My Vampire System Chapter 680

672 Contacting Pure

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After bringing everyone up to date on their current findings, the meeting was stopped there. They had come to a decision that they would also participate in claiming these now unclaimed planets left behind by the Sunshields, but before that, they needed to sort out the Faction that had parked themselves on their already owned planet.

No action was to be taken just yet, as Blip said, the people were still recovering, and more information was needed on their power structure, so for now, they would continue to share the planet and go out on hunts regularly.

Quinn also wished to go out on a hunt. After fighting those two twins and spending time with Borden in the jungle, he realised that he needed to improve his fighting. He was hoping to train with the shadow more and unlock the last skill at level seven, bringing it up to level eight.

'Maybe I should go out to the new lands? There should be some emperor tier beasts out there. I'll see if anyone wants to come with me when I go?' Quinn thought.

When the meeting had ended, Blip had asked to speak to Quinn alone, and the two of them were now talking around the ship having a general talk.

"Is there something wrong with my sister?" Blip asked.

"Huh?" Quinn nervously replied. "What makes you say that?"

"It's just, ever since the incident with the emperor tier beast, she has been making up excuses and not going out on hunts with us. She thinks I'm stupid and gullible, but honestly, I just don't want to ask her about it. If she's decided to keep something from me, then it must be a big deal, but the curiosity is killing me. I'm guessing something happened to her during that time that she doesn't want to talk about."

'Yes, something did indeed happen. A little out of control vampire slit her throat, and I had to turn your sister into a walking undead creature.' Quinn wanted to just blurt out and say, but it was impossible to tell him the truth.

In all honesty, Quinn was sick and tired of keeping it a secret. He wanted to tell the others what he was and what the others were. Now both Linda and Sam were vampires as well, and it would be harder to keep the secret and use their full strength.

These people trusted him, and he was sure even if they did find out, they wouldn't care. Just like Logan and Vorden didn't care. He didn't understand why the vampires thought it was such a big deal to hide their secret.

Why couldn't they live together, humans and vampires? Although, his time living as Vincent gave him the answer to that one.

There were just vampires who didn't agree with it. Who saw themselves as above humans, and would never allow that to happen. If such a group existed or was established, he was sure those vampires would act behind the scenes and try to get rid of it.

It was probably what happened to Arthur and the other punishers when they left as well.

However, it wasn't just the vampire's fault as well. He was sure some humans would see them as a threat, especially when their food source was human blood.

"I'm sure she's fine," Quinn said. "She did get badly injured, and there were a few Crow members that were killed in front of her. Maybe after seeing that, she doesn't want it to happen again. So she's just a little worried."

"Maybe your right." Blip said.

Seeing him walk off a little disheartened, Quinn felt guilty. If Kazz wasn't here, he would have told him everything. Maybe someday, but not yet.

With everything happening, Quinn decided to try to see how the original gang was all doing. Sil was being looked after by Borden. At first, Borden didn't like it.

He claimed this person looked like his brother but was nothing like him, but as the two started to talk, they seemed to get on, and Sil started to latch onto Borden as well. Quinn was wondering if it was because Borden was a clone of Vorden. It was strange, but Borden took on more of Vorden's personality rather than Sil's.

Regardless, somewhere deep down, the two of them felt connected.

Next, on the list of things to do was to try and contact the two girls. They knew the moment of all the other groups but not Pure so much. At the same time, he was wondering how they were doing. He just hoped they weren't in trouble as well, like Vorden.

He didn't want to have to go on another rescue mission, especially with a group like Pure, wrapped up in mystery. No one even knew their real strength.

A call was made out to their masks from the command centre, pinging them, saying he wanted to speak. He had done this in the past and only once gotten a reply from them. Springily today, they picked up.

The video feed was showing both Cia and Layla on the screen, behind them, a plain metal background. A brief general catch up was made to see how they were doing, and it looked like this time they weren't as in a rush compared to before.

"We were both accepted into Pure quite easily," Layla said. "Although they are watching us more than before, only now, after a few months of us not trying to run and escape from the place, have they let their guards down a little. No information has been revealed. In fact, it seems like Pure has been too busy with other things one after another."

"Have you been able to do what you wanted to do?" Quinn asked.

Layla looked a little sad when Quinn asked that question.

"No, I haven't been able to see my mother or talk to her. The leaders were never this active before. It looks like big things are starting to happen. I'm sure you've heard the news, about the Sunshields being wiped out?"

Quinn hadn't had the time to update Layla about everything that was going on with them, or everything to do with Vorden.

"Yeah," Quinn replied.

"Well, this Civil war has been quite the boom for Pure. More people are chasing to align themselves with them than before. They want to use this chance to show the world more of their power. So they've decided to split up their forces. Half are focusing on claiming the unclaimed planets, while the leaders will be heading out to the demon tier planet. It looks like we might not be able to meet up with you on the Demon tier planet after all. Our ranks are low, so we might just be asked to take base at one of the unclaimed planets."

"Don't worry too much about that," Quinn replied back. "We will see each other eventually, let me know if you need anything, and update me when you can on your current situation."

Layla didn't really have any idea of Quinn's plans and what they were planning to do. After learning what Pure was about to do, he thought it was better that way. He was sure if he did say that they were aiming for the unclaimed planets as well, she would try to stop him.

Instead, after the call, Quinn realised that he would need to prepare for an upcoming clash with members of Pure as well. Luckily, it seemed like the stronger ones of the group were preparing for the demon tier beast.

Quinn hadn't given up on that yet either, just he had always planned to move a small team, so it was much easier then what these big powerhouses were planning.

Thinking of all of this, Quinn's hands started to twitch. He was itching to fight something, to get stronger. Before heading out, he wanted to see what equipment Alex was able to make, which reminded him about their current fund situation.

Which prompted him to give a call to Logan next. While Quinn was passed out, Logan had returned to his house on the planet owned by the Bree family. It seemed he was quite desperate to find out something.

"Quinn," Logan said when answering the call. Quinn could see many terminals and computers in the background, and Logan looked to be busy away working on something.

Quinn went on to explain their financial situation. How they needed funds to purchase more glathrium, and the Green family was filthy rich.

"I'm sorry, Quinn, but I can't help you," Logan replied.

Quinn was shocked by this answer. He never saw Logan as the type of person to care about money, so why the rejection?

"I'm trying my best to recover as much as funds as possible, but ever since we've returned, someone has been restricting my access to all the Green's accounts."

"Huh, but isn't that impossible, I mean for you?"

"You would think, but It seems like there are people out there that have powers that would rival my own."

Quinn knew exactly the type of people he was talking about, people like Richard Eno. But why would he be going after the Green family funds?


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