Rise Of Void Dragons Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Ch 38 | Carrying Lin Fang

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"Release me" Lin Fang glared at Wang Ming with her red face and tried to struggle free from his embrace.

"Ok" Wang Ming agreed instantaneously, it's not like that he was doing it purposefully, he did this to prevent her from falling again. He himself was not feeling good being this close to someone else after so long.

But before he can rerelease her, Qinling shouted, "No, don't release her. And Fang what are you struggling for? Are you willing to fall again? Wait for a while. Let me think about a way to take you to hospital."

Wang Ming and Lin Fang were silenced, and their actions stopped immediately.

Wang Ming stood in his place, holding Lin Fang from her waist. While Lin Fang's body was leaning towards his body, taking the support.

With every passing second, her face was turning more and more red. The warmth, scent radiating out of his body, was making her feel different, a feeling that she has never felt before.

'What's this feeling?' She questioned herself without getting any answers.

Wang Ming was comparatively better than her. Even though he was also feeling an indescribable feeling, being an expert in terms of neglecting his senses, he efficiently suppressed it.

He looked down, towards his wristwatch, it was already 8:45 am.

"Miss, can you think faster? I don't have much time. I urgently need to go." Feeling the fast-flowing time, he urged. He needs to attend his wedding, and here he was standing, holding another girl so close to his body.

"Umm how about this, can you carry Fang to the University clinic?" Not being able to find any other idea, Qinling asked.

"I am ok with it, but Doctor Song Huang is not present in the university today."

"Not present? Are you sure?" Qinling asked back with a troubled expression.

Of course, Wang Ming was sure. Song Huang, son of Song Chao, was busy today in preparation for his wedding. But, he can't say that out loud. So he just nodded, not willing to explain anything.

"Then, can you carry her to the hospital outside the university?" Without any other option, Qinling proposed this option.

"Hmm? Outside the university? No!" Before Wang Ming could even think or reply, Lin Fang firmly denied.

It's already intolerable for her to remain this close to a boy. What will happen if he carries her out of university? Won't everyone witness this event?

'No, I can't let that happen!' She cried inwardly.

Guessing Lin Fang's thoughts, Qinling chuckled, "Why are you hesitating? Don't you like Wang Ming? Let everyone in the university witness your love?"

"Who the hell likes him? Qinling, don't joke around. Find out another solution." Lin Fang replied furiously. If she were able to move, she would have already jumped up at Qiao Qinling.

But even so, her struggling body rubbed against Wang Ming's.

Wang Ming, "..."

"Ok, ok. Now listen to me, there's no other option. You have to go to the hospital or just lie down here, on the ground till I can find someone else to help you." Qinling stopped joking and replied gravely.

There was no other way around. She can't think of anything else except this. Off course, she can go find a stretcher or call for an ambulance for carrying her to hospital, but then won't this become hi-fi case?

"Umm" Lin Fang didn't know what to say. Even though she still can't agree to it. She also was not able to think of anything else.

At this time, Wang Ming's phone rang.

Wang Ming released one of his hands, letting Lin Fang lean more on his body, and fished out his phone.

He saw the caller ID, and instantaneously picked it up.

"Hello, Secretary Song."

From the other side, Secretary Song replied respectfully, "Greetings to Second Prince Consort. Are you ready? I may come early to pick you up."

"Umm I am not ready. But I'll get ready soon. You can come." After hesitating, Wang Ming replied.

"Ok, then" Secretary Song replied and hung up.

After the call was disconnected, Wang Ming said to Qinling, "I am in a hurry, can you people decide fast?"

"Ok, then. Please carry. Fang to the hospital." Without waiting for Lin Fang's reply, Qinling answered swiftly.

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