Super Villain System Chapter 453

Chapter 449: Husband You Are Very Tough Today

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"Yeah, you are right, you must deal with him well."

"It's not too late, daughter, you should go take a bath now, and come to Dad later, no, come to Dad's room later, I happen to have something to discuss with your mother."

Qin Yu smiled and patted Princess Caiyu on the shoulder, but she felt flattered.

Although his father is not so strict with himself, his majesty is definitely indispensable.

Today is different, she looks very kind, which makes Princess Caiyu even more happy.

And Leng Ruyun's gaze once again revealed a suspicious look.

A moment later, in the bedroom of the Peacock Palace.

Qin Yu grabbed Leng Ruyun's fragrant shoulders, and said with a smile: "Ai concubine has suffered. This king has grown to become a master today, so I don't need to fear anyone anymore.

While talking, she began to take off her clothes.

Leng Ruyun blushed slightly, and said lightly, "My lord, it's not dark yet, my daughter has to come in in a while."

Qin Yu didn't care about that much, but continued his actions. After all, he was a husband and wife. Leng Rujun saw that today's husband had such a good interest, but he let him.

She no longer resisted, but curiously said: "My lord, always feel that after this breakthrough, your temperament has also changed?"

"Oh? How are you talking about?"

Leng Ruyun blushed and said softly, "I feel tougher, and I'm more decisive without the indecision that I had done before."


"Yeah, that's right, the lady described it well!"

The last light shirt faded, and Leng Ruyun curiously asked: "Husband, you have a faint fragrance today, it seems to be... a floral fragrance?"

"Ah... well, this king used to sit quietly in the sea of flowers."

Qin Yu turned Leng Ruyun around. Good fellow, he glanced at it clearly, and then he looked at the pink red print on the woman's chest and frowned slightly.

"Ding, you behaved very badly and got 1500 villain points."

"What are you looking at, what's so good about old couples and old wives..."

Leng Ruyun snorted, but he reached out to untie Qin Yu's clothes, but seeing the woman lowered her eyebrows, she blushed slightly and said, "Husband, your daughter will come over later. You don't want to take too long."

While talking, Leng Ruyun found that something was wrong. The purple robe worn by her husband today...

Can't solve it!

I wanted to ask before. Although the peacocks love beauty and their husband often changes different clothes, this purple robe has never been seen before.

This will be even more insoluble.

It's no wonder she, Tian Xing Jiuge's clothes buttons can be unlocked without saying.

"Husband, your clothes..."

Leng Rujun blushed and raised his head to look at Qin Yu, with a faint wave of water in his eyes, but the style of this eye made Qin Yu who was lost in thought come back to his senses.

There are so many styles!

It's not that I can't understand Boss Cao's hobby!

Qin Yu settled down and said with a smile: "Madam, are you so anxious? Can't even untie the buttons?"

"Nonsense, who is eager, for the old and disrespectful..."

Leng Ruyun's small face turned red, but at this moment, urgent footsteps sounded at the gate of the palace.

"Hey, my daughter is here!"

Leng Rujun hurriedly pushed Qin Yu away, and Yingying turned around and put on his clothes. Qin Yu saw this secretly, but at the same time he finally determined something in his heart.

"Father, mother, I'm here!"

The door was pushed open, and Princess Caiyu, dressed in a light gauze, walked in quickly. Under this gauze, the girl's skin was faintly looming, plus this youthful vitality.

As soon as Qin Yu waved his hand, the gate of the palace was closed with a "boom" under the urging of mana, and the whole palace was instantly darkened. Only the candlelight flickered slightly, and the atmosphere looked a little weird.

Princess Caiyu didn't think so much. She ran to Qin Yu happily and said with a chuckle: "Father, I'm all ready, let's start!"


"Daughter, don't move, and activate the mark for your father."

He was talking with his fingertips, a mana hovering at the tip of his right finger, but seeing Qin Yus fingers gently stretched out in front of Princess Caiyus forehead, he said softly: "Relax, let go of happiness, its very It's good soon."

"From then on, your life will be different."


Princess Caiyu closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and she really relaxed.

Say relax and relax, what is this?

This is talent!

From the side, it also reflects Princess Caiyu's cultivation talent.

The next moment, Qin Yu's fingers slowly moved between her eyebrows, and the light left by the wave of mana looked like a rune.

"this is"

Leng Ruyun by his side opened his mouth, seeming to recognize something, and looked at the husband who was paying attention at the moment.

Immediately, the previous husbands various behaviors that were different from usual suddenly came to mind, could it be said...

"Controlling Talisman, you are..."

This woman wanted to make a sound, but suddenly realized that she couldn't move, she couldn't even make a sound.

Looking down at the waist, he was touched by the husband just now, no, there are two marks that are shining with light.

At this moment, her heart sank fiercely. Out of maternal love, out of protection for Princess Caiyu, before she completely lost the ability to resist, she bit her tongue fiercely, and the original essence and blood poured out to make her a short recovery. The ability to act.

"Leave her!"

Leng Ruyun gave a soft drink, pushed Qin Yu away desperately, and then looked at her daughter with difficulty.

At this moment, Princess Caiyu closed her eyes tightly, and the magic control talisman on the center of her eyebrows exuded a leisurely light.


"Cai Yu!"

She shook her daughter vigorously, but Princess Caiyu never opened her eyes, as if she fell into a deep sleep.

"It's useless, the spirit control talisman has been implanted in the soul. After she wakes up, she is the deity's spirit pet."

There was a calm voice in his ear, and he turned his head to look, only to see a handsome young man looking at him faintly.

"Qin Yu!"

"You are Qin Yu!"

Leng Ruyun burst into tears and said eagerly, "Where is the king, was he killed by you!"

"You stinky Taoists of the Feathered Immortal Sect, I'm fighting with you!"

After saying this, she tried her best to lift the mana, but the two purple thunder marks on her waist released a slight electric arc. She whispered, and she could not stand firmly under the thunder and lightning, but fell forward and fell into Qin. Yu's arms.

Qin Yu steadily supported her, and said calmly: "You are right, the Yuhua Immortal Sect is a respectful and stinky Taoist priest, but aren't you too?"

Leng Ruyun shook her body, and looked up at Qin Yu's gaze, filled with fear. These words seemed to touch the deepest part of her soul that she was most unwilling to face.

Qin Yu sighed softly: "Before I saw you, I still had some doubts, but I just saw the crescent mark on your chest, but it was certain."

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