My Vampire System Chapter 658

652 Injured Little Guy

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The last time Duncan and Borden fought, it wasn't like this. Duncan, for one only had one ability, but still, his natural strength along with his beast equipment had given him the stats to allow him to have equal strength.

The two of them had traded blows with neither one getting seriously hurt. It looked like they were an even match until suddenly Borden had started to run away. The time limit was nearly up for him, and he knew fighting any longer would just be a waste.

This time was different. The extra MC cells could be used to power his speciality ability, wind. The fight was clearly one-sided, and it hadn't been long since they had started. Looking at Borden now, he was getting a similar feeling to the people he saw in the castle.

Something had clearly changed.

All Duncan did was blink, and when he opened his eyes again, it looked as if the little man had teleported right in front of him. His reflexes were fast though, and his own body had already gone into survival mode from sensing the sudden change and had blocked the punch.

'He's faster, and the punch, it's stronger!' He grunted as a few more punches came his way. He was able to block most of them, but each time he was being pushed back. Their strength was no longer equal to each other.

"Wait until the guys hear about this. They'll think I'm even crazier after this story."

Needing to do something to get away. Using the palm of his hands, he fired a gust of wind beneath him, throwing him up in the air, and then a platform was raised from the ground. Giving him a height advantage.

From above, he lifted the ground underneath Borden and trapped him in a ball. This time using the MC cells from both abilities combined. His ability right now would be slightly higher than a level eight earth user.

'This should hold him. If my guess is right, all I need to do is hold out until his transformation ends.' It was a crummy thing he was doing, but he didn't care. The only thing he was concerned about was proving to those people in the village that they were wrong. That the little man did exist.

He didn't care how he won this fight; he was going to bring the little man back with him. It had become a type of obsession for him.

*Bang *Bang.

A few loud bangs; were made and he could see cracks being made in the earth's walls.

'What the hell are you?'

Gathering more of the ground from the bridge, he started to harden the area around the little man more, reinforcing it more with the ground.

However, the bangs continued, and the cracks seemed to be appearing on the outer layer.

'You leave me no choice, I wanted to bring you back alive, but if you're going to be so stubborn then I can bring you back dead!' Not wanting to waste any more of his MC cells. At the right moment, he let the earth wall lower itself.

He had timed it perfectly with the bangs, and now Borden was flying through the air with a fist forward, the momentum chucking him up like so. When looking above, he could see Duncan there, and his hand appeared to be wrapped in another strange tornado.

Not being able to dodge midair, there was nothing Borden could do but take the punch. Hitting the little man as hard as he could, the two of them went down and slammed into the bridge so hard the sides started to crumble falling into the lava.

The small tornado that was covering Duncan's arm started to wrap around Borden's entire body. Holding him down, the wind seemed to be cutting and slicing his body apart. It was as if hundreds and hundreds of wind slices were being thrown at him, hitting his body.

Cut's started to appear in different places, and blood being chucked up from the wind was thrown onto Duncan's face, but it didn't phase him one bit.

"In this world from a young age, we have been taught that only the strong survive. Your death was only because you were weak." Duncan said.

Suddenly, he felt something small grab his hands. "I agree," Borden said, and before Duncan knew it, his whole body had been lifted into the air, and was slammed into the ground. The attack had been stopped, and he was hurt as he coughed up a few little specks of blood.

Not being able to move himself, he shifted the ground underneath him, to move his body away. Then when he had slightly recovered, he could see the little man standing up, covered in cuts all over.

"You've lost a lot of blood. For someone your size I'm surprised you're still standing." Duncan said. "Unfortunately for you, this fight is over."

When Borden was standing, he looked different compared to before. This was because his Spikes had retracted back into his back, and the scales over his body were now barely visible. Being injured like he was, he had gained more strength, enough to stop the attack and injure Duncan, but unfortunately, the time limit was up.

Borden could no longer fight.

"Just in case you have any more tricks up your sleeve. It's best if I finish you off." Swinging out his hand, Duncan unleashed a large powerful wind slash. It was fast, and he was sure now the little man was no longer in his transformed state, he would be unable to deal or avoid the attack.

"Quinn, look after my brother for me," Borden said.

When the wind slash was near him. Underneath his feet, something started to move, and had raised at the right time. The wind slash hit and was blocked, it had stopped in midair.

"What is that?" Duncan said. It looked like an ability, but it couldn't have been coming from the little man.

When the shadow dropped, the attack continued forward, but the little man was no longer there. Instead, off slightly to the side, he was held in a strange man's arms with a mask on.

'Was that the person from before, but wasn't he fighting the beast?' Too engrossed in their own fight, they were unaware of what was happening behind them.

Taking a look behind Quinn's back, Duncan could see that the Emperor Tier beast was no longer moving, but it wasn't just asleep. There were no signs of it breathing at all, it was dead.

'Did he kill it, but how?'

What confused Duncan more than anything wasn't that the beast was dead. After seeing how strong the little man was, there was always the possibility, although he felt like it was unlikely. What was shocking when looking at the man, he appeared almost uninjured.

'Did he defeat the beast without taking a single hit?'

He couldn't imagine anyone, apart from those from the castle, to be able to overwhelm such a strong beast like that.

"You used your shadow skill on me," Borden said, being held in Quinn's arms like a baby.

"You idiot, you should have been focusing on your own fight."

"I see, you are healthy enough to complain," Quinn replied back.

Borden smiled but was too hurt to laugh.

"You really did it, huh, you defeated the beast in ten minutes. I guess we can go save Vorden after all." With that, Borden closed his eyes.


[Condition - Very weak]

As long as it didn't say critical, then Quinn was sure Borden could survive from something like this. Quickly moving away, he placed Borden next to the dead body of the Emperor tier beast, before returning back to the bridge.

Quinn's movements were so fast, faster than the little man he had just faced.

'These people, are they from the big four, did they have an ability like this?' Duncan started to panic a little. Super speed, a strange shadow, what did it all mean?

"I guess the system wasn't lying, the Emperor tier wasn't worth a level up."


After using inspection on Duncan, Quinn let out another sigh.

"I guess you are not worth a level up either."


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