The Cannon Fodder And Her Mr. Right Chapter 1573

Chapter 1572:

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Gong Chenye didn't even know that danger was approaching him step by step.

After having a daughter, most of his thoughts are placed on the child, doing things, and knowing how to stay a line, in order to accumulate virtue for the child, and try not to kill.

After completely taking over Gong Monan's power, Gong Chenye's power expanded several times.

At this time, he almost controlled the entire underground world of Xiacheng.

All those that are not visible, illegal, and probing on the edge of the law are all his business.

Except for some major issues, he would personally intervene, and most of the other trivial matters were handed over to Yan Tong.

Gong Chenye will leave most of the time to her daughter every day.


Since the beginning of spring in Xiacheng, the weather is getting warmer day by day.

After several sunny days, the temperature began to rise rapidly, and the cherry blossoms in the park bloomed overnight.

Xiacheng officially entered the warm spring.

Mo Yanyang's culinary competition, methodically advanced.

With the increasing intensity of publicity, more and more people are eliminated, and the time between matches has also lengthened!

Moreover, every game is accompanied by a live broadcast.

Nowadays, the gold medal kitchen king game has almost become an artifact for most netizens.

Mo Yanyang's value has risen, and even many TV stations and media want to interview her, and some other variety shows want to invite her.

However, they were all rejected by Mo Yanyang.

Only two formal and influential media were interviewed.

"I'm just a cook, not a star. I participated in this competition mainly to see my own cooking skills. Compared with other masters, what are the deficiencies and advantages? Some people are suitable for the stage, but I am probably worth it. Suitable for pots and pans."

"I am still a wife, a mother, and my main focus of life. In my family, I don't want to be paid too much attention to my private life. I am just a very ordinary person. The life I want to live is to cook. I dont care about raising flowers, picking up my son, taking care of the elderly, and opening a small shop."

The host asked her again: "Everyone knows that the temptation of the entertainment industry is great, because this industry is too capable of collecting money, you have declined so many variety shows, have you ever thought that you may have missed a lot of money, your family will not I will feel sorry."

Mo Yanyang smiled: "My family members, I'm afraid I won't want to enter the entertainment circle..."

Now Xie Xize wanted to wrap her tightly from head to toe as long as she saw her going out.

Two days ago, the paparazzi even went to the community where she lived and took photos of their family of three going out. After he found them, he straightened them up.

The next day, she heard that the paparazzi had changed careers.

That gossip magazine also closed down.

The host asked: "Is it your husband?"

Mo Yanyang nodded: "Well, yes, he, I participated in the cooking competition because I like it. It is my hobby to open a small shop, but it is unnecessary to enter the entertainment industry!"

After the interview was released, many people scolded Mo Yanyang for being upright, saying that she hadn't been under the control of her husband at all.

Sharp-eyed netizens directly posted: Ha ha, innocent humans. Haven't seen what clothes or shoes they wear? There is also a necklace that she accidentally revealed. It is more than enough to buy a set of two rooms and one living room in Sanhuan.

There is also a handsome cousin. Can you buy the shoes you have worn these few times?

It's not a fake high school, they simply don't like the money in the entertainment industry.

Like cannon fodder, she is married to a wealthy boss, please collect it: (Wuxiaworld) Cannon fodder is married to a wealthy boss, and her literary updates are the fastest.

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