Demons Chat Group Makes Me Saint Chapter 922

Chapter 922: Trip To The Six Realms

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In the Devildom, Ning Xiaolei, who became a saint, appeared.

The Old Demon Wuji didn't guard it outside, and he didn't know the existence of the Demon Refining Pot.

Looking at the heavenly mirror, Ning Xiaolei checked, and suddenly went somewhere.

Within the Beast Demon King's Court, in a magnificent hall, Ning Xiaolei, who became a saint, came out of the sky with golden light.

"Capture the demon spirits of my subjects, and be punished!"

With a low roar, the mountains and rivers were turbulent, and the grand palace collapsed instantly.

The moment the hall fell, silhouettes of people flew out of it.

"Who comes to my blood and fire temple to make trouble?"

The answer to them was an indifferent word "death".

The real fire of the sun obscures the sky, no one is spared, and all turns to fly ash.

To punish the enemy, Ning Xiaolei probed his hands, fished out a cage from the ground, and crushed it.

In the cage, a demon **** and demon spirit named by the ancient demon clan died in battle, all in a coma and sleeping state.

Ning Xiaolei put them all in the demon refining pot, and his figure disappeared again.

In the depths of the Demon Realm, where it meets the Ghost Realm, Ning Xiaolei broke in, confronted a reclusive saint in terror, and took a nosebleed orchid.

Afterwards, Ning Xiaolei entered the ghost world, found the blood and fire temple here, smashed it, and rescued the demon **** and spirit here.

"Who breaks into my hell?"

The Ten Temple Yama and Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva came together and stopped Ning Xiaolei from going.

"Fairy Buddha running dog, get out!"

Ning Xiaolei roared, the sun was really fierce, the ghost energy of thousands of miles was melted away, the sky collapsed and the earth cracked, a scene of doomsday.

Ten Temple Yama and Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva teamed up, but still lost, injured and retreated.

"Today, the emperor doesn't want to settle accounts with you, let's spare you a dog."

With a soft snort, Ning Xiaolei broke through the air and left.

When he left, the Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, who had recovered from his shock, suddenly exclaimed: "It is the real fire of the sun, who is he, the two emperors of the ancient monster race?"

In the human world, Ning Xiaolei returned. Just after he came back, he saw a great chaos in the human world, demons and various ghosts rampant, everywhere was destroyed, and there were corpses everywhere.

"Dang Zhu!"

With cold flickering in his eyes, Ning Xiaolei released the people and the demon gods in the demon refining pot space and gave orders.

As for himself, he took out a few pieces of Eastern Emperor Bell fragments, and entered them one by one.

A huge bell shadow appeared between the heaven and the earth, suddenly making a sound that shook the Six Realms.

As soon as the bell fell, fragments of humans, demons, ghosts, and immortals flew out from all over the six realms, and quickly came to the world where Ning Xiaolei was.

A sage appeared to stop the fragments, but failed, and caught nothing.

"This voice is Donghuang Taiyi's Donghuang Bell, is he still alive?"

Everywhere in the Six Realms, a saint was shocked, his eyes could not help showing fear, and he recalled the scene of being dominated by that person.

The fragments of the Eastern Emperor Bell were recovered, and in the blink of an eye, it condensed into a complete Eastern Emperor Bell, without any traces of damage.

After all, it is one of the top-level holy magic weapons. It was broken back then because of the death of the master.

Now that the owner returns again, as a magic weapon, it should reproduce the power of the past.

"Go, go to the immortal and buddha realms, it's time to calculate the account back then."

Taking the Eastern Emperor Bell back, Ning Xiaolei took the people who had killed the demons and ghosts who had invaded the human world and flew into the sky.

Arriving in the immortal world, Ning Xiaolei did not go to the war for the first time. Instead, he set up the Sky Mirror and found someone.

"Follow me!"

Grasping the man, Ning Xiaolei entered the demon refining pot and threw him directly at the sun inside.

The person he found was the reincarnation of the demon emperor Jun, his brother back then, who established the demon court with him back then.

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