Witch Brigade Book 2 Chapter 484

Vol 2 Chapter 484: End And Beginning Grand Finale

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Queens slid across the faces of the six, and time has already carved many marks on the six.

"You are not young anymore," Quinnes exclaimed.

"Unfortunately, you all have a considerable distance from the demigod state."

Speaking of this, the six of them couldn't help but bow their heads together. To say it, the resources of the six are not bad at all, and they have Quinns, a former teacher. But there are so many good things in this world. Quinnes can take them to level 9 with his own insight, which is a rare move in the entire multiverse.

If you really want to enter the semi-god state, you can no longer rely on foreign objects.

"Shame on the teacher."

Gloria said sadly.

"It doesn't need to be," Quinns said gently.

"Now that I brought you here, I have some last things I want to say to you."

"The last words?! Could it be that teacher..."

"Don't think too much, you will know about me from now on."

"You are here today, but it is an adventure for you."

Immediately, Quinnes raised his right hand slightly, and suddenly, the place that had been overlooked by the six suddenly became clear.

"This... is this Godhead?!"

Ursula did not dare to talk.

"What? Godhead?"

"No need to be surprised, these godheads are no longer useful to me, let's disperse them to you before leaving."

After finishing speaking, not waiting for everyone to be surprised, he slowly said: "Gloria!"

"Yes, teacher." Gloria endured the excitement and stepped forward solemnly.

"You are my only disciple, but you are at the mercy of fate. This destiny is given to you."

As he said, a godhead glowed slightly in Quince's hand, and immediately turned into a streamer, falling into Gloria's eyebrows.

"Teacher Xie Chengquan."

Gloria held back his excitement and thanked her.

Queens nodded slightly, and then said: "Ursula."

"Teacher, I am here."

"You are a disciple of Constance, you can also be regarded as my half apprentice, this elemental **** is yours."

"Thank you, teacher."



"This material **** belongs to you."

"Thank you teacher."



"This spiritual **** belongs to you."

"Thank you teacher."



"This space **** belongs to you."

"Thank you teacher."

"It's you in the end, Buddy."

"Kui..." Buddy stammered. He didn't know Quince's personality before and called his name indiscriminately. By this time Buddy didn't dare to make another mistake.

"Okay, let's not talk about other things, this time godhead is yours, make good use of it."

Queens didn't say a word about the belonging of the godhead, and the godhead turned into a streamer and fell into everyone's eyebrows.

"Besides, in the Godhead, I have left behind the core mystery of this multiverse, as well as the cultivation methods of the outer gods. It's up to you how you want to go in the future."

"At this point, our bond of mentoring and apprenticeship and friendship is over. Whether there is a day to meet in the future, it is up to you."

Without waiting for the six to speak, Quinnes waved his hand, and the six had already left the place and returned to where they were before.

After planting his backhands and foreshadowing, Quinnes did not hesitate anymore.

The door behind the seat of God rumbling up, and the chain of order above the lintel became clearer than ever before, until it was at its peak, it was suddenly extracted by Quinnes.

This chain of laws was arbitrarily kneaded by Quinnes into a scale of laws, discarded in the vast multiverse, and reserved for fate, and the story surrounding this scale of laws will set off a huge wave in the future multiverse.

But at this time Quinnes can no longer take care of these. After extracting the law of order, the five Constances turned into five rays of light and merged into the portal to stabilize the portal.

And Quinnes was also locked in the last order created, and he plunged into the door.


After Quinnes plunged into the portal, the roar of the entire multiverse was endless.

Inside the portal, a vortex suddenly rose up, and in a flash, it swallowed Quince's entire world tree world.

And just after swallowing it into the world, the power of the door reaches its maximum repulsive force in the multiverse.

A cave that made the hearts of the gods of the entire multiverse open slowly, a snake and a cow entangled inside, and the power of endless thunder gleamed on it.

crackling bombardment on the portal, vowing to split the portal into pieces.

The entire portal emits a slight blue light, and while resisting it, it seems to be a blacksmith who regards the thunderbolt as a forge, attracting the thunderbolt to forge the entire portal, making the illusory door gradually real under the forging. stand up.

But this reality has a completely different essential composition from the reality of this multiverse, so that everyone who sees this scene will have such a firm understanding.

The thunder is getting stronger, and the portal is gradually realizing, but the portal gradually becomes unsustainable as time goes by. From time to time, sporadic fragments break from the portal and slide into the depths of the multiverse.

"It's time to go."

After finally using a handful of the two ancient creation beasts, Quinnes did not dare to neglect. Although he expected to hold on for another half a minute based on his research on the two ancient creation beasts, he was no longer necessary. A lot of the real breath of this multiverse has been gathered.

A deep vortex opened above the portal, and after a second, the entire portal suddenly slipped into it, completely disappearing from the multiverse.

Above the endless chaotic sea~wuxiaworld.online~ A twisted twist entwined by a long snake and a giant cow floats up and down on the chaotic sea. There are dozens of strange creatures around this area, relying on After the twisted twists were opened up, the calmer place was created, and the twisted twists revolved like satellites.

Suddenly, the twisted twist suddenly cracked a hole, spraying out a portal that was emitting a shimmering blue light.

As soon as the twisted twists appeared from the cyan light portal, she immediately sensed the danger of this endless chaotic sea, and only the twisted twists surrounding the twisted twists were slightly calm and waveless under the influence of the twisted twists.

After instantly perceiving the situation of the Chaos Sea, the cyan portal opened wide, the World Tree world was spit out again, and the cyan portal returned to its place.

Sitting on the seat of God, Quinns looked at the dozens of creatures in the distance, and smiled bitterly: "So this is the so-called outer god. Compared to the vast and dangerous chaotic sea, the outer **** seems to be a poor creature. I really don't know me. Is it right?"

Constance sitting aside was optimistic: "I don't think that I thought that the outer gods are superb, but now it seems that we have a higher goal. It is more fun and challenge to surpass this chaotic sea. "

Queens stood up suddenly and laughed: "Indeed, we won't be bored anymore."

The book is over.


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