My Vampire System Chapter 93

90 Exploring The Shop

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The ability book had vanished once again, just like the old book he had received. This time he had also been given an entirely new tab that was dedicated only to his Shadow ability in his system.

"Hey Quinn, what's wrong, did something happen? Where's the book!" Vorden asked.

Quinn then went to tap his head a couple of times with his finger.

"Inside? said Vorden "What, you mean it's inside your head?"

Quin nodded.

Vorden was surprised but at the same time not, he had learnt so many crazy things today, and this one was probably one of the least shocking. He could imagine that maybe whoever created the shadow book might have put a condition on it.

Maybe once it was learnt to vanish or disappear, it would also explain why many weren't found or how none were sold on the market.

Vorden didn't ask too many questions and gave Quinn a few moments to sit down and rest, he didn't really understand what he meant by it was all inside his head. Of course, this was Quinn's way of getting around telling Vorden it was a system.


[Race: Vampire]

[Ability: Shadow]

[HP: 55/55]

[MC 100/100]

[Strength: 15]

[Stamina: 15]

[Agility: 15]

[Charm: 5]

The first thing he decided to do was check out his stats screen. One of the messages had stated he had obtained a new stat called Mutant Cells or MC for short. Looking at his MC stat, it currently displayed 100/100.

"System, can you explain the MC stat is to me?"

"Ho, ho," A cheery voice said, "The MC stat is how many Mutant cells you currently have in your bod. Every time you use your ability, the MC numbers will go down but worry not, for it will auto regenerate itself over time."

Quinn then looked at the two stat points he had obtained. One form levelling up to level 10 and then the other from when he had consumed Ian's blood. But when he tried to see what he could do with them; he was unable to increase his MC points. Meaning it was a similar stat to his HP. The question was whether it would increase on its own like his HP.

"I can tell you the answer to that" The system said. "The answer is no, those mutant cells have a cap in your body. This can only be increased by a certain technique specific to the Shadow ability. You would either have to find a higher-Level ability book or a teacher."

With that said, Quinn decided to put his stat points into Strength and agility as he has been doing so far. Right now, he only had one skill that required the use of Charm, and he didn't know how useful it would be.



As he increased each stat point, he could feel the changes in his body ever so slightly, the feeling was starting to become addictive. But he was still a long way off from the others. Erin, who was a level 5 ability user, was able to produce a score of fifty on the strength test. That was also without the use of any beast gear to improve herself.

While Vorden was still giving him space and walking around the room, it also gave Quinn the time to check out a few of the other things he had unlocked earlier. First, there was a new tutorial video. There was a single video called combination skills.

The video was a long watch as it took time to explain the process. Quinn didn't have time to watch it now and would watch it later.

The next thing was the shop tab.

When selecting this tab, he was able to search by category, and there was a whole bunch of items, Weapons, armour, Rings, and all sorts, but there were no skill books or ability books. The only problem was all of the items were greyed out, not allowing him to select any of them.

To the side of the screen, it showed his inventory, where he had 16 basic tier crystals, one intermediate crystal and also an advanced tier crystal as well. He didn't know when he had obtained them, but at some point, he must have done.

"Was it while I was a Bloodsucker?" but Quinn couldn't remember killing anything other than Ian. It was the only explanation, when he had murdered Ian did all his crystals transfer over into his system?

The section to the right allowed him to select the item, he first chose the Rattaclaw crystals. The shop auto sorted itself and gave a message in the centre.

[No items can be made with these crystals]

Then, when selecting the other two crystals items had appeared up in the centre this time. Although these items were still greyed out, but Quinn now knew the reason why.

[3 intermediate crystal required to create this item]

The items required several crystals to make them. After searching through the shop more, He realised there were some weapons and items that only needed a number of crystals. While others were more specific and needed a specific type of beast crystal.

When selecting the advanced tier crystal, the shop auto sorted itself once again, and a ring was shown on screen.

[1/10 Advanced tier Deathbat crystals]

[Effects: Allows the user to walk in the sun for 3 hours without being affected by the sun]

This was a fantastic discovery. While Quinn was planning to create an outfit that completely blocked out the sun, there was a ring in the shop that had the same effect.

The only problem was it required him to kill 10 of these Deathbat's which were advanced tier beasts. Thinking back to how he had nearly died from the intermediate beast, there was no way he would attempt to kill an advanced tier beast.

Then there was a second problem, Beasts, especially on the higher tiers, were Quite specific to what planet they lived on. At some point, if Quinn wanted to earn the ring from the shop, he would have to come back to this planet through the portal.

All in all, the shop was a good find. Quinn started to question the AI system further on how the shop worked, and he had explained that as long as he brought the items that it asked for, it would be able to auto-create it and give it to him.

This was another excellent find, as usually after obtaining beast crystals you would have to take it to a beast weapons crafter who would charge for the making of the item. Then a question hit Quinn's mind. Crystals could only be turned into one type of item which all had the same effect.

The quality of the item created would depend on the crafter, but if the item was destined to be a ring, a sword was unable to be crafted from the same type of crystal.

Did Ian know what item the Deathbat crystal would give him? And if so, why would Ian need such a thing? It might have not even been Ian in the first place, but whoever had hired him and taking down the Deathbats.


Schedule Change: Chapters will now be released at 8:00 AM GMT + 8. This chapter was a little late from oversleeping.

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