Bizzare Login Device Chapter 568

Chapter 568: Final Battle Eight

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"Master, master!" Qin Ming's eyes widened. After seeing the figure clearly, he couldn't say a complete sentence for a long time.

He couldn't think that besides summoning the little fox, his Shi Lingfan also summoned an existence that he never expected.

Name: Lord of Thousand Spirits

Spirit: Spirit of Nature

Power rating: unknown

Growth potential: unknown

The Lord of the Thousand Spirits, yes, he is the master who is capable of reaching the sky that he recognizes in the world of spirits.


He appeared, causing the demon to explode in an instant, and even the sound it made became a little strange.

"How come you are here!"

The devil seemed to know the Lord of Thousand Spirits, and seemed extremely jealous, and he dared not approach Qin Ming anymore.

There seems to be some connection between the two.

The Lord of Thousand Spirits first glanced at Qin Ming, and then his gaze fell on the huge body of the demon, with a daze on his face.

"I used to postulate that I will have serious sins in the future and will bring a disaster to the world. I thought that I would be enchanted in the future, but I didn't expect it to be so."

The Lord of the Thousand Spirits spoke only after a moment of silence, with a somewhat relieved tone.

"You have a relationship with me, but I didn't expect to meet again with this kind of opportunity." This sentence was addressed to this disciple Qin Ming.

"Master, why are you..." Qin Ming's mind was a little confused, and he couldn't figure it out.

"This formation of the heavens is left by me. Whenever it is laid down, it will be in contact with me in the desolate ancient times. However, it is possible to come across the long river because of you, or because of the secrets in you."

The Lord of Thousand Spirits explained.

Although Qin Ming did not fully understand the connection, he knew that the traction array of the heavens laid by Lin Xuan and other powerhouses played a role. It was also an introduction, and his secret was that the login device could be connected. Huanggu and this world, and Shi Lingfan became a bridge-like existence, allowing the lord of the thousand spirits to use it.

Although it still sounds puzzling and incredible, after all, he is the lord of a thousand spirits. If he can do it, Qin Ming is not surprised.

This master can be said to be the strongest he has ever seen, not one of them.

What he didn't know was that only relying on the release of the spirit flag, the log-in device, and the traction formation of the heavens, the Lord of the Thousand Spirits could not find Qin Ming.

The long river of time is not so easy to cross, as strong as the lord of a thousand spirits is no exception, otherwise it would have been messed up long ago.

There is a connection between the little fox and Qin Ming. The Lord of Thousand Spirits finds the little fox and sends it over first, then locates Qin Ming's location, making the impossible possible.

"Hey, I am you. If you destroy me, you will never have a relationship with the Supreme Way. Don't you want to live!" The devil seemed to know the Lord of Thousand Spirits' intentions and laughed.

The Lord of Thousand Spirits shook his head, "It was the cause I planted at the beginning, so I naturally need me to finish the final karma."

After hearing the words of the Lord of Thousand Spirits, the demon suddenly became irritable, and the power of the abyss surged wildly.

Qin Ming was still a little confused when he heard it, what cause and effect? What sin karma?

"You have the right to know this." Seeing Qin Ming's awkwardness, the Lord of Thousand Spirits said slowly.

After all, Qin Ming helped him, otherwise he would not be able to come here.

Point to Qin Ming's eyebrows.

In an instant, the large image before Qin Ming's eyes flashed quickly like a revolving lantern, and everything appeared to the surface.

How the demon was born and why it was sealed to this day are all related to his master, the Lord of the Thousand Spirits.

Tens of thousands of years ago, the Lord of the Thousand Spirits created a law in order to seek supremacy, escape from reincarnation.

After cultivating to the extreme, he splits himself into two, cut off his own filthy and evil individuals, and builds the deity of the Holy Spirit, thereby gaining eternal life and reaching the highest.

Then he sealed his evil individual, that is, the demon.

The two are a community, and if the devil dies, the supreme law of the Lord of Thousand Spirits will be missing, and only then will there be a demon that has been sealed for tens of thousands of years.

"It stands to reason that if it has lived until now, I should also be immortal, but there is no me in this world. It seems that my supreme law is not perfect." The Lord of Thousand Spirits sighed.

Not only is it imperfect, it also adds such a calamity to the world, and the so-called Supreme Law is a failure.

The information passed quickly through Qin Ming's mind, and only a few seconds passed outside.

After the devil was restless, he suddenly calmed down.

"I just frightened me. I think about it carefully. It is impossible for your deity to cross the long river of time. The stronger the individual, the impact caused by the long river of time is huge and unbearable. Now you are just a soul, you Can't deal with me!"

The hope Qin Ming had just ignited, when he heard the devil's words, he immediately looked at the lord of the thousand spirits.

Although the Lord of Thousand Spirits was still calm on his face, he did not refute anything.

The devil is mostly right, this is just a spirit of the Lord of Thousand Spirits.

"Disciple, this is the cause and effect I created, and I will naturally bear it, but I need your help." The Lord of Qianling said facing Qin Ming.

"Master, please tell me." Qin Ming said immediately, even if it was just a soul, but the appearance of the Lord of Thousand Spirits really became Qin Ming's last hope.

"Don't worry, you will be fine." The Lord of the Thousand Spirits said slowly, as if to Qin Ming, and as if to the strong people present.

After all, the Lord of Thousand Spirits stretched out his hand and touched his heart, and the solid-looking hand penetrated into the body without any hindrance.

A spirit orb with a pure white outer body was taken out of his body by him.

The Lingzhu is as big as a fist, and within the pure white are colorful and complex colors full of magic, strands after strands.

Qin Ming was startled, this bead seemed like a strange inner alchemy!

Lingzhu floated from the palm of the Lord of Thousand Spirits to Qin Ming.

"Swallow it."

"Master, here." Qin Ming hesitated.

"Don't hesitate." said the Lord of Thousand Spirits.

Qin Ming also knew that the Lord of Thousand Spirits must have thought about it carefully, and he had no choice, so he swallowed the spirit orb in one go.


As the spirit pearl entered, Qin Ming only felt that his nine-patterned golden core immediately reacted and began to spin at high speed.

The Lingzhu floated to the vicinity of the Golden Core and began to turn around.

Before Qin Ming could react, the spirit of the Lord of Thousand Spirits immediately merged into Qin Ming's body.

"Enter Ding, run the fairy law!"

The voice of the Lord of Thousand Spirits rang in Qin Ming's ears.

Qin Ming did so, the nine-patterned golden pill turned faster and faster, and the spirit of the lord of the thousand spirits merged into the spirit orb.

It didn't take a moment for the spirit beads to melt away, and countless pure whites and thousands of brilliance poured on the golden core.

At the same time, Qin Ming could perceive the divine soul of the lord of the thousand spirits gradually weakening.

"Master, you are!" Qin Ming faintly noticed something.

The lord of a thousand spirits is also a spirit, I am afraid that the spirit pill is also the inner alchemy of the spirit of the lord of the thousand spirits.

Now that the spirit of the Lord of Thousand Spirits was brought here to Qin Ming, it was almost equivalent to sacrificing himself and trying to cultivate Qin Ming.

"It's right, I can't deal with it as a soul, but you can." The voice of the Lord of Thousand Spirits sounded again, but it was much weaker than the first time.

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