Luck Is A Charm Chapter 45

Chapter 45: The Lost 10 Hours Event

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In a secret room in the new dungeon~

Zhen lost consciousness after the strange old man put him to sleep. At this time, from the stomach of Zhen, the tiny hidden core start blinking brightly.

Suddenly, the strange old man appeared and tears start flowing in his eyes. He started yelling, "Finally, Her Highness is back at long last."

Although the only response he has gotten was the blinking of the core, he didn't care much and have a jubilant expression. With a flick of his hand, the tiny red blood in the platform starts to direct itself to the tiny hidden.


A sound was made when the blood enter inside the core while the strange old man waited excitedly while kneeling down with both his leg and hand down.

It was a position where one showed extreme reverence toward a person. He slowly waited as time continue to pass.

Around 5 hours later~

The core has completely assimilated the blood and it starts to project a virtual image of an extremely beautiful mature woman.

Her fiery red hair, majestic long slender leg with an unbelievable curve in the waist. Her boobs are matching to those mature women where you can never stop looking.

If Zhen were to be awake and saw her, he would be shocked because her peerless beauty and aura is something that Sara cannot compete against.

One was a true phoenix looking while the other is still slowly developing. Comparing them is like a child and an adult.

Once the virtual image of this peerless woman is completed, she slowly opened her eye and spoke, "How long has it been since we last met, Karl?"

"It's been 10,000 years already, your highness. Ever since those bastards plotted against your highness, we have gritted our teeth through this shame and dedicated ourselves to protecting the last hope."

The strange old man who is known as Karl slowly replied while his body kept on shaking.

Karl can no longer compose himself after seeing their majesty, Cecilia Von Henning. He served the Empyrean family of the Henning and Cecilia was the only royal daughter who survived the calamity.

Cecilia Von Henning was talented the day she was born and that a phoenix has arisen from the ashes. At the age of 5, she has already cultivated a Nascent Soul and in this tiny world, they labeled it as mage rank 8 which is ridiculous.

Karl couldn't help but lamented about the tiny world that he was stuck in as the cultivation in this place was complete nonsense. They call cultivation rank into mages rank and spiritual qi into mana. Not to mention that the core they condense was a disgrace.

The mana core that the people here are so proud of is only the Core Formation where it has level 1-9 which is their so-called mages rank 1-9. The Core Formation is only a level higher than Body Tempering and it is only the starting point for a cultivator.

There are multiple levels and a higher world that can destroy this place with a breath. However, he couldn't do much as he has to protect this blood that he safeguarded for a century. Alas, he can finally see hope when he detected a familiar aura appearing in this world.

He sensed her highness, Cecilia's aura but it is very faint and most likely she has just used a huge amount of spiritual qi she has left to come here. But he was even more shocked as her highness was hosting inside a mortal body.

He did everything behind the scene such as secretly injecting his true qi to empower her highness that is in slumber. She needed his true qi to awaken and the blood.

It may sound simple but this process takes a long time as he needs to slowly inject the true qi without breaking her foundation that is extremely shaky.

While he secretly worked things behind the scene, he really wants to pummel the little boy that keep overusing the core's power as he pleased. If the core wasn't connected to his life, he would have long killed the boy to retrieve her highness and slowly improve her condition.

Fortunately, the boy wasn't too much of a disappointment for him to commit such actions since he starts to know his limit and improving himself. Finally, after doing multiple preparations, he tried to slowly guide the boy to this place until the black mage's appearance.

The people in this tiny world labeled them as black mages, but he was too clear about their true identities. They are the one who caused the Henning Family to collapse and has sent multiple people to tiny worlds to search for her highness.

This is the reason why he couldn't step out of this dungeon that blocked every single signal to avoid being detected by them.

Karl has stayed in this dungeon for 10,000 years to await her highness to return and reclaim her blood to be able to achieve vengeance against their enemies.

The Von Henning has precious blood that can increase a person's cultivation to the next height and because of this reason, multiple Empyrean has teamed up to plot against them.

However, they can dream on if they want to obtain a single blood as everyone that has this blood will self denoted as long as they're about to be captured.

Millions of our people have died and only her highness and some other people like him managed to escape safely since they were nobodies.

"Your highness, this old man Karl can no longer accompany any longer as we did in the past." As Karl finished reminiscing about their tragedy, he slowly spoke after knowing her highness has recovered a bit.

"What do you mean by that Karl? I have just awakened and is still too weak to avenge our family. I'll need you by my side and help this kid out." Cecilia slowly replied as she wasn't expecting Karl to say something like that.

"Your highness, to reawaken you, I have spent all of my true qi already and is barely hanging on a thin line to witness my final moment of hope," Karl replied with a blissful smile.

He has finally accomplished his lifelong mission in isolation for 10,000 years. He no longer has regret as he slowly starts to dissipate while giving his nascent core to her highness to increase her recovery.

Cecilia slowly watches as Karl slowly become dust while feeling a bit of her body recovering.

She has a solemn expression but she won't shed a tear as it will be disrespectful for Karl and everyone else who has died to save her.

"Don't worry anymore and rest slowly Karl. The next part shall be accomplished by me." Cecilia said after a while and stare deeply into the unconscious Zhen before flickering her finger.

Zhen disappears from his location and the new dungeon begins to vanish. She will bury Karl along with this new dungeon that has accompanied him for 10,000 years.

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