Bizzare Login Device Chapter 569

Chapter 569: Season Finale

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Qin Ming only felt that the golden core in his body was undergoing some drastic changes, and his knowledge of the sea was clear.

The body that had been devastated by the power of the Jiaofeng Bird returned to its peak state in an instant.

The Lord of Thousand Spirits is the only natural spirit in the world, born at the beginning of the wilderness, and controls the nature of the world.

It is no exaggeration to say that the Lord of Thousand Spirits is able to mobilize almost all the natural forces between the heavens and the earth, and the strength is also extremely powerful in the ancient times.

Power of Thunder, Power of Wind, Power of Fire...

Various elements filled Qin Ming's body at the moment, and at the same time injected into Qin Ming's golden core.

The ever-changing look burst out in Qin Ming's eyes, and thousands of natural paths appeared before Qin Ming's eyes, like countless roads leading to the limit.

Countless powerful creatures have spent their entire lives exploring only one of these cultivation paths, and now they are all shown in front of him, within reach.

"Although I have not been able to do it, but if I can step through these thousands of natural paths, I can reach the highest and step into the realm of immortality!"

"You are my last disciple, please."

The voice of the Lord of Thousand Spirits was faint like a candlelight about to burn out. He paved a high road for Qin Ming and gave Qin Ming the capital to fight the devil.

When the thousands of natural ways in front of him disappeared, Qin Ming could no longer notice the existence of the Lord of Thousand Spirits.

The inner pill belonging to the Lord of Thousand Spirits has also been completely poured on top of his golden pill.

At this moment, Qin Ming didn't say that he had obtained the full strength of the Lord of Thousand Spirits, but the most valuable characteristics had been integrated into his body.

And as the inner alchemy was given, the soul dissipated. For this long journey across time and space, the price of the Lord of Thousand Spirits was his own life, only to solve the evil body he created.

The devil looked at Qin Ming with some uncertainty.

The breath radiating from Qin Ming's body made it a little inaccurate. Although it said that it was not afraid of the spirit of the lord of the thousand spirits, in fact, as its own body, how could it not be afraid of it at all.

Especially on Qin Ming, it sensed the existence of the Lord of Thousand Spirits.

After hesitating for a while, the demon finally attacked.

Raising the claws and slamming them down, the power of the violent abyss swept towards Qin Ming.

"Stop it!"

Lin Xuan seemed to see something, and he didn't want Qin Ming to have a problem at this time, and tried to block the power of the devil's abyss.

Some other Xeons also took action one after another, but the devil didn't mean to stay at all.

At this moment, the strongest people are no longer the opponents of the devil, and they are directly bombarded by the power of the surging abyss, unable to resist them.

Qin Ming stretched out his left hand first, and a gentle wind enveloped the strongest people, stopping the momentum of the fall.

Immediately stretched out his right hand, a group of purple and golden thunder blasted out of his palm.

"This is!" Liu Maengsheng's eyes widened, staring at the group of divine thunder brewing in Qin Ming's palm, and the shock in his heart was no smaller than when he first saw the devil.

"This is the ultimate display of the power of Thunder!"

He asked himself that his achievements in this road of thunder were unmatched, and he had almost come to an end, but he still couldn't mobilize this group of ultimate divine thunder, and he had never even seen this ultimate brilliance.

But Qin Ming did it!

The power of the **** thunder collided with the power of the abyss in the air. After a stalemate for a few seconds, the power of the abyss collapsed, and the **** thunder completely destroyed one of the demon's tentacles.

Looking at the tens of thousands of divine light in Qin Ming's eyes, how similar is it to the Lord of Thousand Spirits.

The devil is completely mad, and its resentment towards the Lord of Thousand Spirits is huge.

During the period of the seal, it did not want to kill the body all the time, facing Qin Ming who inherited the power of the Lord of Thousand Spirits, naturally, it transferred this resentment to Qin Ming.

"Just swallow you, just swallow you..."

The demon opened his mouth and spewed out a lot of chaos.

Qin Ming suddenly disappeared in place, no one could capture Qin Ming's figure.

The reappearance is already above the devil's head.

The hands were knotted, and the complicated Dao patterns were formed in an instant, printed on the top of the devil's head.

"Reincarnation Space!"

In the eyes of everyone, the huge demon suddenly disappeared between the heavens and the earth, just so silent.

"What's the situation!" Du Minglang and other coalition forces were dumbfounded.

The demon who had made them desperate the moment before, disappeared the next moment.

The river of blood naturally stopped after losing its source, and the spatial passages opened up by the demon were also closed.

"It's him!" Sword God said.

The strongest people were speechless, they all knew that the sword **** was referring to Qin Ming.

In fact, they all saw Qin Ming appearing on the devil at the last moment and putting on a pattern.

It's just that they didn't know why Qin Ming was able to suddenly burst out such combat power, not only was able to condense the strongest thunder, but also took the devil away with his own power.

In the space of reincarnation.

This is an independent space opened up by the Lord of Thousand Spirits, and it has existed since the ancient times.

The Lord of Thousand Spirits, who controls the power of nature, makes this space look like a small world, except that no creature has been born here yet.

Qin Ming moved the demon here as the final battlefield.

He knew that the strongest outsiders could not help much, and he would fight the devil in the final battle.

This is what he needs to bear after inheriting the Lord of Thousand Spirits.

"Reincarnation space." As the other side of the Lord of Thousand Spirits, the devil naturally knows this.

But except for the Lord of Thousand Spirits, even it can't control this small world.

Being pulled in out of thin air also proved that it felt right before, and Qin Ming really has an inseparable relationship with the Lord of Thousand Spirits.

"It's time to end this catastrophe." During the final battle, Qin Ming's mood became calm for the first time.

The devil's crazy will no longer affects him at all.

The golden core was running, Qin Ming held Thunder in his left hand, and vomited pure white sacred fire in his right hand, and stepped on two three-light sacred winds, and a large amount of frost covered him around the small world.

The ways of nature are obviously extremely skillful in his hands.

The demon was about to move, and the right arm that was raised was suddenly cut off.

The pure white divine fire completely enveloped the devil's head, burning violently.

The demon roared fiercely, resentment turned into real power, and imprinted a curse-like mark on Qin Ming's chest.

In the next moment, Qin Ming only felt his heart numb for a while, showing signs of stagnation.

This is the devil's counterattack, coming suddenly, caught off guard.

"Even if you get his power, you are still not him, you can't beat me!" The demon's head seemed to melt in the flames, but he didn't seem to be fatally injured.

Until the entire huge head was burned, he still stood upright in the sky and did not die.

On the contrary, Qin Ming's own vitality quickly dissipated because of the power of this curse, and this curse robbed his vitality.

However, at such a moment of crisis, Qin Ming still didn't panic at all, but calmly studied this cursing power.

The curse mark on his chest contained all the devil's resentment, even the most powerful ones like Lin Xuan could not bear it.

However, Qin Ming now seemed to simply lift off his clothes and touch the mark on his chest, and droplets of pure diamond-like water attached to the mark.

Immediately, the mark seemed to be wiped off gradually, faded until it disappeared.

Qin Ming revived, and with a wave of his hand, a temporary space channel was opened at the border of this small world, leading directly to the three realms of the spiritual energy world.

The huge aura between heaven and earth then crazily poured into this small world, and even every creature and monk could perceive the change of this aura.

The next moment Qin Ming's hands were sealed, and the endless aura continued to condense on his body.

A line of natural Dao patterns appeared in the world with Qin Ming's seal, and it was difficult to understand the mystery.

Earth, fire, water and wind, build the power of the world's origin!

"Almost meaning, but it's enough." Qin Ming said softly, mobilizing the spirit of the Three Realms, at this moment as if a true **** descended, sacred and inviolable.

With the vertical hand pointing, he swung down towards the demon's body.

At this time, the devil had regrown most of its head, but Qin Ming was no longer ready to keep the devil alive.

Refers to the sword, there is no sword energy, and some are the power of heaven and earth.

"Impossible! This is impossible!!!"

The demon roared, and for the first time a negative emotion of fear appeared on it.

Even when facing the Lord of Thousand Spirits, the opponent did not kill it in order to cultivate the Supreme Law, but this time was different.

Qin Ming inherited the strength of the Lord of Thousand Spirits and was determined to kill it.

The devil seemed to see his fate, but it couldn't change the ending.

Power as strong as the abyss is vulnerable to Qin Ming's power of heaven and earth.

The huge body of the demon was immediately annihilated.

Qin Ming had an extra dark mist in his hand, which was the spirit of the devil.

It was a bit heavy, even at this time the devil's spirit still tried to break away from Qin Ming's shackles.

The appearance of Divine Soul was no longer as ugly as the devil's body, but the appearance of the Lord of Thousand Spirits, but Qin Ming knew that this was not the Lord of Thousand Spirits.

"It's over." Qin Ming squeezed his palm.

The demon spirit collapsed.

In the Three Realms, the power of the abyss in the air dissipated.

The dim sky gradually dissipated and returned to Qingming.

Lin Xuan and others stood in the air, bathing in the long-lost warm sun, and closed their eyes.

Everything is so beautiful.

The remaining calamity beasts also seemed to have lost their spirits, and lost their breath.

They knew it was over.


A few months later.

In a small world.

A small town, a house on the street.

"Xia Ya, I heard that your son is back. The mayor of Shanze City has visited your house three times these days, which is really incredible."

"Yeah, the Qin family boy is brilliant, amazing!"

"Aya, I heard that your kid doesn't have a girlfriend yet. I know a girl who is really good. Would you like to introduce me?"


Xia Ya smiled and walked home carrying a big bag of vegetables she had just bought.

Qin Kongbo was sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper, "I heard that many people died abroad some time ago. The cause of death has not been found out, and I don't know what happened."

"You care so much, let's be fine, has my son gotten up yet." Xia Ya walked into the kitchen and began to wash the vegetables.

"No, just let him sleep for a while, the child is old, don't keep an eye on others." Qin Kongbo casually said.

"Don't worry about what it means, he is our son, no matter who cares, it's noon, hurry up and eat." Xia Ya dissatisfied.

Familiar room.

Qin Ming stretched out comfortably on the bed, even though he had been on the three poles, he was still reluctant to get up.

It wasn't until my mother started to urge him to get up slowly, and walked to the hall after a simple wash.

A table of good dishes is already on the table.

"Son, Aunt Wang said that she would introduce someone to you. Indeed, you are too old, so you can try to talk about one." Xia Ya sat aside and said with a smile.

"Mom, don't worry about it, your son is so good, are you afraid that you won't find someone?" Qin Ming said helplessly.

"Xiaoming is right, so don't worry about it." Dad Qin was on a leg with Qin Ming, and at this time he also helped, and Qin Ma's eyes were immediately glared.

"Haha, mom is not in a hurry." Qin Ma smiled. Although she doesn't know what Qin Ming did, but these days, celebrities and officials visit their homes uninterruptedly, which has explained everything.

His son is already amazing.

It's not an exaggeration to return to the hometown after success. The situation of their son has already been spread in the neighborhood.

"By the way, son, what have you done? So many high-ranking officials have come to look for you these days." Dad Qin couldn't help being curious and asked again.

Qin Ming hadn't said much before, but if all of the wonderful journey during this time were told, he was afraid that his parents would not be able to accept it.

"Dad, then I'll just say it straight." Qin Ming put down his chopsticks and suddenly said.

Dad Qin and Ma Qin immediately put down their chopsticks and looked over.

"I said I saved the world, do you believe it?"


"Believe, believe you a big-headed ghost, forget it, eat and eat." Qin Ma took the chopsticks and knocked Qin Ming's forehead, said.

Qin Ming shrugged, reacting as expected, picking up a piece of meat and stuffing it into his mouth with rice.

"believe or not."

A home-cooked meal, leisurely and at ease.

At this moment, the doorbell rang.

"Who." Mother Qin put down her chopsticks and opened the door.

I saw two beautiful girls standing outside the door smiling.

"Hello Auntie, is Qin Ming at home?" Ye Wen smiled like water, her charm rising straight up.

Gu Tao also looked cute and cute from the side, checking the situation inside the door from time to time.

This is Qin Ming's hometown.

"You are?" Qin Ma asked.

"We are Qin Ming's friends." Ye Wen said.

"It's a good friend." Gu Tao emphasized.

Qin Ma's eyes gradually lit up, and her expression changed rapidly.

"So it is, welcome, girl, please come in quickly."

(End of the book)

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