My Vampire System Chapter 687

679 Catching A Cheater

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Watching the video at the inter base tournament was something Nate would never forget. It was a sweet memory for him. He was memorised by the sheer skill and got excited as he thought about meeting this person one day, from the video and challenging them to a fight.

He had the same feeling as he did when he saw the Blood evolver, the same feeling when he saw the Cursed child, and now, the world was telling him that each time, it was Quinn. Someone who was standing by his side.

"Damn it," Nate said. "If only you were ugly, why do all good genes get passed onto one person."

Returning from the gaming area and heading back to his friends, the Parasites were left with their mouths open wide for a while.

"He cheated!" The big eyed man said. "He must have, the game must be faulty." Entering the game area himself, he began a match, and went ahead to hit the machine, but immediately the game over screen appeared in the air in front of them.

"Now look at the ones who are accusing us of cheating?" Dennis replied with the smug look on his face. He was basking in this moment more than anyone.

"I checked the game server and it says there's no problems." Another Parasite member said.

A bulging vein could be seen starting to pop on the top of the bald man's head. Level seven was unheard of. He couldn't believe that someone could beat the machine the way Quinn did without cheating.

"It's an ability, he had to have used an ability, if it was a speed ability or something," He proclaimed.

"Sorry, but my ability has nothing to do with speed." Quinn replied, raising a dark shadow above his back.

Seeing this, Mantis took note at what Quinn's ability was, he had never seen anything like it before. 'A strange ability.'

After the accusations were over, Wevil entered the game once more, also selecting level seven. If he didn't pass it again a second time, then it would be considered a loss.

The game started, and the robotic movements happened once again, and finally, it clicked in Quinn's head how they were cheating. It was something that probably only he would be able to notice.

[Level seven complete]

The Parasites didn't even congratulate Wevil as they knew he was going to win anyway. They were now waiting for Quinn to progress and attempt level eight, but he never stepped forward and was just smiling.

"Remember your words, that you wouldn't be caught cheating? Well looks like you are a bunch of liars as well." Quinn said.

Although Mantis didn't look fazed by these words, Wevil heart sank a little.

"They really were cheating, I knew it!" Dennis shouted. Truthfully, he was a little worried that the Crow members were just bad at a game like this. "For a second, I believed them, I thought maybe we were just horrible because we don't have one of these games at our base."

"Even if we didn't have one, that shouldn't be a problem, as long as the game wasn't rigged," Quinn said.

'Does he really know?' Mantis thought. 'But how?'

"You see, one of the main factors of the game is that the attack's patterns and speed are random. Meaning each time the parts move differently. But that seems to be the case only when we start to play the game. Wevil's movements they're too robotic, the reason being, he knows where the attacks are already going to come from. As if they were predetermined. You've probably played this same level a thousand times, not making a single mistake perfecting it."

Wevil was fidgeting, Quinn had guessed correctly, but they thought no one would ever find out. When watching someone play a level, especially at the higher levels the machine moved too fast. They thought it was impossible for someone to remember which part moved when and how.

Also after someone was hurt and lost the game, they wouldn't usefully come back and play it again, apart from Dennis.

'How was he able to see all of that? He only watched the machine play level seven twice, did he really see all it's movements?' Wevil thought. This was something that took him months of hard work to do. He had even slowed down the machine, and wrote down each of the attacks, memorising them, speeding it up until it had reached its original speed to perform something like this.

*Clap *Clap *Clap

"It's a great theory," Mantis said. "But that's all it is, a theory. It looks like to me you're just making this all up, there's no way to prove it."

"Block with left arm, then right leg, another with knee, down with the foot, then up to the right side with hand, down to the chest with elbow. Over back to the left side with foot, to right hand covering rib cage and lifting elbow back to the head. I just described the first nine moves that he will perform if he was to take the Level seven test again. If you want, I can describe the next hundred moves and we can see if he performs them." Quinn explained.

Mantis glanced at Wevil, and Wevil nodded his head. Confirming what Quinn had said were the exact moves. He knew because he repeated these moves in his own head several times before.

"Go ahead, Wevil," Mantis said, and Wevil sheepishly walked over to the game.

When the game started, the first segment to move was not one that Quinn had said, Wevil had blocked the first two strikes, but soon after he was hit not even lasting ten seconds at level seven.

"Wait, so was Quinn wrong?" Dennis asked. "The first set of movements weren't what he said."

"No, Quinn was right," Nate replied. "It wasn't the same thing Quinn had said because they decided to set the game to random again. That's why he couldn't even last longer than ten seconds."

"However, it also means, we can't prove they cheated," Linda said.

Although, there was something Quinn could do, he could use his influence skill to get a confession form Wevil himself, but before that. Quinn went ahead and completed the level seven game a second time, blocking the attacks more normally this time.

"Well, it looks like you won, so the dispute is settled," Mantis said, looking almost happy. "However, you weren't able to prove we cheated after all."

Quinn was going to use his influence on Wevil. To admit what he had done, but there was an odd look on his face.

One that looked frightened, Quinn had seen this a few times before, it was the face someone made when they feared their own death.

'If he gets outed here, then will Mantis do something to him?' Not wanting to cause any trouble for the others just over a few credits, Quinn decided to leave it.

"It's okay, I was just trying to mentally get him out of the game." Said Quinn. "I could see that if I claimed he cheated, it would throw him off his game and it looked like it worked pretty well."

'He's giving him an out.' Linda thought.

"Oh, I see, so it looks like you're not just the leader of the faction because of your skill but your Brains as well. It's good to know that the other faction that shares this planet isn't filled with completely useless people." Said Mantis staring in Dennis's direction.

'I'm going to pull that green hair of his out, and use it as grass to crap on!' Dennis thought in his head.

"If you really want to improve our relations, then I was wondering if you could do us a good deal on some Glathrium?' Quinn asked.

This was the other reason he was being nice; he was trying a different approach as Linda had suggested.

"Oh, I guess Glathrium is becoming harder to come by these days. Very few planets have it, and the military has already dug out all there Is on earth.

"I'll tell you what, in order to improve our relations and to forget about all these silly complaints, I'll give it to you for free," Mantis said.

Quinn couldn't believe it, getting it for free. Maybe being nice was the way to go. There was no unnecessary fighting, no deaths and now no credit cost.

"I do have a favour to ask in return," Said Mantis.

"Of course there would be," Dennis sighed.

"Our group is still new to this planet, so we don't really know the best hunting spot for beasts, we were wondering if you could take a group with you when you go out for your next hunt," Mantis suggested.

Dennis didn't like it, and neither did Linda honestly. She felt like something was up, the deal was too much in their favour, but honestly, Quinn didn't care.

Even if they were planning something, from using his inspect skill, he knew every single one of them were nobodies that wouldn't cause him any trouble. Whatever was going to happen, he was going to get that Glathrium.

"We're going on a hunt right now." Said Quinn.

"Excellent, I'll gather a group of five to go with you then."


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