My Vampire System Chapter 606

600 Find Eno

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It was the first time while watching the log that an Eno was looking for another. With the knowledge that Logan knew he was trying to piece things together. Was the Eno a vampire family? For some reason, they were looking for each other, either the first man or someone different.

Logan didn't know much about the Vampires, at the time he wasn't too interested in it and would let Quinn deal with that stuff, but maybe the two of them would soon need to have a talk to figure this out. It was because of this very reason that Logan had no clue about the Eno family and their relation to Quinn.

His parents had gone through all of the Eno's names that the Green's dealt with, but Vincent wasn't one of them. When the man asked for them to describe this Eno, he had a disappointed look on his face. After that, the man left for a while, and the Green's continued their life as usual. Never learning of this Eno's name.

Their research continued and unknowing to them one day that the same man would kidnap them and take them away. When they woke up they were in a world they had never been to before. A place where the sun never shined.

Both of Logan's parents protested against the strange Eno asking him what he wanted, saying that their family promised to help the Eno's any way they could. There was no need to go this far.

The man gave a dark smile back and simply said.

"You're helping me with what I want right now."

Through the simulation, Logan could see where they had gone to. It was the vampire world where Quinn and the others were at. He couldn't imagine the fear his parents must have had. At this point, humans hadn't colonised other planets yet.

And now they were in a whole new world forced to be here. It looked like the man had some type of goal with them two being here. Wherever they would ask, he would simply say. "I'm looking for Vincent, and you two will help me find him."

But whatever he thought would happen, never did. The two of them would have thought the man was crazy, but they could tell he was quite sane during their captivity. He had done his research and had asked for both of them to help with another project he was working on.

Here, his two parents found out everything. The original Eno they had met was a vampire. Indeed, the Green family had been meeting the same man again and again. It was a hard tale to swallow, but not too hard after he had shown them a few things.

He explained his research was to complete something that Vincent never could do, and the two of them were going to help him do it. From here they had learnt of many things, it looked as if the man was trying to create some type of blood substitute.

Knowing this, they thought that the man in front of them might not have been too bad after all. If he was trying to create blood substitutes, it meant he wished for the vampires to no longer have to rely on humans. With that in mind, the Green's willingly worked harder than ever.

Slowly they learnt of the worlds outside of earth and the things they referred to as beasts.

Cloning a human body always ended in failure. The body couldn't sustain the cells, and they would deteriorate too quickly.

They would see a baby, age in front of their very eyes, before shrivelling up and turning to dust. It was a hard pill for them to swallow, but that was when they realised they were playing with human lives.

Even if they were just clones, yet his parents would tell themselves it was for the sake of humanity.

The mixture of beast and man was able to sustain the cells for longer, but it would only last a little longer than before. The strange Eno couldn't stay at the lab that had been created forever as he would have to go back to wherever he needed from time to time.

One day, he had arrived back with a big grin on his face.

"They have it, I think this is the one, they finally slew a beast strong enough to sustain it."

They never got to see the beast directly, as the man said if they did, they could possibly die from just looking at it. Even though it was dead, it had great power. But when looking at it through the computer system, both of Logan's parents noticed that the crystal inside its body was different from most. While inside the body, it looked almost cracked, as if broken off rather than smooth like the other crystals.

After learning from the man what happened, apparently, the beast looked something similar to a two-headed dragon. Yet. It could morph and form changing its body. It had split in two, and while they had defeated one, the other had gone away.

Beasts at the higher tier could do some strange things, and it was theorised due to the strong beast crystal in their body, but if what they were saying was true, then the beast they had killed was only half of the beast. Which was why the crystal also still seemed to be radiating with energy as if it was still alive.

In the end, using the blood of the new beast, they had finally done it. They had created a blood substitute for the vampires, but not just any, one that would even power the vampires with the strange energy. The man was pleased than ever with the results.

However, there were a few errors with what they had created. The Dalki had a limited lifespan, and they were unable to reproduce. They were defective and incomplete. Beasts could live for thousands and thousands of years just like vampires, so what had gone wrong/

The only thing the Green's could conclude was that it was due to the beast that was used being incomplete. If they had the other half, they could make the perfect clone. The Green's made the man aware of this, but he said it didn't matter.

As long as he still had the Dragon beast here, he could continue to make more, as the others died. He truly thanked both of them from the bottom of his heart for helping him complete something like this.

The man was over the moon, and he was happy to let them go. In truth, the Green's never asked to leave, thinking that they were doing something that would help humanity.

"When we return, do you still want us to find this Vincent for you?" Logan's father asked.

"Why the need, I have surpassed him, although I would love to show him the creation I made." The man said.

Leaving there, they thought it would be the end of it all. The Green's would continue living, creating their inventions, helping the human race advance and raise a family. That's why one could imagine the shock and look on their faces, when the Dalki that they had helped create had come to attack earth.

His parents were in shock and didn't know what to do, who to tell their bizarre story, and worse, how to fix all of this. Then an Eno appeared on their doorstep once again, this time, it was the one they had seen in their logs throughout history.

"My name is Richard Eno, and I need your help."

Just like before, Richard had asked for funds, and using that he had spread technology to the world, spread knowledge of beast weapons and more to help the humans fight back. Abilities had become the norm. There was a stale period in the war where the two of them had a child, who they named after one of their ancestors hoping he would achieve great things.

The time for war had come to a stop, but it was clear the Dalki had attacked for some reason in search of something. Richard had come from time to time, but he too was at a loss. The three of them talked and found out what had happened.

Richard was a vampire that had chosen to leave their homeland long ago, so he had no clue what these creatures were, or why they had the same technology as the vampires. That's when the Green's revealed it all to him.

After that day they never saw him again, he didn't say anything but just left. Still, they would hear about him from time to time to time on the news.

Wanting to correct their wrongs, the Green's tried to figure out how to deal with the Dalki, and why they had attacked. Following their patterns following the news, they had come to one conclusion.

They were looking for the other Dragon. Not sure whether the strange Eno was still working with them, or would help them, but it was the only thing they could think of.

After that, there was no more of the log to show. Since it was a yearly update.

That led them up to the point they were currently at. It seemed they never expected a Civil war to suddenly break out, and when the Bree's wanted them to look for a Demon tier beast, they snapped at the opportunity. They had found one on a different planet in the beast planet solar system but were unsure whether or not it was the one the Dalki were looking for.

It didn't show far enough to see if their lives were in any sort of danger, but carrying such a heavy burden, if anyone was to know the truth there would be many that would possibly try to kill them, or keep the truth hidden for their own gains.

The log had ended, and so did the video, but right after another video had popped up again.

His father appeared on the screen alone.

"Logan, this message is to appear at the end of the log if we have met our ends. If we are dead, then I want you to do something. Find Richard Eno, he will protect you."

The person up to this point that Logan thought had caused his parents death. His father wanted to find him and ask for his protection.

Logan fell to his knees, and his hands were pulling out his hair. The whole thing was crazy, and now he didn't know what to believe or who to trust. In his lost mind, he thought of one person.

"Quinn, please help me, what do I do?" Logan said.


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