My Vampire System Chapter 616

610 Its Growing

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When the dome fell, they were looking at a single person standing there. He looked to be uninjured, but his body was covered in blood from nearly head to toe. His special uniform had been soaked.

For a brief second, they all feared this man. A single student shouldn't have been able to have so much power in their hands.

Trodding along, Quinn started to walk towards the others.

"Did he really just kill half of the Sunshields all on his own?" The fighters said in excitement from behind. It was a tale that if someone had heard, would find it hard to believe, perhaps exaggerated, and even more so due to it being against one of the big three.

"Not half," Quinn replied, his eyelids now slowly starting to close. "Forty, eight, per" Before he could finish his sentence, it looked like he would fall to the ground, but Paul was there, ready to catch him.

Out of everyone, he probably had contributed the least, and seeing how hard the kid had worked, he wanted to do something.

"You did good, kid," Paul said.

Quinn was completely out of it, far more tired and drained than he thought he would be. This was something the stats just couldn't account for in the system. It was different from stamina. If he was forced to give a single word, it would simply be called heart.

The will to continue fighting required great mental strength, and when everything was over, everyone felt this weight lift off from them. However, on the ground around a new burden would be placed on them all.

"They did it, they did it!" A man said running in through the portal, and that person was none other than Sam himself. On the spaceship, he went to the main centre area where everyone had gathered shouting the news down the hallway.

The others who he passed wanted to stop him to ask what he was talking about, but Sam carried on with a huge grin shouting again and again. "They really, really did it!' Sam shouted.

Finally, he had reached the room, and everyone could hear his words.

"They did what?" Someone asked.

Tears started to fill both of Sam's eyes as the emotions were starting to overwhelm him. He tried his best to keep a strong composure this whole time for the sake of everyone. The truth was, he was scared, scared that his plan wouldn't work, scared they would all die and then what? But he didn't have to worry about any of that for now.

"They defeated the Sunshields," Linda said, completing the sentence for him.

Loud cheers erupted in the room, people hugged and jumped up and down, some were crying. Many thought that it was a lie or that they were dreaming. How could a faction of their size have fought off the Sunshields? But after the initial reaction, next came the onslaught of questions. Those asking about their family members, asking if they were alive or not.

This was the tough part. The hard part of any war.


Quinn's eyes started to flutter open, and he could see the white ceiling above. He was a little groggy, and it took him a while to notice where he was. Right now, he was in his own empty room on the ship. He didn't really have anything to begin with, and the rooms were almost identical to each other.

He knew it was his room though, because of the clothes that were chucked on the floor. It was something he would do whenever he changed. At first, he wondered if everything that had happened was just a dream, he really wasn't sure.

But after checking the messages he had received, he knew it wasn't. The rewards from the quest of defeating the Sunshields were right there staring at him.

First, Quinn had received a total of three level ups. The first two had come from the 10 percent and 30 percent contributions, while the last one was for defeating the commander. Now he was level 38. Only two levels from becoming a vampire lord, and closer to completing his quest of becoming a vampire leader.

It was a shame he hadn't completed the last contribution quest; otherwise, he would have only been a single level away. As for the next set of rewards, they were two titles he had received.

[Solo warrior: When fighting against a group over ten opponents solo, you will receive a ten percent boost in all stats]

The first title seemed to be semi-related to what Quinn was able to achieve, he found it a little ironic that the title would have been helpful in the fight that he just had, but he was sure there would be many more to come.

[Exp leecher: Even if the person isn't one that the user has turned. If they are recognised as a part of the group or party while close, the user will gain fifty percent of defeated targets from them.]

Quinn found it a little strange that the titles were opposites of each other. One helped him when he was fighting alone, while the other in a group. He couldn't complain as he could switch titles depending on the situation, which was extremely useful.

In the fight they just had, Quinn was only able to retrieve exp from Paul. It would have been great when fighting to also get an exp boost from the others as well.

Either way, the rewards weren't disappointing, and they would only help him towards his goal in the future. Now he couldn't help but think about what he would have got if he had completed the last quest. At a guess, it would have been another title. What it would do, he could only speculate.

The sound of a door sliding open was heard, and walking in was Fex with a flask. "Yo, yo, yo! Who's my hungry little boy?" Fex said, walking in the room. When he saw Quinn there sitting on the bed, he froze.

"You're awake." And his face was slowly turning red by the second.

"Little.... boy?" Quinn replied.

Ignoring the awkward moment between the two, Fex decided it would be best to catch Quinn up on a few things. It turns out that Quinn had been sleeping for an entire week. When he passed out, they had brought him onto the ship.

According to Paul, the most likely reason was overusing his soul weapon. There weren't many that could use a soul weapon constantly like that for long. Quinn was most likely able to because of its special property. It didn't use up MC cells but instead blood. It meant he was using internal energy to power the weapon without realising it.

This was something to note down. In the future, Quinn would need to try to use his soul weapon less. He couldn't be out for an entire week. What if an enemy was to attack again?

A total of thirty eight faction members had survived from the battle. There was also the additional thirty that had returned from Quinn's squad. It was clearly a big loss, and the Crow's would never be the same faction again, at least not for a long time.

Their families mourned for days. Most of them returned to the shelter once it was safe to pay their respects to the dead. A mass grave was built in the shelter, the cemetery now attached to the side. The destruction was great, but most of it was centralised from where the fight had taken place.

Most of the normal citizens who didn't take part in the fight were earth users, so they were able to rebuild temporary houses and walls quite quickly and were now back living in the shelter.

"Don't worry too much, they're all feeling a lot better, and it doesn't look like there have been any more attacks from the Sunshields yet," Fex said, seeing Quinn was a little down. "We thought they might have come back the next day, and we prepared to leave, but they never did."

The two of them got up as Quinn wanted to stretch his legs. They walked down the corridor and then entered the main room.

"Thank you so much for saving us all Quinn!" The room was filled with unison shouting.

Rows of men and women had lined up, and Peter was standing at the front, nodding his head in approval.

"That's right!" Peter said. "This man here is the leader of the Cursed ship. He let your families stay here, and he was one of the major factors in winning the fight against the Sunshields."

Hearing all of this, and unprepared for it, Quinn wanted to curl up in a ball. He had no clue Peter had done any of this. Had he gone mad from staying on the ship too long?

Blip lifted his head and soon after the others did as well.

"Quinn, while you were out, a lot of the Crows had time to talk and think. Our members are few, and we are no longer what we were once before. It is as your friend says, without you, we would have never been able to even see our families again, and that's why we have decided from today onwards the Crows, and the Eagles will be disbanding and we will be joining The Cursed family faction."

In the middle of his sleep, unknown to him, his plan to create his own faction that would one day rival the big three was coming true.

Over at the Graylash family headquarters, Owen, the Graylash family leader, had received the news.

"Oh my, the Crow's faction was able to defeat the Sunshields. Maybe I should pay a personal visit to them myself." Owen said.


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