My Vampire System Chapter 657

651 A Strong Duncan

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The loud sound of the beast had even stunned Duncan, who had finally gotten off his backside.

"That damn beast, wait until I get my hands on it!" He said, turning his head around, he could see the beast at the tunnel he had just entered from looking at him. It paused for a few seconds, and he wasn't sure if he was imagining things, but he could have sworn it smiled before running off.

"ROARGHHGHH!" Another loud, growling sound was heard that shook the room once again. Turning around to have a look at just what was making that noise, he could finally see the large black beast. Its head held up in the air and all of its eyes on the side of its head opening up, filled with rage.

When he entered the room, he was so busy looking at the little man that he didn't even look at what was past it.

'That beast looks strong, it has to be at the Emperor tier, right? Well, it's a good thing I brought my beast gear with me.'

The smart thing to do would be to leave now and probably wait by the entrance of the cave for the small man to leave, but he imagined himself either dozing off or somehow the little man getting past him.

Then the image of everyone in the village laughing at him came into his mind again. While he had the small man in front of him, he wasn't going to let him go, and it looked as if his friend was ready to face the beast off instead, not that he had high hopes for him.

'Maybe I can snatch him and run away.' Duncan thought.

He would have to act soon, for the large beast was now making its way towards the bridge.


[Emperor Tier - Chrimeta Beast]

[Condition - Very good]


Quinn didn't need the system to tell him the last part. The loud, ear-piercing roars were enough for that. What surprised him most though, was when looking at the Emperor Tier beast, there was no instant level quest that had been brought up.

'System, I think you're thinking too much of me right now.'

Seeing the beast walking towards them, Quinn feared a fight on the bridge would be disadvantageous to them. But, it also looked like Duncan had already made his way on the bridge. The only thing Quinn could do now was trust Borden.

"Borden, I'll finish this beast in ten minutes, and we'll go save Vorden," Quinn said with his hand held out.

Jumping up, Borden gave it a big slap. "If we don't, then who will?"

Quinn equipped the Emperor tier mask and placed the points into agility and then headed forward as fast as he could towards the beast. His aim was to reach the platform the beast was on before it could reach the bridge.

Seeing a small little man coming towards it and with the beast enraged, it wasted no time lifting up its three snake tails above its head. Opening their jaws up wide as if they had no bones, they fired out fireball after fireball.

'The attacks are strong, so if I use my shadow to block them all, it'll just be a waste!' Quinn thought, and he did his best to avoid them.

He was fast, but the fireballs were large in size. He had dodged the first one just relying on his speed, but as the second one came towards him, he needed to use the flash step. Then the third one, another flash step after that.

If Quinn had to continually use flash steps to just reach the beast, then he would be too tired to fight the beast. Eventually, he tried his best to just rely on his natural speed, and one of the fireballs shot out at him. The side of it had skimmed his face, and he could feel the immense heat coming off from it.

'That nearly hit-' When thinking about the fireball, another one was heading straight for him.

[Blood wall]

[20 HP]

A red wall was raised in front of him and the two powers collided with the fireball bursting into flames. Quinn was too unsure how much blood he needed to put into the wall, but twenty points of Hp seemed to be enough, but equally, just like with the shadow, he couldn't be using his HP and blood so easily like that, but it was worth it, for now, he was directly underneath the beast.

'The shadow dome will be useless here, the beast is too large, and it would just destroy the shadow. First, I need to get rid of those annoying things!'

Back on the bridge, Borden had fully transformed into his Dalki form.

"A transformation ability and a strong one." Duncan mistakenly said. Borden did look like a Dalki, but no one had ever seen a child one before, and usually, they were permanently in their Dragon like forms, so it was a logical conclusion for Duncan to come to. "But our fight won't be like last time. This time I have two abilities and I think I know why you ran off in our last fight. Although your transformation ability is powerful little man, you can only keep it up for a short while.

"Why don't you just come with me and leave your friend to distract the beast for us."

At that moment, a few fireballs from the ones Quinn had avoided came along their way. With his small body, Borden was able to duck down and allow it to go over his head, but it was moving too fast for Duncan to dodge.

Placing both hands together, Duncan threw his hand out together, and a small tornado had formed, moving the fireball upwards and towards the ceiling.

"That was a lot harder than I thought," Duncan said. "That beast is definitely at the Emperor tier level. I don't want both of us to die. Let's leave this place and just come back with me. I won't hurt you. When the beast kills your friend, it will come after us, definitely."

"I think you mean when my friend kills the beast, and we get out of here!" Borden shouted, stepping off the ground and charging forward.

Hoping to slow little Borden down, Duncan raised a wall in between the two of them, but with his strength, he just smashed right through them one after another with his fists.

Then when he had finally smashed through the fifth wall, Duncan was waiting for him with another tornado. Seeing this, Borden paused for a second and using all the strength he could gather, he punched as hard at the air as he could.

Placing his hand in the strange tornado, it began to slice up his hard skin, but the sheer force from his punch had managed to cause the entire tornado to disperse and disappear.

"You didn't have this strength last time?" Duncan said. "Were you holding back?"

"Of course, I needed the energy to run away, but this time I have a free ride," Borden replied, pointing his thumb back at Quinn who was fighting the beast.

'The kid's not dead yet? I guess I should have assumed that the little guy's friend would have been strong as well. Why are these people on the island, if they were to plan an attack, surely they would have brought an army with them? With such a small team it means their goal is something else.' Duncan started to think.

Borden charged in while he was in the middle of his thought, and was ready to throw another punch, as he got close. Duncan stomped his foot, and a small platform was raised under his right leg, throwing him off balance.

Then a heavy kick was felt hitting him away in his chest. Before his body could fly away, a strange wind cloud was felt behind him and had pushed him forward.

'This guy, as I thought he's not a normal human. His kicks and punches are hurting me!' Borden thought.

Two slashes of wind came towards Borden. Lifting up his forearms, he blocked the attack. Usually, his skin would be hard enough, especially around his forearms where his scales were more visible, but the attack was digging in quite deep.

Using his energy, he forced the wind blades outward, throwing his arms. The attack went in deeper, but they also dispersed.

Falling to the floor, green blood could be seen. Borden hadn't been injured this badly ever since he was in the vampire world. It was the first time while he was little Borden. Usually, fights wouldn't last long enough, or he would have made the decision not to get involved avoiding how hurt he was now.

Because it was simple. If he didn't finish the fight in ten minutes and used all of his strength while fighting, he would a hundred percent be dead. He already felt weak after the transformation, so he always left a little in the tank to run away. Now, trusting Quinn, there was no need, and he had no choice but to fight till this point.

"You have made a mistake hurting me like this," Borden said. "You see, I learned from my brothers that there is something special about my kind."

Getting up from the ground, Duncan was wondering if he should attack. The hairs on his arms were standing up, looking at Borden. He feared if he did, then maybe he would be the one to get hurt.

"The more I get hurt. The stronger I become!"


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