My Vampire System Chapter 651

645 Vorden A Villain?

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The reason all the workers had been called into the Temple that day, was because Pam wanted to delegate the tasks that the workers would have. Most of them were to become teachers, a few just simple guards to keep an eye on the kids.

Since this wasn't their original role on the island, there was no one specialised in these types of areas, or at least they hadn't been trained by anyone how to do so properly. However, everyone saw this as a temporary position before having to go back to the village later on.

Names would be called one by one, and people were elected on a volunteer basis. Peter wasn't really paying attention and was too busy trying to think where Vorden would be. According to Jazz, a big type of event happened, and during it, Vorden as a worker of the Temple had caused quite the stir.

'Did he get put away, locked up for trying to free these kids? Do these kids really need saving?' Peter thought.

He didn't get the full details from Jazz, only a short run down that Vorden had gone against the "Event" for the kids and in the process killed the former teachers. Which was why they were here replacing them.

Still Peter no clue what the event was or why he had done such a thing.

Although Peter at times did seem to notice that every once in a while, Vorden seemed to have a snappy side. He wasn't as calm and collected as he let others see him.

"You." Pam pointed at Peter. "Since you haven't volunteered for anything yet, I guess you can go for the counselling position with the kids. Not that there is really any point of it at the moment."

Without doing anything or showing any interest, Peter was selected for the counselling position. It was a task nobody wanted to do.

Now that all the tasks had been handed out, the schedule was given to each of them. It detailed when they would need to do work, and how they were to live the rest of their days at the Temple, fulfilling their roles.

"Tough luck, man." Jazz said. "You should have volunteered for something else. Nobody wants to talk and get to know these kids, and then watch them kill each other."

"Kill each other?" Peter repeated back. It was such a shock that he blurted it out, it seemed unbelievable as well.

"Did you lose a screw or something when you fell over?" Jazz asked. "Now that I think about it, maybe that's what happened to Vorden. I think he was a counsellor to these kids before. It would be hard for anyone after talking to them and becoming someone they rely on to just stand by and do nothing when they have to kill each other. I just hope you don't turn out like that too, man. I would hate to have to try to beat you to the ground myself."

Since the kids would first have their regular lessons followed by counselling sessions during free periods, Peter was actually able to freely roam around the Temple as he wished. He watched some classes and also tried to gather information about what had happened to Vorden.

He didn't ask anyone in particular because it would have been suspicious and there were two reasons for this. The first being that it seemed like everyone already knew what happened so it would be strange for him to ask, the second was why he knew about this reason in the first place. Everyone was talking about it.

From hearing bits here and there, he had learnt that Vorden was one of the Blades that lived in the Castle. Judging by the way they talked about them, perhaps they were the royalty of the island.

He had become a teacher at the school and had stopped the kids from participating in the Event, which from what he found from Jazz was something to do with the kids killing each other.

But rather than treating him as a saviour, many of the words spoken about him were negative. Demming him a traitor, a mad man and someone who they should get rid of.

After finding out this information, his first counselling session with a child was interesting, to say the least. The child barely spoke and looked like he was nervous, looking to his left and right ready for something to happen at any point.

Peter tried to ask questions, but the child didn't reply. The next child that came in had looked almost beaten. Apparently, it was because the kids had formed groups, and he was found on his own splitting from his group.

But the one that interested him most was the child he had seen who came in full of tears. Peter didn't even need to ask him any question because he had just blurted everything out.

"I hate it, I hate how this place has become!" He cried. "We were all friends, we used to share and play together, and now everyone is just thinking about how to kill each other."

Peter felt the need to calm him down, but at the same time, he wanted to find out more.

"I wish..w-wish Vorden was here. I wish he could save us."

Looking at this child, Peter was shocked at how honest and upfront he was. Back when Peter was struggling with life at school, he kept everything inside, he wanted others to help but never asked to. Quinn and Vorden both helped him without being asked, but here a kid was asking for help openly.

"You want him to save you?" Peter asked.

The kid wiped away his tears and nodded before asking

"What the other teachers are saying about Vorden isn't true, he isn't a cruel monster. He just wanted to save us, and now, I don't even know what's going to happen to him...or us."

Peter, not knowing really how to deal with the situation, just walked up to him and made a shushing sound.

"Don't worry, why don't you tell me everything that happened from your point of view, and where exactly you think Vorden would be right now?"

On the other half of the island, Quinn was currently following Borden to a certain area. They had currently scaled one of the smaller mountains, and started to walk around some type of side path.

Quinn had decided to agree to what Borden was saying, he knew Borden wasn't one to lie or downplay the situation. He cared about Vorden more than anyone, and they could all see that.

If inside there were monsters as strong as the vampire leaders or stronger, then Quinn would definitely need to rely on Vorden's strength once again. There was a nagging worry at the back of his mind about Logan however.

But if Logan had been caught, how was he meant to save two of them when he couldn't even save one?

Eventually, they had reached what looked like a remnant of an old large bird's nest. There were many large tree branches that had been placed to the side, but a lot of the centre of the nest had been destroyed.

"This was the territory of a king tier beast that used to live here. Don't worry, it's been dealt with now so it won't be coming back. I think it will be a good place for me and you to fight." Borden said.

Now the question was could Quinn beat Borden in a fight. Since they had first met and during their time away, Quinn had gotten stronger by leaps and bounds. In his mind, in terms of power and ability there shouldn't be a doubt in his mind.

The two of them stood opposite each other, and Quinn shadow equipped all of his equipment, including the Emperor tier mask. Although since he hadn't had a fight, he wasn't able to activate its skill.

Before the fight started, as usual Quinn used his inspect skill, but no Quest had come up giving him an instant level up reward. In the past, this indicated that according to the system, based on the two of them in terms of power, Quinn should come out as the clear victor.

"Good, you're not holding back," Borden said. "Because you won't be able to against those guys!" Jumping off a single foot, Little Borden was able to leap from one half of the area right to where Quinn was.

Lifting the shadow, Quinn was ready to block the attack.

"Quinn, you're going to want to save your shadow for a lot more than blocking against me!" The two spikes came out of Borden's back, and scale-like features on his face and down the side of his neck started to become more visible.

Not slowing down, he slammed his fist right into the shadow. His fist had slowed down, and it looked like it had no impact and had not affected Quinn at all, as the shadow usually did when blocking an attack.

However, the story on Quinn's face said a completely different story.

[MC 120/140]

Blocking a single punch from Little Borden had taken twenty MC points away, at most he could block six more punches like that.

This wasn't going to be as easy as he first thought.


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