Ultraman: I Really Didnt Want To Rule The World Chapter 839

Chapter 839: The Future Where The Earth Is Reset

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The grievance between Chaos Virus and Gauss finally came to an end in people's bewildered sight.

The purified chaos virus finally disappeared, but Gauss went as usual and disappeared from the sight of everyone.

Hong Tu watched Gauss disappear into the sky, and then stretched out comfortably.

A golden spot of light fell on his shoulder, exuding a warm light.

"I thought you would leave the earth directly." Hong Tu looked at the light spot on her shoulder, "It looks more beautiful than before."

This light spot is naturally a chaotic virus.

"..." The earth is dangerous.

The Chaos Virus came from the body-shaped red tea. As a creation created by a higher civilization, it is also a little heard of Delacion.

It is said that Delacions fleet is very powerful and invincible in the universe. No planet can resist their offensive, probably because the number of Delacions warships is almost endless.

"I said hello to the weapons soldiers of Delacion." Hong Tu said very easily. "Those robot soldiers don't need to care, but Giga Ndola is a bit tricky."

Hong Tu's tone was too relaxed, as if Delacion could not pose any threat.

Well, Hong Tu thinks that on Delacion's side, there should be his own subordinates to check, and it can drag some giga Ndola.

But Chaos Virus doesn't think so. It is very worried about the current situation of the earth: "..." That Ultraman, who is also Delacion's striker, might become an obstacle.

"I know," Hong Tu poked the golden light spot with his fingertips, "Relax, there will be nothing wrong with the earth. Also, you need to tell Gauss the news first."

""you're right.

The Chaos Virus finally reacted. Because of the habit it formed before, its first reaction was to come to Hongtu.

At this time, I suddenly realized that Gauss was the real guardian of this planet.

However, before leaving, the Chaos Virus paused slightly in Hongtu's ear: "Thank you."

This is Chaos Virus's thanks to Hongtu for a long time. Although it didn't understand Hongtu's meaning at that time, it needs to say thanks to Hongtu now.

Hong Tu did not speak, and Chaos Virus did not wait for his response, and disappeared into the air.

After the Chaos Virus left, Hong Tu tilted her head and said, "I am thanked."

The Dark Circle also felt incredible: "..." Has the Three Views of Chaos Virus not been reversed yet? !

Can Hong Tu receive thanks for the guidance he has been bringing to the ditch? Sure enough, artificial intellectual disability is artificial intellectual disability, even if it becomes kind, it is also a personal intellectual disability.

"What are you talking about," Hong Tu was not convinced, "I have a good guide."


Dark Circle didn't believe it, felt that Hong Tu still had no self-awareness, and even felt that a certain artificial mental retardation was hopeless.

Hong Tu shrugged, not intending to entangle too much with the dark circle, he looked at the bright sky: "It's time to go back, I have to think about how to explain it to Mr. Chi Shan and the others."

Thinking of how he was taken away by the Chaos Virus in public before, Hong Tu had a headache.


Just when Hongtu had a headache, the humans who had gone through this battle quickly became busy.

As the black fog faded, the EYES base resumed operation.

The evacuated EYES elites returned to the base one after another.

Under the guidance of the police, the people on land returned home one after another.

Because the chaotic virus was purified, a large rock in people's hearts was successfully removed, but the other rock turned into a dangerous mountain.

In the evening of the same day, the defense forces, leaders of various countries, and Captain Hiura of the youth elite team held a teleconference in the conference room of the defense forces.

The content of the meeting is naturally the unknown and powerful giant monster and the black-robed man who controls the monster.

However, when Captain Hiura arrived in the meeting room, he saw Commander Sawara with a solemn expression and a strange woman sitting in his place.

This woman was dressed in a long black leather coat and a slim figure. Her eyes with thick silver eyeshadows were staring straight ahead, without looking at anyone present, as if... she was proud and disdainful to stare at humans.

Yes, it seems to be despising humans.

This woman has a strong sense of inhumanity, and Riura, who has been dealing with aliens for a long time, intuitively at first glance that this woman is not human.

The time for the meeting has come, and projections of leaders of various countries have appeared one after another. After these people appeared, they immediately discovered this stranger who should not have appeared in the meeting.

"Who is this woman, and why is there someone who is irrelevant to appear here?" A leader immediately spoke unkindly, looking at Captain Hiura standing next to the woman.

Captain Hiura didn't speak, but looked at this man speechlessly.

And this woman finally condescended to look at these human beings, and introduced herself: "I am, Ultraman Jestis."

Everyone was startled and looked at each other, seeming to be shocked that this woman was the legendary Ultraman, or shocked that Ultraman would appear here.

Captain Ripu broke the silence first, and asked in a deep voice: "So, what is it for you to come here?"

Jestis is very indifferent. In a tone of notice, the announcer will face what this planet will face: "From now on, twenty-four hours later, all life on the earth will be reset."


"What does reset mean?"

All of you here are high-level human beings and smart people, but now, everyone would rather be stupid.

"It means literally," Jestis said without any emotion, no pity, no sympathy, or even resentment and anger. "All lives will be wiped out."

She stood up, her cold eyes widened, and silver light flashed through them, and a light blue model changed in the middle of the circular conference table. This is a model of Giga-Endola.

"This is?" Captain Ripu looked at the model, seeming to guess something.

"This is Giga Ndola." Jestis answered indifferently for this human being.

The model slowly rotates, the lower mechanical teeth open, and the blue light ball emits a blue beam of light, hitting the planet model below.

The beam of light hit the ground, and instantly exploded into a circular flow of energy, scouring in all directions.

In the washed place, human beings with reassuring smiles on their faces disappeared one by one. When the energy disappeared, the surface of the planet model was only left with the remains of a building.

"NO!" No one looked at who yelled this heart-piercing cry, but everyone wanted to yell it.

None of you here want to see such a future.

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