My Vampire System Chapter 637

631 Saving Everyone

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With the three of them working together, they had a goal in mind. To complete their plan, they needed to move on to the next step, finding the two abilities they needed: the earth ability and the water ability. The wind ability was shared with Sil as well as the acid ability.

Unlike Vorden, who could only hold one, Sil could hold many, so it was no problem for him to have both.

As the area got smaller, it would soon engulf the Chained that were located at the edge. If one of them had the ability they needed, then their plan would fail. They couldn't just sit idly by, they had to move.

There was also the possibility that the earth and water ability weren't even available as part of the Chained, but Raten highly doubted that. From what he had seen so far, all the abilities and traces of abilities around them, were ones that they had trained with during their time at the Temple, and this included the Earth and Water ability.

He was sure of it, that they would be here somewhere. If they were meant to show thier full strength, they couldn't without those abilities. What was the point of spending all those years learning how to use them.

Eventually, they had come across a Chained. Rather than hesitating and waiting like Vorden had done, Raten ran out with confidence not hesitating for a second, and Sil had followed from behind. With these two by his side, Vorden felt safer then he had ever felt before.

Raten stopped in front of the body and then stomped his foot into the ground out of anger. "Damn it!" He said, before running off again into another direction.

Just like the Chained that Vorden had found before, this one was dead. The three of them continued to run around, they hadn't run into any students or even their bodies, which Vorden was finding a little curious. However, they did run into more Chained, and each time they were dead.

Now it was the fourth Chained body they had come across. They were in an open area of the jungle. Each Chained was in an opened area so they could easily be seen and spotted, as if they were also meant to be designated fighting zones.

Running off ahead, Raten was obsessed trying to find another Chained, and he had eventually found one ahead of the others.

"Someone has purposely been doing this from the beginning!" Raten said. "Instead of going around hurting the students, they went around hunting the Chained."

"That's right if no one else has an ability, but us, we are at quite the advantage, aren't we?" A voice said.

Turning around, a small male with glasses accompanied by a slightly larger kid to his right and a girl to his left were standing there.

"Splinter, I knew it would be you," Vorden said.

If the three of them had been going around, they would have also been able to have their pick of the stronger abilities. Splinter himself could hold two, while the others by his side could only hold one.

"It's pretty brave of you to show yourself in front of us. I don't seem to recall you beating me even once during a fighting match, right?" Raten shouted, throwing out a wind slash as he said this.

With a stomp of his foot, Splinter had brought up a wall made of earth blocking the strike. "One of the strongest abilities that they teach us. The elemental abilities, although fire and lighting, are only taught to those in the castle, soon one of us will be ascending to that place." Splinter said.

Seeing this ability, he thought Raten would be frightened, but instead, a slight smirk appeared.

"That's one down."

Vorden, and Sil had finally arrived coming out from the jungle and joined in throwing wind swipes of their own at the wall, it created small chips but having two abilities the wall was sturdy and strong, and the wind wasn't exactly the best ability to go against it.

Soon though, Both Sil's and Raten's fingertips started to turn slightly green as they changed their ability, and when they were close enough, they threw out the acid from their fingertips, making the wall weaken.

Even Vorden's wind strike would be enough to destroy it now and that it did. But soon after another wall was placed up and Splinter had them right where he wanted them, focused on him.

Vorden was slightly behind Raten and Sil who were directly in front of the wall. From the side, the girl and boy came out, one whipping out a lash of water, the other throwing out their fist.

Sil had avoided the punch and touched the larger kid.

"An enhancement ability of strength?"

Raten had avoided the water, predicting it would happen.

"Thank you so much for bringing the two things we needed right to us."

With two abilities stored, his MC points and level of controlling the wind was higher and stronger than the female. Using all his force, he could simply chuck the water to the side and eventually had managed to grab her by the wrist.

It only took a second for him to copy the ability replacing it with his acid one, then with his other hand, he had hit her away using the force of the wind as well.

As for Sil, his opponent had tried to punch him again using his super strength, but for a second he had forgotten who he was up against. Sil now had three different abilities stored, putting all his MC points and levels into one, he threw a punch of his own and when the two fists collided. The results were obvious as the other student was sent flying backwards.

However, the strength used was too strong for an eight-year old's body, and his fist had been shattered.

"Ahhh!" Sil screamed in pain.

When Splinter first revealed himself, he only saw Raten approach the body first. After his rash act at the beginning, he never thought someone would be willing to work with him.

With three of them, he stood no chance, and he decided to just cover himself with the earth ball, scared and frightened. Soon though, it would start to melt as Raten's acid hands went through, Splinter felt a soft touch on his head and nothing else.

"You three can fight for that useless position in the castle. But we are getting out of here." Raten said.

When Splinter finally had the courage to open his eyes, he could see that they were gone, and they had left all of them alive.

"Sir what would you like us to do?" Pam asked as she had been watching the whole fight, while invisible from the sidelines.

"Clean up the mess," Hilston ordered his workers.

Raten passed on his ability to Sil, and now the three of them were running towards the wall. When they eventually got halfway, for the first time, a message was sounded across the whole island.

[Only three contestants are remaining]

It took a second for the kids to realise what that meant. That all of the people taking part in the event were now dead, and the only ones left alive were them three.

"That's fine, it still doesn't stop us from finishing the plan. We're so close!" Raten shouted.

But as soon as that message played, Sil's eyes went hollow. His mind was in a different space while his legs were on autopilot. His pace slowed down, and he was eventually running slower then Vorden and was at the back of the group.

"Huh, is there something wrong?"

'If I leave now with Raten and the others, Hilston won't keep his promise to bring back Caser. But Hilston said I have to win, and the only way to win is tois to'

The more he thought about it, he couldn't possibly take his two friends' lives to save another, even if Caser was so important to him.

'I just wish there was a way to save them all.' He thought.

Then, an idea came to his mind, maybe there was a way to save all of them. Raten would be angry at him because they wouldn't be able to leave the island this way, but at least all four of them would be alive.

If Hilston was willing to bring back Caesar for him, then he could bring back Vorden and Raten. Even if Hilton didn't agree, whatever ability he would use, he would steal it and use it to bring them back later.

Thinking of the four of them being together put a smile on his face and before he knew it, Vorden felt a sharp, throbbing pain in his back.

"WhatSil.." Vorden said as he turned around and his mouth filled with blood.

Raten, no longer hearing footsteps turned around, and could see it. He could see that Sil had stabbed Vorden, and not only that for some reason, he was smiling.

"Sil!!!!" Raten screamed. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!"

"I know you will be angry now," Sil said. "But don't worry, I promise we will all be together this way."


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