My Vampire System Chapter 614

608 Quinns Soul Weapon

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With this many people in front of him, it was the perfect opportunity for Quinn to use his soul weapon. It was one of the very few chances he actually could use well. On top of this, it gave him the highest chance of completing his quest.

[Soul weapon activate]

As soon as he had given the command to his system. A dark sinister energy could be felt emitting from Quinn's body. The cells in everyone's body were telling them to not get close to this man. The Sunshields hadn't felt like this since they had met with their own leader.

The commander, who was the head of all squads, was carefully watching at the back. Gox knew it was most likely a soul weapon, but even with the most powerful ones, there was a major problem, they would expend too many MC cells.

Even if this was the Crow's trump card, eventually he would be worn down in front of all these people.

Around Quinn's arms, the shadow had encased them, similar to when he would use the shadow equip. When the shadow started to disappear, his gauntlets had been removed, and in both hands, an item could be seen.

It looked like Quinn was holding onto two chains from a distance, one in each hand that was being dragged across the floor. On closer inspection, one could see it was different. Rather than chains, this item looked like a skeleton from the tail of a beast. Each segment on the sides had a sharp bladed edge.

"So you have chosen to use it, maybe we should step back from this one," Nate said.

"Are they moving?" Megan noticed.

The item really did seem as if it was alive, Quinn had opened his palms up, and the bladed chains started to run up his forearm, wrapping around like a snake. As it wrapped around the blades would dig into his skin, piercing into his flesh, clinging on not letting go. Blood would drip to the floor, and the weapon would light up slightly inside as it consumed Quinn's blood.

Eventually, it had stopped moving just below the elbow, but the blood from Quinn's body continued to drip down, and the bottom of the bladed chains still ran across the floor.

This was Quinn's soul weapon known as the Twin tail chain, one held in each hand.

"I can't waste any more time," Quinn said, his face showing pains of discomfort. He threw out the tail directly in front of him, and it had gone right through his opponent's throat. Pulling him towards him, with the other tail like a whip, Quinn would continually cut his body.

Retracting the tail, Quinn dived right into the centre of the Sunshield army and started to swirl them around with great strength and speed, cutting limbs off and even more to shreds. It was so strong, so fast and so powerful that they couldn't even get close.

Blood was splurging and flying up in the air everywhere, and at the same time, Quinn was keeping track of his health at all times. Even though he wasn't getting hit, his health would continually decrease and increase moving along at about the same rate.

This was all due to his soul weapons drawback. When using his soul weapon, it wasn't like others. For every second he had his soul weapon drawn out, it would take away five points of HP. Quinn didn't understand this the first time he had used this, and only figured it out using his inspect skill while having the soul weapon drawn.

When he was with Nate, he had retracted it away just in time before his HP had completely been drained, it had even gone through the reserves of his Blood bank at the time.

But it did have a few other traits as well. Quinn's soul weapon was one that fed on blood. Similar to the blood weapons. Every time his soul weapon would draw blood, it would feed this back to the user, healing him at the same time.

Which was why his health at the moment was in a constant flow of up and down. His soul weapon was one that could only be used when fighting multiple opponents at once. Otherwise, the blood drawn by the weapon was far too little, and he would be dead before being able to even defeat his opponent.

While using the weapon, constant pain was felt inside Quinn, but each time he cut someone with the tail, he would gain a slight relief, pleasure as his body was healing. The same way when he consumed blood.

However, that wasn't the only thing he could do. The tail chain was like a bone split into different segments so it could retract and extend, as well as curve and move like a whip.

With Quinn's speed and strength, the Sunshields now had no choice but to move away, and try to come up with another plan. If they were simply to run away, then Quinn wouldn't be able to draw enough blood to heal.

When one of them was attempting to escape, Quinn had thrown out his tail, it looked like it wouldn't reach as it was fully extended. He threw it down, and it looked like it would hit the ground beneath him. The Sunshield member had avoided the blow, and the attack simply went into the ground, hitting his shadow.

As soon as the tail dug into the shadow on the floor, blood started spewing from his shoulder, exactly the same place where the tail had hit.

This was one of the other abilities of Quinn's soul weapon. There was no need to hit the user, if he hit the shadow, it would feel as if the tail had directly hit the user. Doing this didn't feed the weapon on blood tough, but it was still a nice extra to have.

An opponent would have a hard enough time struggling to avoid the two tails' blows, now they had to worry about their shadow being hit as well.

The downside to this was while using his soul weapon, Quinn was unable to use his shadow abilities either.

Watching from the sidelines, all they could see was Quinn creating a bloodbath, he would chase down members, attacking them and not letting them escape. He looked like a demon possessed with blood. He was relentless, just going from person to person.

The more Fex looked at it, the more the item looked like a blood weapon, and judging by Quinn's facial reactions every time the weapon drew blood, it looked like it was along the same lines.

'Is this because he was human and now a vampire?' Fex wondered.

Quinn's soul weapon was an item made for war. In a one on one fight, the side effects were too severe, which was why having everyone gather in a place like this was perfect for him.

A lot of the Sunshields were scared and stunned, and the regular members started to move away, as this seemed like something only the remaining squad leader could deal with.

'What are we waiting for!" Blip shouted. "Their guard is down, victory is in sight. Let's go!"

Charging in once more the battle started again, while Quinn was left in the Sunshield army's centre. Quinn was taking them down quickly, but there was still plenty alive.

When the squad leaders came forward, Quinn chose to ignore them, going deeper into the rest of the Sunshields. They were too strong for him to waste time using his soul weapon, he was just focused on taking down as many of the Sunshields as he could at that moment.

When the others who had been reluctant to join the fight and Gox saw this, they now chose to join. He threw out a fist of fire from a distance, and a flame ball came out along with it.

Without the shadow, Quinn had no choice but to doge, but instead, he wrapped the tail around one of the Sunshield members, digging the blade's into his sides, and then pulled him in front of the fireball blocking the attack.

Quinn continued on, but Gox from a distance continued to be an annoyance. However, he had no choice but to ignore him as he was focused on one thing. The green percentage bar for the quest. With each kill, the bar was loading up slowly.

'The pain, it's getting worse.' Quinn thought.

Even though he was perfectly fine according to his health, his arms were throbbing, He could only imagine that it had something to do with the Qi. His soul weapon was formed of three different flames, but it didn't exactly mean they gelled well with each other.

His Chain Tails were strong and sharp, more powerful than a regular weapon thanks to the Qi he was using, but because the blades themselves were hooked into his forearms, they couldn't really heal properly.

'Just a little more.' Quinn thought as he attacked a few more enemies. The squad leaders that were on his back before were now fighting with his friends. Then, finally, he had reached the back of the Sunshields army where he stood in front of Gox.

[Your Contribution is currently at 45 percent]

[Total contribution 80 percent]

The battle was nearing an end. Cancelling his soul weapon, Quinn knew the fight with the commander would be tougher than the others. On top of that, there were far too few people left to draw blood from around him. If he tried, he might hit his allies fighting in the process.

"I knew you would eventually run out of MC." Gox said. "Now you're done."

The shadow raised behind Quinn's back. For him, he was not done.


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