My Vampire System Chapter 89

86 Evolution Complete

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The room looked like a prison cell brawl gone bad. Inside was the top half of Ian's body on the floor, blood still oozing from the bottom half and his gut's spilling out. If Vorden had never seen a scene like this before, it would cause a normal person to throw up all over the place.

Then when he looked up, he could see Quinn kneeling on the floor in pain. It was as he thought, the creature that attacked him before was him. Although he no longer looked like the beast anymore it was clear, the damaged uniform, the dead body on the floor.

"Hey Quinn are you alright, is something wrong, do you need anything?" Vorden asked.

"Get away!" Quinn groaned out as the pain continued to shoot through his whole body.

"Maybe I can help?"

"I said get away!" Quinn's voice sounded deep and dark and as he lifted his head, Vorden could see his eyes were now glowing red.

"Hey Vorden, I think you better listen to the kid, he could be turning into that thing again," Raten said.

But it was too late, Vorden had taken one step too many and was now within striking distance. Quinn lashed out flinging his arm at Vorden. However, he was able to lift his metal chair up in time blocking the attack but it didn't do much.

The metal chair was immediately ripped by Quinn's hands and the attack managed to craze Vorden's chest, flinging him backwards.

"Blood!" Quinn screamed, "Give me blood!" The smell coming of Vorden's chest was so sweet.

"What did I tell you, that chair was useless!" Raten complained, "Quick seal the door shut."

Vorden no longer hesitated and using his abilities, he pulled the broken door back in place and using all his powers quickly sealed it up.

Quinn was no longer chasing after Vorden but instead knelt on the floor crying in pain. Vorden stayed there with his hands held up holding the door in place, fear that whatever was inside or whatever was happening to Quinn would come out again and attack him.

The screams continued for a good fifteen minutes until they eventually died down and stopped.

"Quinn?" Vorden called out softly hoping not to startle him. "Is everything okay?"

"Yeah," Quinn replied. "Just give me a few moments, I'll let you know when it's okay."

The pain had finally stopped and Quinn really did need a few minutes to get a hang of everything. For the system was revealing so much new information to him in one go.

[Congratulations evolution was Successful, you are now a Vampire!]

[Level 10]

[Race: Vampire]

[0/100 EXP]

[HP 60/60]

[Strength: 15]

[Agility: 15]

[Stamina: 15]

[Charm: 5]

[Blood Family bonus: 0]

Just looking at his status screen alone, so much had changed. Quinn had yet to put his extra stat point but it seemed like two more options were added to the stats screen. The first one being the Charm stat and the second being a blood family bonus. Although with no explanation Quinn was clueless to what these two things did.

But what he did understand was that he had gone from a Halfling into a full-fledged Vampire now. Quinn had expected this change might have happened as he continued to level up, he only hoped that it didn't happen so soon.

For there was the worry, now that he was a Vampire instead of a Halfling what happened when he stepped into the sun?

However, there were even more messages to come from the system.

[Skill: Blood ritual unlocked]

[0/2 Members]

[New skill: Daze]

[ This skill has no cost and can be used on the opponent to stun them between 0.2 seconds and 0.5 seconds at a time. Must have direct eye contact with the opponent. The skill has a chance of failing, depending on the strength of the enemy and on the user's Charm points. The more the skill is used on an opponent the higher chance they have off resisting.]

Two new skills had been unlocked, although there was no description at all for the first one which just left Quinn confused. However, now he knew there was some use for the charm stat.

But the messages didn't stop there.

[Shop has been unlocked]

[New tutorials have been unlocked]

[System level 2 will now activate]

Just then, a screen had appeared in front of Quinn and once again it was the handsome blonde man he had seen the last time, the man who had taught him the hammer strike and the flash step.

"Congrats!" The man said. "You have now officially joined the family. I thought maybe a simple human wouldn't be able to make it this far but it looks like my little experiment was a success. Now that the system has been upgraded to level 2, I had a good friend of mine install an AI system with my voice. It's amazing right! Now you'll never feel alone again and if you ever have a question about the system just ask."

"What!" Quinn thought, "Why wasn't the system like this from the beginning?"

"Now you're probably thinking why didn't I design it this way from the very beginning, the truth is you needed to be able to get this far on your own. From your own mistakes along the way, they can only make you stronger."

For some reason, Quinn felt the urge to punch the man if he ever met him in real life.

"Now before I leave you, although the AI system will help you answer any questions you have about the system, it is not able to go beyond that, so here are my final recorded words. I'm sorry but now that you are a vampire, others will come looking for you. They have already blended into society so it's almost impossible to tell who is one and who isn't. If you want to live a life of freedom as I did, then get stronger, create a force of your own and fight back. Good luck my friend."

With that, the recorded message had ended and the screen had disappeared. Quinn had many questions he wanted to ask the man but he knew it was impossible.

With the new system upgrade and the shop unlocked, he wanted to check out all the new things but as he looked at the dead body in front of him reality had hit him.

"I'm really not human anymore, am I?"

Quinn wanted to get stronger to protect himself and others from the abuse of those above but now he had just killed a man, but for some reason, he didn't feel sad about it. In fact, it felt like it was just something he needed to do to survive.

Before Quinn was to check out all the new things the system had reviled there was one more problem he needed to face and it was on the other side of the door.

It was time to confront Vorden.


We reached 9600 Stones last week! Unlocking 6-chapter mass release for next Saturday. Also, I owe 2 chapters so 8, I haven't forgotten just been really busy with teacher work as final exams come up.

New Goals! We can do it!

9500 Stones = 2 extra chapters

10,000 Stones = 4 extra Chapters

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