Luck Is A Charm Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Depletion

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I took a deep breath but somehow I feel even more tired. My entire body feels like there's no more mana flowing throughout my body.

When I start cultivating, my body has become healthier and stronger, and rarely did my body become this kind of state.

I try to walk forward a bit and I somehow manage to lose strength to walk now. I had to lean on Sara which surprised her.

"Zhen, what's happening? Why are you walking like this?" Sara asked with concern while holding my arm.

I tried to reply to her but couldn't as I felt my body like a balloon, full of air and nothing else. I fainted and completely blacked out.


Losing my conscience, I woke up in the same mysterious dream again. However, there is something unusual compare to last time.

I feel my body back to how it used to be on Earth and not a cultivator body. I tried to use my magic by channeling my mana but to no avail.

Although I'm no longer exhausted, I don't feel comfortable with this change one bit. The town is in danger now and if I lose my power too then I'll be powerless.

If I have to watch my beloved die in front of me again and I have no power to stop it then I would really go crazy.

My body keeps shaking as I kept thinking of the negative thought and possible events from happening.

*Huff* *Huff*

I took multiple deep breaths before I'm able to calm myself again. Seeing how I can't activate Sense, I start to walk around aimlessly.

I don't know how long time has passed but my body starts to become sore as I haven't stop walking at all.

The scenery did not change one bit and it feels like I'm walking in a circle. But my instinct told me that I'm getting closer to something.

An unknown amount of time later~

Finally, my mouth has become dry due to the lack of water I drank and every step feels like a needle piercing at my bone. So far, I have gritted my teeth and clenching my fist to continue moving forward.

Alas, my effort wasn't wasted as I finally see some stair platform. I really want to collapse now, the staircase has so many steps that I can't even count with the naked eye.

Right when I was about to collapse, I can feel a bit of stamina return to me. There is so many confusing and mysterious thing happening at this moment. I'm pretty sure that I have a bit of stamina returning to me is that this space wants me to climb those steps.

I feel like an ant as I can't do anything to stop this from happening. I could only continue to grit my teeth as I took my first step into this staircase.

As soon as the step connected, I feel multiple flashes of memories shooting inside my brain but it's too fragmented for me to comprehend anything useful.

The memories I received has images that are blurred out that I can't even tell what it is. My intuition is telling me that the memories are a jigsaw puzzle and to complete the puzzle, I would need to climb to the peak of this platform.

I start treading the stair slowly but at a steady pace. Sweat has started trickling down from my forehead to my clothes already.

By the time I reached the 100th stairs, my clothes are completely stained with sweat. The stair has a gravity pressure on me as I continue to ascend further.

I cursed in my mind as this isn't a wuxia novel where I'm trying to obtain some legacy or fortuitous cultivation method.

'If I ever find the person pulling the string from behind and causing me to suffer this much, I would outright change my name created by my maid to another if I don't beat you to a pulp.'

Around the 500th steps, my eyes have become dazed and I'm simply walking up without any conscience. I never over-exercise and today could be the longest exercise I have ever done.

When I felt despair has fallen, the staircase I'm on vanish completely and I teleport into a platform. The platform has a chandelier cup holding up some tiny bright core.

I felt the tiny bright core is somehow connected to me like it's been a part of me ever since I was born. As I approach closer to see it clearly, I was shocked because this inanimate object is pulsing.

'It is a live being. Unbelievable, this is just getting weirder and weirder yet I have zero clues.'

While I was shocked at the beginning, I start analyzing this core from afar and I notice something inside the core. I finally got a gist of what's going on and why is my body reacting like this.

That tiny core has that tiny red blood drop from the new dungeon. I didn't know how the tiny core has gotten it inside as I don't recall opening that container at all.

'Wait. Didn't I fell unconscious for 10 hours in total? Could it be..... during those 10 hours, this mysterious core got out of my body and grabbed it inside.'

A chill ran down as I come to this thought, I don't even know if this core is beneficial to me or will suddenly turn hostile toward me. Worse, it can't be like those novels where they will try to possess my body and take over my identity.

"Stop being so imaginative fool, I won't take control of your body even if you beg me."

A female voice suddenly echoed through and I fell down as I didn't expect anyone to be here except me. I tried to look around to see who's there.

"You're really a fool. You have been staring at me so rudely this entire time and can't even detect it. Why are you my host sigh?"

The female voice spoke again and this time I stared at the core in the chandelier cup.

"W-Who are you? What do you mean by the host? N-No, more importantly, where am I right now." I asked a series chain of the question since I have so many that I will go insane if it continues on.

"Sigh, you're too weak at the moment so even if I tell you about it, you can't even do anything. I only recently awaken as I finally obtain a fragment of blood that you found in the new dungeon. I'm still too weak to be able to transform back to my majestic self."

The female voice reply in a way that is completely answering nothing at all. I only got the hint that she managed to awaken and talk to me is due to that hidden treasure that the black mage is looking for.

"How do I address you and what do you mean by I'm too weak to do anything?"

"As I said, you're not powerful at all despite your understanding of this world. I'm only saying this once so listen up. You can call me Her Highness or Queen as I used to be a Sovereign ruling thousand of worlds. The world you're in now is only a tiny world that has illogical cultivation."

I am completely absent mind with her remark. 'Tiny world? Ruling thousand of worlds? Don't tell me those novels are really based on a true story and the author is actually from those kinds of places?'

My mind can no longer handle this outrageous plot twist and because of my fatigued body. I became out cold again and only wished this was just a dream.

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