Ultraman: I Really Didnt Want To Rule The World Chapter 840

Chapter 840: An Unacceptable Future

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What should the future of mankind be like?

The human beings here have naturally imagined the bright future they can have.

But this will never be the future of human beings who are directly solving the entire planet by unknown cosmic beings in twenty-four hours.

"Why do you want to do this?!" Commander Sawara was still calm. He looked at this Ultraman's human body without any expression.

"This is the final decision issued by Universe Justice."

"Universal justice?"

"Dracion." Jestis said, "Dracion is the same as our Ultraman. They are both maintaining the order of the entire universe."

"Since it is the justice of the universe, why do you want to do such a thing? Why do you want to destroy the earth?!"

This is puzzled by humans. Since it is for the justice of the universe, why destroy the life forms of a planet?

Is this really...just?

Jestis was unmoved, as if the justice she firmly believed in was to destroy life on earth: "Because we predicted the future."

"Future?" Everyone felt confused. Why should we eliminate mankind after predicting the future?

"Two thousand years from now, the earth will become a planet that endangers the universe. Moreover, there is still a dangerous darkness on the earth, a darkness that can lead to the destruction of the entire universe. So we must eliminate everything and let life be restored. Evolve once."

"It was an arbitrary decision," a strange voice suddenly intervened.

Everyone nodded in agreement at first, but quickly reacted, and an unrelated person broke into the conference room.

In the center of the conference table, a figure in a black robe was standing there, and he said just what he said.

Jestis stared at the figure and said his identity: "Darkness..."

"Who are you?" Sawara glanced at Jestis before looking at the stranger in the center.

"You can call me, Naig," Hong Tu put on Naig's identity, "also what this Ultraman said, dangerous darkness."

"To be honest, I think I haven't done anything yet, and maybe it won't harm the universe in the future. Why is it judged that it will threaten the existence of the universe?" Hong Tu tilted her head in distress, "Perhaps , Can you tell me what I will do in the future?"

Justis did not speak, but looked at him indifferently.

"What Delacion can predict the future depends on spying on time. I can do this myself, but I did not see the future in which the universe is destroyed. So why would you determine me? Will it destroy the universe?"

Hong Tu's scarlet eyes were dim, and there seemed to be something unkind in them.

Unable to help, some humans echoed: "Yeah, how can you jump to conclusions, saying that we will endanger the universe?!"

Jestis did not answer Hong Tu's words, but answered humans' words: "It's like humans will wipe out the house before the white clothing eats it away."

"To compare humans with termites?!" Someone disagreed.

They are proud of being human! How can it be like the ants!

"From the point of view of the universe, humans are the same as termites." Jestis's tone was very cold.

Human beings are too small for the universe, no different from termites.

"It's really the same reason." Hong Tu glanced at the humans around him. The humans present had light in everyone's heart. He never thought that these humans would become "termites" that endanger the universe.

"The future has unlimited possibilities. Even if it is time, there will be countless branches. If De Lacion insists on destroying this planet, I don't mind completely taking over the management of this universe."

Jestis turned his head quickly, and his hostility to Hong Tu suddenly appeared, as if he would directly rush to a battle with Hong Tu in the next second.

"Darkness, you are the greatest danger," Jestis said coldly, "Let you go down, and sooner or later you will swallow this universe."

"Are you sure you can eliminate me instead of angering me?" Hong Tu did not intend to be bullied either.

He came up and concluded that he would endanger the universe. Dracion was not the first one, but he was the only one who wanted to do it directly.

Even the King of Otter, he just wanted to seal him.

What's more, it also involves the earth.

"This is Delacion's will, even if it exhausts the power of the universe, it will destroy you!"

"Then come and see if you can do it."

Hong Tu looked back at this righteous Ultraman, if there was nothing light and darkness clashing between them.

In the end, it was Jestis who took the lead to withdraw her gaze. She turned around, no longer looking at Hong Tu and these humans, and walked straight out of the meeting room.

As a result, the sight of these humans in the conference room turned to Hongtu in unison.

Hong Tu also stated clearly his position: "Now, we are comrades on the same front. Next, I hope we can cooperate happily."

After speaking, his figure turned into black "smoke" and disappeared without a trace.

After that, how humans discuss warfare has nothing to do with him. He also didn't expect humans to fight against Delacion's fleet, after all, humans simply couldn't compete.


That night, the news that mankind was about to face a crisis of destruction swept the world.

The minds of the human beings who heard the news were divided.

Some are desperate and pessimistic, wanting to indulge wantonly and vent their fears on the eve of destruction.

Some are hopeful and feel that Ultraman Goss will continue to save the earth.

There are also some things that are not about themselves, and they accept the unknown future that is coming.

All these were seen by Jestis who was walking in the crowd. She couldn't say how she felt, she seemed to be moved, and she seemed more determined.

She didn't say anything, just walked from one city to another, watching the posture of these human beings before they died.

Gauss and Musashi also learned of the news. Musashi listened to Gauss telling the identity of Jestis, telling the past that he and Jestis once fought side by side in the universe.

They used to be the best partners, and later went to the side of the universe to protect different planets, but Gauss believed that Jestis's heart to protect the universe had not changed.

There must be some misunderstanding.

As the cause of the "misunderstanding", Hong Tu was sitting on the top of the city's building, watching the Ultraman human body on the street below shuttle past the crowd.

On his shoulders, the golden light spots of the Chaos Virus gleamed with a faint light, and together he stared at the completely different Ultraman human body below.

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