area in the current solar system and just stayed there in place.

Oscar had just received word that the scout ship that stayed with it had been destroyed. Which proved that it wasn't a friendly controlling it.

"Sir, would you like us to send a team to try to retrieve the ship?" One of the head generals asked who was in the office with the Supreme commander Oscar. "We also just got a report that another ship has gone through the space station and now is also heading towards Betha."

Betha was the prototype name for the large spaceship, and it had stuck with everyone, so they continued to refer to the large spaceship as such.

Oscar wondered why the ship hadn't moved. It was strange. If the Graylash family really had stolen the ship, they would have noticed what potential it had. Usually, a group would have moved it, not kept it stationed next to their home planet. That way, they could protect it or replicate it somehow or use it for research. But they were doing none of these things.

It just stayed there, floating in place not travelling to any of the other areas. There was only one thing Oscar was clear about. It was a ship that wasn't on their side. Otherwise, it would have never destroyed those scouts without saying anything. So it was a problem for them, whether a big or small problem he didn't know.

He looked at the digital hologram screen in front of him, where there seemed to be a couple of reports. He looked at both reports as if there was a tough decision to be made.

"We will have to just leave it be for now," Oscar said. "We need to start preparing everyone for the more important task at hand, I'm sure all the other powers have noticed as well."


In the smaller spaceship, three men were making their way to Bertha. Sam who had been tasked with setting up the teleporters there, Fex who was acting as a type of guard and finally a pilot from the Crows, since no one could trust either one of them to fly the thing safely.

Using the masks made by Logan, Quinn had contacted Peter telling him briefly that Fex would be coming, letting him do most of the explaining when they got there. Sam was a little nervous, he wondered if there really was such a ship that could be used as a base.

But when they finally arrived and he could see the ship, all of his doubts disappeared. The spaceship from the outside looked terrific, and he had never seen such a strong and powerful thing before.

"How, just how did Quinn even get his hands on something like this?" Sam said with his mouth left wide open.

'If you think this is impressive, wait until you see the inside." Fex replied.

"It seems like the military really went all out on something like this, I wonder how many they have?" Rick said. Rick was the pilot accompanying them. He had a pair of goggles on top of his head that he claimed allowed him to focus better and seemed to be always chewing on something in his mouth.

But he was a nice guy.

Finally, they had arrived and landed inside the ship, and Peter was there to greet them.

"It's been a long time," Sam said.

Peter was polite to Sam, but it was hard for the two to get along really well. In fact, when Peter looked at Sam, it reminded him a lot of his old self.

"Hey Fex, once you set up this teleporter, switch with me okay?" Peter asked. These were the first words he said to him.

"Huh what, but I'm part of the faction, there are still more things I need to do," Fex complained.

"Do you know how boring it is here? Quinn said we could switch from time to time. Besides, you're setting up teleporters so you can leave the place, right?"

"Well, it's a little bit more complicated than that now," Fex replied.

There were plenty of empty rooms on the spaceship that just went unused, so they decided to convert one of them into their future portal room. This would be the first portal that would take them to and from to the Crow's planet. Unlike the vampire portals, only one destination could be set on them.

While it was being set up, Fex filled them in on the details of everything that happened so far and through every word Peter nodded along.

"I understand," Peter said. "So you've come back because you needed more power. You needed me to help since you're too weak. I think that's even more reason why the two of us should swap."

Fex was getting a little frustrated as it seemed like Peter wouldn't let this swapping thing go.

"Fine..!" Fex was about to shout something, but they were interrupted by a sudden alarm.

It wasn't a glaring red alert alarm but instead sounded like a phone call.

[Incoming call from "Logan Green"]

"Accept call, room 3" Peter said, and suddenly, a screen appeared floating inside the room they were in. It was large in size, and Logan's face could be seen.

"Oh, I didn't expect there to be others with you," Logan said. This was actually the second time Logan had contacted Peter. The first time was to inform him about something else, but Logan said to keep that to himself as it wasn't urgent at the time.

"Well, let me run you down on a few things. Remember what I told you last time, Peter? It seems like it might be true and slowly all the families are preparing to move, but I have even bigger news to share with you.

"I see Fex is with you and you're setting up a teleporter. When you head back and meet Quinn, I want you to tell him what I'm about to tell you. I think I've found it. I've found the real reason why the Dalki are attacking Earth." Logan said.


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