Witch Brigade Book 2 Chapter 482

Vol 2 Chapter 482: Backflow

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As soon as he came up, he was desperate. Obviously, Tige thought he was one enemy two and the chance of defeating the two was not high. So from the beginning, he had a desperate mind. When talking to the two, he secretly prepared to face each other. Used his own magical ultimate move.

For the existence of the gods, ordinary sneak attacks don't have much effect. Their speed of thinking determines that the success rate of sneak attacks is close to zero. Tig's desperate magic arts can only take the lead at most.

But just this first mover gave Tig a little room to play.

Quines thoughts are electric, but his hands are not slow, and the godhead is running, destroying the moon and turning around suddenly, the infinite moonlight, fusing the laws of destruction and the soul, turns the dim yellow of the land around the moon into a moonlight ocean.

As soon as the weird curse rune entered this moonlight ocean full of destruction and spiritual defense, it immediately exploded with a loud bang and turned into a **** mist, covering the entire ruined moon, and temporarily trapping Quinnes inside.

The same was true for Fannie on the other side, except that the **** mist had not been shrouded for a long time, but when a loud noise was heard, a section of the mountain peak was cut off directly, and the storm of chaos and divine power swept away the whole **** mist. .

"Tig, don't want to run, even if I lose most of the kingdom of God today, I will keep you here." Fannie said bitterly.

As a prophet lady, his calculation power and determination are top-notch, knowing that if Tig escapes this time, and then wants to have a chance to find him and kill him, I don't know when it will be.

Therefore, Fannie made a decisive decision and broke Tige's **** curse magic at the cost of abandoning part of the kingdom of God.

After all, if you fight for consumption, Tige can't fight the two at all. Vannie only needs to contribute, but Tige needs to take into account the existence of Quinns.

Of course, Quinnes wont be like Vannie, directly depleting his own roots to wipe out the **** mist. He only needs to slowly smooth out the **** mist outside, and during this period of time, Fannie and Tige will consume each others strength. If you are lucky, it is not impossible to be a fisherman directly.

It's just this little thought, whether it's Fannie or Tig.

Tige directly controlled the scarlet giant to open and close, throwing out the deadly magic arts without money, hoping that before Quinns got out of trouble, he could seriously injure Vannie and find a chance to escape.

And Fannies style of play is to entangle Tig with the least strength and delay time. After all, time is on Fannies side.

The **** divine power and the violent chaotic divine power oscillated back and forth in the spiritual world, and spread far and wide.

Queens has dual purposes, while at the same time dissipating the **** mist, he also pays attention to the situation of the two hands.

With the fight between the two, the supernatural power of the riot even vaguely broke the space that overlapped with the deeper level of the spiritual world, allowing Quinns to see where the three of them were.

"That's it?" Quinns stood up suddenly in shock, his eyes burning.

"The plane of hell, it turned out to be the plane of hell."

At this time, Quinnes understood why Tige would fix the kingdom of God here. It turned out that his kingdom of God had been wandering "outside" hell, ready to merge into **** at any time, and even fall into hell.

"He didn't want to escape, but he wanted to merge into hell," Quinnes thought. Even so, Tig was bound to be bound to the big ship of hell, but it also allowed him to escape being caught by them. The fate of dismemberment.

Immediately, Quinnes expelled the power of the door on the moon godhead, and the moon godhead was generous and splendid, and under high-speed rotation, there were even cracks cracking from it.

But the benefits of overclocking like this are also reflected. The **** mist covering the ruined moon suddenly melted and collapsed under the dim moonlight.

Seeing this scene, Vannie was very excited. Although I don't know why Quinns suddenly turned his calculations, it is undoubtedly a good thing for him.

Looking at Tig again, his heart is tight, even if he can't guess whether Quinnes has seen his calculations, but his current preparations have not yet been completed. At this time Quinns is out of trouble and will inevitably have his plan. The immeasurable impact.

Tig is also a decisive person. At the moment Queens escaped, regardless of Vannies magic, he just took a physical touch, then turned around and threw the **** magic that had originally gathered into another place. .

I saw the fragile spirit world void that had been disturbed by the two people, and suddenly under this blow, a huge gap was blown out. On the other side of the gap, the breath of huge heart palpitations revealed a trace, which made San There is a chaotic temptation inside the person, who wants to entice all three of them in.

"The plane of hell?!" After all, Vannie was a god-level existence, and she quickly broke away from this feeling. After thinking about it, he understood Tieg's plan and the reason for Quinns' abnormal behavior just now.

Abandoning distracting thoughts, Vannie naturally cannot let Tigs plan succeed, otherwise his previous losses will be completely wiped out. At this time, even if it is a god, after investing so much capital, it does not mean giving up. Can give up.


Vannie tried her best to use her divine power, and saw that above her godhead, a tyrannical divine power rose up like time and water, and went straight to Tige. Tige's first plan was successful, and naturally she wouldn't let Vannie get her , Hitting the planned blow, broke an arm directly, trying to stop Vannie's magic.

In the distance, Quinns, who is a comprehension of the law of time, had long noticed that Vannies attack was purposeful ~ wuxiaworld.online~ After receiving a message from Vannies heart, he confirmed this even more. , When the next extremely condensed moonlight crossed the space, it twisted around Tige's broken arm.

It was only this blow that caused his Moon Godhead to have several more cracks again.

Just as the moon beam bound Tigri's broken arm, he turned straight towards Tigri's magic, and the target was a gap leading to the plane of hell.

"Do not!"

An inexplicable premonition rose from Tige's heart.

Sure enough, Vannies magical skills hit the gap, and immediately spread across the edge of the gap, and then the gap closed quickly.

"Go back in time, you are actually planning a time clergy."

Tiger gritted his teeth and looked at Vannie. At this time, he had no time to enter hell, and there was no more power to open another gap.

"Come to care about my affairs at this time? Still think about how you survived?"

Fannie laughed happily.

"Hmph, even if you die, I won't let you get the Scarlet Godhead."

looked at Vannie and Quinns with bitterness in Tig.


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