My Vampire System Chapter 609

603 The Sunshields Attack

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The whole faction had been preparing for this day. As the days went past, people took less and fewer quests, and it didn't take long for the members to notice what was going on. Megan, one of the Rank B's, tried her best to keep it under wraps, but it was nearly impossible.

Still surprisingly, not many had chosen to leave the Crows. Some had requested Blip to try and move them to a bigger faction, but most of them had great loyalty to their leader who had got them this far.

In preparation for the attack, scouting ships were placed around the planet, 24/7. More than usual and the area they would cover was wider as well. They wanted to know as soon as possible when they were coming, not when they were about to land. When one of these scout ships had discovered a force coming their way, rather than engaging, the first thing they did was come back to report. There was going to be no needless deaths today.

In the room, the alliance between the Crows and the Cursed family was present, and the one leading the actual meeting was Sam, rather than Blip or the others.

Each of them sat at a round table, while Sam looked at them. He was nervous, but he knew many lives and people were counting on him, so he was powering through.

"Based on the location of the ships, they will be here in about an hour. We have already informed the people. They are on their way to the teleporter's location being escorted to head to Quinn's ship. Although some of them have refused to leave, which was expected." Sam said.

"There are a few things I'm worried about. What the people will act like once they are moved to an unknown area and how to control these people while their family members are out there fighting. That's why, I suggest that Linda, the second most prominent figure in the Crows, go with them. This is very important."

This was decided beforehand. Linda wanted to stay and fight, but there was a second reason why this was decided apart from the one Sam had mentioned. She didn't have her ability. With Blip taking part in the fight personally, he would have wanted to fight side by side with his sister. When she wasn't transforming using her ability, he would know something was up.

They didn't want Kazz to start going on a killing spree towards the end of the fight again when everyone was tired, so this was the best thing to do.

"The water users will be placed on standby and won't be joining this fight."

"Wait!" Megan said. "The water ability is the most effective against the fire users. Shouldn't we have them on the front line fighting with us? At least each squad should have a water user, don't you think. There aren't many after all."

The faction members would be split up into six different squads, led by their strongest fighters and highest ranks. Nate, Megan, Blip, Dennis would be the main squads, and then there were two more, with Quinn and Fex. Maybe some people would disagree about the last two, but they didn't have enough time to argue about it.

Megan was suggesting that a water user would be placed in each of these squads above.

"No," Sam replied. "The fire ability can easily cause destruction, it's what makes the ability so powerful. Even if they don't intend to, the buildings around will be set ablaze. When this happens, I want our water users going around and calming these fires all around. What's the point of winning this battle if everything around us is destroyed? I don't plan on abandoning this place."

The determination in Sam's voice gave everyone confidence. When he first started to speak, he was a little shaky, but as he went on, he started to believe in his plan more, and it allowed the others to as well.

'This boy is good.' Paul thought. 'Quinn, you sure do know how to pick them.'

But when Quinn had turned Sam, he had no clue Sam had this great of a mind. He had turned him just because he saw him as a friend he wanted to stay alive. In his group, they would often rely on Logan, but rather than coming up with tactful plans, Logan would just be able to come up with solutions to the problem, and there wouldn't always be solutions to the problem.

Everyone got into their positions in the faction. With the member's families, Linda had gone off, and most of them were already teleported to the ship. Those that would be injured in the battle too much, or at any point and time, could also use the teleporters to head to the ship. Which meant that protecting the teleporters was an important job.

Without them, they couldn't return instantly, and if they were left up, the enemy could go through them.

Sam right now, was with a group of ten E and F ranks from the faction. They were the weakest of the bunch and also included the three kids from military base two who had surprisingly chosen to stay and fight.

"You ten here will be protecting the teleporters," Sam said.

The look on their faces had dropped in an instant. They thought that they might be asked to gather the remaining citizens. Maybe act as scouts to report back. They knew they were weak, but why give such an important task to them.

In a situation like this, their abilities were practically useless.

Leading them into the teleporter room, there were ten large objects behind the teleporter covered in cloth.

"This was a little gift from a friend of ours, I'm sure you guys will be able to handle anyone coming towards the teleporters with this," Sam said, taking the cloth off and showing what was underneath.

The weak member's eyes started to glow with excitement looking at the objects. As long as they were able to use these, they were confident in doing a good job.

There were around 33 men with the odd extra here or there per squad. Each split into six squads, making their force around two hundred strong.

Last time, a hundred men were sent to attack the Eagles. Even with more numbers, they were utterly defeated to the point where Dennis and Alex were the only ones who had returned.

This time the Sunshields would send more though, and according to their scouts, Sam was right. They had the element of surprise with the first attack. The Sunshields would guess that either the Graylashes increased the security of their own men on these planets, or at least these planets caught wind of what had happened.

Everyone was in position, biding their time and waiting, and that's when they could see it. A total of ten spaceships heading towards their shelter. If it was anything to go buy last time, each ship had a squad leader on board.

Their force would either be two hundred strong, or four hundred strong.

The Sunshields ships were flying quite slowly, the reason being they were proceeding with caution. They too had spotted the scout ships and were suspicious that a space battle hadn't taken place.

Surely they would try to shoot them or intercept them before even coming to the shelter, but there was none of that, and now when they were nearly at the shelter, the whole place seemed quiet. Abandoned almost.

"Sir Gox, do you think they already escaped the planet?" One of the men said to the head squad leader, who was leading the operation for the Sunshields.

"I'm not sure, but I'm sure a lazer or two will tell us if there are people here or not. Tell ship four to fire." Gox ordered.

The order was given, and the ship's two blasters started to light up. The particles reached its output and aimed straight at the main Crows base, hoping to cause some destruction.


The beams came out, and at the same time, a small black spot from below seemed to be coming towards them. It headed straight for the beam.

"Wings?" One of the men said.

The crystal laser had hit whatever was coming towards them, and the man chuckled.

"Idiot, who would come straight towards us like that."

When the lasers dispersed, large golden wings could be seen. They opened up to reveal a flashy golden armour and a man there perfectly fine.

"You will pay for what you did to the Eagles!" Dennis shouted, flying high up in the air.

He flew directly above the ship.

"Soul weapon, golden arrow!'

Diving down at great speed, something started to form around Dennis' body, a golden spiral, encasing and protecting him.

From a distance, it looked like an arrow. Dennis slammed down his whole body, into the ship, piercing right through the centre of it. He had damaged a major part of the ship, and it was starting to crash down.

"Everyone ready for battle. Get off your ships and proceed on foot!" Gox ordered.

As the Sunshields dropped down from their ships, they started to engage with the members of the Crows. The battle had begun.


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