My Vampire System Chapter 623

617 You Started The War

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The whole time during the meeting, from the start, Hector was looking towards Blip. He had glanced at the others there, but it didn't pass his mind that maybe Blip was no longer the leader, especially since the Crow's were disbanded.

But he thought if a new leader was to take over that he would have recognised them immediately. Hector was the one who would often communicate with the other medium-sized factions, so he recognised Dennis, which was a surprise. He knew of Linda, but the rest he had no clue. He simply thought they were just other notable members.

Now Owen was talking to what looked like one of the youngest people there.

'How is this child the leader? More importantly, how does Owen even know him?' Hector thought.

"You remember me?" Quinn replied, their meeting was brief, and usually those in high-ranking positions didn't even bother to remember mere students' faces.

"Of course I do." Owen chuckled again. "You made quite the impression at the inter base tournament and for more reasons than one. Are you the reason the Crow's could take on the Sunshields and survive, or did you get outside help?"

The presence Owen was giving off was a calm one. He spoke so smoothly that it made the others feel a bit cold. Right now, they were sitting directly opposite one of the strongest people in the world. One wrong word, make this person upset, and they could be zapped to death in a second.

The Graylashes knew this, most people would find it hard to even speak to a leader, and that's why they always bought someone to speak on their behalf, this time it being Hector.

Blip was glad that he wasn't the one in the hot seat at the moment and impressed Quinn wasn't breaking down right now like he would have been.

While everyone else wanted to get this over and done with and run away, Quinn was thinking of a number of things he wanted to ask, now he finally was sitting in front of one of the big three.

"Outside help?" Quinn replied, confused. "We didn't even get a little bit of help. None. The Graylashes never appeared, and it was only because of these people here that me and you can meet."

Quinn had misinterpreted Owen's question, he thought by outside help he was referring to the Graylash family, but he was not.

"Don't talk to our leader in that tone!" Hector said.

It was clear that Quinn wasn't pleased about the Graylashes.

"Let him speak," Owen said. "You seem to have anger towards us. When we first met, I thought we might get along well. Especially in the future. So please, tell me, why are you so angry?"

"What are the Graylashes looking to get out of this war? Why are you even fighting in the first place?" Quinn asked.

"You're quite direct and bold, aren't you, Quinn? But I can't say I don't like that. I think you know the answer yourself, don't you? Why have you chosen not to join the military in this fight like many others? The humans at the moment are fractured. We had a balance that could have been tipped at any moment, and now we must make this balance once again.

"The military kept the strength of the Earth powers to themselves and only allowed those who are loyal to rise to the top. They cherry picked who they wanted in charge. Did they think people wouldn't complain, that they would just sit back and allow this to go on forever? Their whole system only worked because of Truedream.

"Instead of forcing things, we believe that it's best for the world to go in its natural flow. Equality, everyone in this world shall have a fair chance, we want to provide everyone with the same set of tools. Those who are naturally gifted will rise up to the top and stay at the top, how the world intended it to be."

Fex was scratching his head pretty hard at this point. He didn't understand what Owen was trying to say at all, and the others would have to agree.

"I see you're all looking a bit confused. Let's say there is an item that is two meters up in the air. You have three people. One who has a reach of one point five meters, one who has a reach of one meter and the last person who can't even get off the ground.

"Fair is a strange word, but I believe we shouldn't put ourselves in the position of God. If we are to help these three people, then we will help them equally. We would provide them with a box to stand on, and each of these boxes will be the same size. Now using the box, the first person can easily reach the item. The second one might struggle, while the third still can't reach the item. As the world had intended it. Rather than us humans cherry picking, the world should decide who does what."

"Does anyone understand?" Fex whispered.

"He's saying survival of the fittest," Paul replied so everyone could hear. "With the military's intervention of deciding who can learn the higher levels of power, they are saying we decide who is put on top. At times people will rise up who didn't deserve to. In his little box scenario, some people would suggest giving the three of them three different size boxes. That way, they can all reach the item."

"And you think that will stop the fighting?" Quinn said.

"If those who are meant to be at the top are to be at the top, then yes. That's why when I became leader, I passed on the techniques I learnt to every single member of the Graylash family, if at a time someone talented rises up and tries to take my place I will not fight it. They have fairly been given the same chance that everyone else had, but it just wasn't meant to be for them."

"Then there's something I need to ask, you said you wanted to give everyone the same set of tools, what does that even mean?" Quinn asked.

"The same set of tools would be the Graylash ability, of course. If everyone had the lightning ability, the strongest ability known to man, then everyone would have an equal chance to rise to the top. Not disturbing the flow.

"Those who already have an ability will eventually pass, and one day everyone shall have our ability."

The others listening in to this, thought the leader was a little bit looney. They were starting to think if all the leaders felt this way, the world was on the verge of war. Yet, they were far more concerned with how the human race should be run, rather than trying to save it.

"I'm fine with what you are saying," Quinn said. Which had surprised many of them. "But what happens when you die? If the next leader's ideals don't match your own? Suddenly, they may decide to do what the military has done, keeping himself and his family at the top. Isn't that how the big three families could even exist today?"

"Not everyone can live forever, at some point we have to pass the hammer to the next person. I can only do what I wish in my time."

The reason Quinn had asked the last question was because this was a concern of his own. Even if he was to change the way the world worked at the moment, it could all be undone once he passed on. However, he was a vampire, a being that could live for a long time.

Hearing Owen helped him with his own ideals a little, he didn't need to worry about the future so much. As long as he made the people's lives better in his current time, then that was enough, and hopefully, he could pass on the lesson to others in the future.

"This is my last question to you, I can understand why you didn't help the other shelters now. Why you chose to do what you did, but what I still can't understand is why did you start this war? You could have tried to settle these disputes until at least the Dalki were dealt with.

"The Graylash family were the first to attack and so why now?"

For the first time, Owen had placed his fan down on the table, and he didn't have a smile on his face. "I thought someone who was protected by the Blades might have been able to answer my own question, but it appears you are as lost as I am."

The Blades, mentioned once again.

"I think you are confused, we didn't start the war. The Blades did."


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