Bizzare Login Device Chapter 567

Chapter 567: Final Battle Seven

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The more anxious you are, the easier it is to make mistakes.

After several unsuccessful attempts to attack, Qin Ming was caught by the demon instead.

When the power of the endless abyss surged, a solidified cage was formed, which wrapped Qin Ming and couldn't break free.

This time, no matter how fast it is, it will not help.

The crisis is coming.

Qin Ming gritted his teeth, clasped his hands together, and prepared to fight the devil with the immortal method at any cost.

The situation had reached the final juncture, but at this moment, Lin Xuan appeared.

The powerful aura is completely different from before. At this moment, Lin Xuan seems to be a man in his thirties, with his upper body naked, his whole body filled with dark golden brilliance, and his eyes are even bright and invisible.

With one blow, he smashed the cage that trapped Qin Ming.

The heavens led the formation to live up to the expectations and made Lin Xuan's strength greatly improved, even if it was only temporary.

"Hurry and stop it!" Qin Ming immediately confronted Lin Xuandao.

If he can't stop the devouring of the devil, he is afraid that it will be too late even if he kills the devil.

Lin Xuan nodded silently. In this special state, he rushed towards the demon.

With a punch, it hit the devil's claws.

Along with the shaking of the space, the devil's body leaned back slightly, Lin Xuan did not retreat!

Lin Xuan at the moment has the power of a battle.

Qin Ming's spirit was shocked, and he tried to find opportunities to help.


The purple **** thunder in the sky ran across the sky, as if it turned into a purple ocean, the scene was extremely shocking.

"That's the castle master!" a Leiyinbao elder said in surprise.

Liu Maengsheng also completed the leap of cultivation, like a **** in charge of the power of thunder.

"Is this the power of God?" Liu Maengsheng said to himself, as if he had stepped into a new realm.

Seeing that Liu Maungsheng was still narcissistic, Qin Ming almost didn't swear.

There is a hundred thousand rushes here, and Lin Xuan is beating his life there, but he is leisurely.


Qin Ming's voice came to Liu Maung-sheng's ears, and Liu Maung-sheng finished adapting and intervened in the battle with the devil again.

It didn't take long for the red **** flame to erupt, and the momentum was not inferior to Liu Mengsheng before.

Fire Phoenix has also completed its transformation.

After that, the Xeons successively ended their entry into Dharma and participated in this final battle.

I thought it was a fierce battle that was evenly matched, but everyone including Qin Ming still underestimated this demon that has existed since ancient times.

Its power is unimaginable by contemporary monks.

After devouring the flesh and blood of tens of millions, hundreds of millions of creatures, it is not at the same level as before in the dark.

It was like a dry well filled with water.

"No one can beat me!"

The devil raised his paws and waved them heavily.

The power of the abyss poured into a Cangyuan Tiger tribe, causing it to explode and die instantly, and even the spirit that had escaped from the body was sucked into the body by the devil.

The soul is gone.


The other Cang Yuanhu fierce men ran away after seeing this.


They wanted revenge, but the result was dismal.

Qin Ming could see from the side, with the help of the heavens leading the formation, although the strength of the strongest has improved.

But after the demon was fully exposed, its destructive power reached the extreme.

As long as the devil is willing, every movement of it can even affect the Three Realms, and it can ask the world for anything it wants.

The creatures and demons of the Three Realms are not the same level of life!

The most powerful people represent the strongest in the three realms, but they have also begun to lose in front of the devil, and even Lin Xuan may be unable to sustain being swallowed by the devil at any time.

This is the ultimate catastrophe, an evil existence that even the will of the world is helpless.

With the death of the strong one after another, everyone in the Tier 3 coalition seemed to fall into the ice cave.

"It's over."

Even if the means are exhausted, the strongest are not the opponents of the devil, and who can resist the invasion of the devil in this world.

Despair lingers in everyone's heart.

Qin Ming took a deep breath, feeling his chest tight.

His mind was running fast, thinking about the opportunity to come back.

Already nearly half of the Xeons have been seriously injured or swallowed by the devil. According to the situation, the Xeons will no longer be able to fight the devil in a few minutes.

Praying man arm as a car.

"There is really no way." Qin Ming gritted his teeth, he was absolutely unwilling, but the state of Jiao Feng Bird possessed was almost at its limit.

There is no hope of victory at all.

At this moment, a wave of waves suddenly appeared in his sea of knowledge.

Among them, Shi Lingfan had some abnormal fluctuations, and at the same time, a sense of connection appeared in his heart.

Instinctively sacrifice the Shi Ling banner, and the next moment the banner will be brilliantly painted.

A pure white snowy little fox jumped out of the flag and stared at Qin Ming with wobbled eyes.

"I'm here, here." The little fox's voice was soft and soft, as if he was very happy to see Qin Ming, and threw himself into his arms.

Qin Ming was taken aback, he didn't want to understand why the little fox would appear from his release banner.

Before, only the spirits he had possessed could be summoned by him. This time, the little fox came out by himself, and he did not take the initiative to summon it.

It's puzzling, but there is no time for him to think about it now.

"It's very dangerous here, you go back soon." Qin Ming said with unfolding Shi Lingfan.

However, the demon seemed to have discovered the blood of the nine-tailed divine fox, and when he was fighting against the strongest, he still had enough energy to sweep this way and saw the little fox.

The devil's sight caused the little fox to blow up his fur and shiver all over.

"The blood of the nine-tailed fox hasn't been cut off. It's impossible!" The demon said, as if to himself.

It seems that it did not expect to see the blood of the nine-patterned divine fox family here.

The tentacles on the devil's body moved out, and the strongest people flew out easily, as if it was just playing around at will, and it didn't give its full strength.

The demon floated slowly in the direction Qin Ming was, and it was very interested in the little fox in Qin Ming's arms.

"That's bad." Qin Ming was about to dodge and retreat, but the power of the abyss once again besieged him.

This time even Lin Xuan couldn't save him.

The little fox is now no more than six ranks. Although it has grown very fast, it can't help Qin Ming.

"Grandpa, come on!" The little fox suddenly called for help at Shi Lingfan.

Qin Ming didn't know who it was calling, but Shi Lingfan had other movements.

A figure slowly emerged from the flag surface, a little bit solidified.


When Heaven and Earth Will perceives this figure, it immediately repelled and tried to hold back the figure, but it seemed to have a mediocre effect.

The figure still descended, and was not under the control of the will of heaven and earth like the devil. Obviously, this was also an extraordinary existence.

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