Witch Brigade Book 2 Chapter 483

Vol 2 Chapter 483: At Last

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At this point, Vannie no longer wanted the chance to let Tig come back, and the same was true for Quinns beside her.

If Tig comes back like this, who knows if he will be put in too.

With the all-out efforts of Fannie and Quinnes, Tig finally wanted to explode the Soul and Godhead, but was killed by them on the spot.

The scarlet dragon fell.

Fannie held a scarlet godhead full of cracks, and while she was full of distress, she exhaled a long sigh, and finally his plans were not in vain.

Seeing Quines gathering the half-remaining blood kingdom, as well as Tige's body and soul, Vannie's eyes moved. In the end, he didn't do anything. Even if he didn't run out of oil and the lamp died, he didn't change it. More divine power reserves, come to fight another tough battle.

Seeing Quines put his eyes on him, Vannie curled her lips, and slowly threw the remaining crystals of divine power to Quinns, ending the transaction.

The two who had finished dividing the spoils did not talk nonsense. Qi Qi quickly controlled the kingdom of God and left here. This place is not close to the plane of hell, but with the alarm of the previous Tige, it is difficult to guarantee that the rest of the **** will come, so it is somewhat In trouble.

Destroyed the moon without stopping, directly after driving out a certain way, positioning in the world in the collective subconscious sea, returned back, and after that, Quinns world opened immediately.

In Quinnes world, a huge and incomplete divine body lay high in the sky. Constance and others surrounded this divine body with joy, studying the internal structure of this divine body, this divine body. , Let Quinness trip worth the fare, if he can study thoroughly, his entry of power will be greatly accelerated.

In Quince's hand, he held a soul crystal, inside which was sealed the fragments of Tige's soul that had been broken to the extreme.

Regrettably, Tig was a **** after all, and in the end he was still escaped with a little soul fragment, but this bit of soul fragment, if you want to do something, it may be a matter of thousands of years later, even if Tig can regain After returning, Fannie will worry about it.

The last remaining fragment of the Scarlet Kingdom of God, Quinnes did not include it in the world, but broke it again and added it to the ruined moon to strengthen the background.

Five thousand years have passed, since after swallowing this piece of fat, Quinns has not even descended into his own world, and has wholeheartedly digested everything he got.

He also gradually let go of the Human Li Church in the secular world. Everything was handed over to the Godheads automatic response mechanism. In five thousand years, the Human Li Church has successfully developed a huge church spreading across many worlds. . Provides countless power of faith for Quinns.

And that is, in the past five thousand years, Quinnes has successively realized the law, and extracted the power of the law, and replaced it with the law of his own creation.

At this time, in addition to the law of order, there is a little pass, the other ten laws have been replaced by him, and they have become part of the moon god.

At this point, Quinnes can be said to be only one step away from the real foreign god.

In the world of the collective subconscious sea, the world at this time has already prospered to an extreme, and various born creatures multiply in this world, birth, old, sick, and die, forming a perfect closed loop.

Quinns sits high above the **** seat at the highest point of the world tree. Behind the **** seat stands a portal that stands high up from the sky. There are many mysterious circulations on it, illusion and illusion, only the center of the door lintel. A little bit of truth is circulating endlessly, hindering the formation of this gateway.

On both sides of , there are five smaller gods, and above them are Constance, Sophia, Darlene, Shadow Bee and Little Alarm Clock.

Queens at this time, since three thousand years ago, has never left the seat of God.

This is because since 3,000 years ago, with the substitution of the law, Quinns has been increasingly rejected by the entire multiverse. In the end, even the five Constances need to sit on the throne to prevent Quinns from accidentally staying in When the power of the door is completely replaced, it is excluded from the multiverse.

At the top of the silence, Constance, sitting on the first seat of God, opened his eyes and said: "Quince, the law of order will be replaced in less than a year, and we should also prepare early."

After breaking the silence, Quinnes slowly awakened from the deepest deduction and looked at the five Constances: "Well, although the detachment of the multiverse is close at hand, I dont know what will happen in the future, the multiverse, You really need to stay behind."

"The whole world is my body, and will detach with us, but destroy the moon, you can make a fuss on this."

While speaking, Quinns's heart moved, and suddenly he saw that the moon high above the world had an unknown change. The moon godhead at the core was divided into seven in an instant, turning into one big, six and seven small gods.

Queens actually made seven godheads based on one godhead in an instant.

Six smaller godheads flew in front of Quinns, spinning endlessly, while the remaining larger godheads re-sink into the core of the moon, and then various mysteries were cultivated into the moon.

One month later, the entire Destroy Moon has been refined by Quinns only the size of a projectile.

Queens played with it for a while, and then a thought shattered the void and threw the ruined moon in.

Soon, Quinnes spent more than half a month to refine the six godheads on his hand.

After the preparations were completed, Quinns raised his eyes and looked at the void, as if walking through infinite space and looking at the distant place of the multiverse.

Queens raised his hand and grabbed it away~wuxiaworld.online~In an instant, six spatial passages broke through the space, and six figures were captured and photographed by Quinnes.

Looking at the unspeakable and unmovable figure in front of him, Quinns smiled slightly, and then reduced his breath before slowly saying: "Buddy, Gloria, Pamela, Thomas, Ursula, San De, you are still alive, very good, very good, it saves me a lot of effort."

The six people who were captured and photographed are the five disciples of Quinns and Constance, as well as Buddy, Quinns former friend.

At this time, all the six people are the aura of the 9th-order transcendents, but after coming here inexplicably, the minds of the six people are suppressed, as if there are infinite truth wills here, and a glance will make the six people The head exploded.

"Well, these are not what you should see." Quinnes covered up the anomaly in the entire space.

Until this time, the six talents could see the person sitting on the tall **** seat, or god.

said it was wrong to see clearly, because in their field of vision, they only saw what Quinnes had shown them, and the rest, biscuits were not something they could bear now.



The six were all excited.


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